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565 фраз со словами начинающимися с буквы "W"

Van der Waals forces
van der Waals interaction
wagging vibration
crater wall
polar wandering
on the wane
waning half moon
waning moon
wanted signal
line to be washed out
absorption water cell
water-cell absorption
water-flow pyrheliometer
water-stir pyrheliometer
water vapor
water-vapor absorption
watery moisture
sub-millimeter wave
wave aberration
wave analyzer
wave band
gravity wave detector
wave equation
wave form
waveform monitor
wave frequency
wave front
wave function
radio wave generation
wave guide
solar radio wave intensity
wave length
cut-off wavelength
millimeter (wavelength) band
wavelength band
energy wavelength curve
wavelength of operation
decimeter (wavelength) radiation
meter wavelength radiation
submillimeter (wavelength) range
wavelength range
meter wavelength receiver
millimeter wavelength region
visible wavelengths
wavelength scale
wavelength shift
krypton (wavelength) standard
wave-mechanical perturbation theory
wave mechanics
wave model
wave motion
wave nature
wave noise
wave number
wave plate
wave refraction
radio wave region
wave resistance
transversal waves
radio (wave) scattering
wave scattering
radio waves from space
radio waves from the Galaxy
wave spectrum
continuous waves system
giant meter wave telescope
wave train
wave zone
sealing wax
waxing half moon
plane of the Milky Way
weak field
weak line
weak radio star
weak source
weather conditions
weather effects
weather satellite
Weber-Fechner law
tension webs
wedge colorimeter
wedged exposure
wedge photometer
counter weight
weighted mean
weight function
under conditions of weightlessness
weight number
weight of observation
Gaussian weights
well capacity
well-corrected field
Sc well-developed spiral
well-instrumented telescope
Werner bands
Westerbork observatory
western elongation
west(ern) limb
western quadrature
western spot
west point
worm-and-worm wheel
Fred Lawrence Whipple observatory
white dwarf
white dwarf star
black and white film
white light
white-light corona
white-light observations
white noise
white star
universe as a whole
whole-sky coverage
radiation from the whole Sun
wide-angle camera
wide-angle lens
wide-angle objective
wide-angle scattering
wide-angle telescope
wide-band amplifier
wide-band feed
wide band filter
wide(-band) filter
wide band photometry
wide-band photometry
wide-band receiver
wide double
wide field eyepiece
wide field telescope
wide-field telescope
wide-range equipment
wide slit spectrograph
interferometer of wide spacing
Widmanstaetten figures
Widmanstaettian figures
beam width
fringe width.
half width at half maximum
beam width to half-power
Wiener filter
Wien's law
Wiens's displacement law
Wigner-Witmer correlation rule
William Herschel telescope
Willstrop three-mirror camera
Mount Wilson classification
Wilson cloud chamber
Wilson effect
Mount Wilson observatory
stellar wind
wind load
wind loading
radio window
wind screen
damping wing
broad wings
winter solstice
cross wire
illuminated cross wire eyepiece
wire grid polarizer
wire interval
wireless compass
wireless receiver
wire mesh
cross wires
wire screen
Wise observatory
meniscus lens with concentric surfaces
telescope with full-sky coverage
within the uncertainty
band without head
spectrograph interferometric with selective amplitude modulation
observations with telescopes
with the naked eye
обсерватория WIYN
WIYN observatory
W.M. Keck observatory
Wodsworth mounting
Wolf-Rayet star
galactic Wolf-Rayet stars
Wolf (relative) number
Wollaston prism
Wolter telescope
Wood's anomaly
Wood's resonance series
21-cm (line) work
work function
working area
working floor
working frequency
stellar world
world line
world model
world-wide disturbance
tracking worm
worm-and-worm wheel
worm and worm-wheel drive
worm gear
worm-gear reducer
telescope-drive worms
worm wheel
worm and worm-wheel drive
worm-wheel system
Wright telescope
W Ursae Majoris star
supporting wye
Wyoming observatory
звезда типа W Большой Медведицы

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