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1874 фразы со словами начинающимися с буквы "T"

tail table
nautical tables
curved tail
tail bands
multiple tails
tail table
take-off weight
single-picture taking
Talcott method
talus slope
loss tangent
tangential acceleration
tangential component
tangential ellipse
tangential plane
tangential speed
tangential velocity
aluminizing tank
punched tape
tape recorder
radar target
target planet
target simulator
Tartu observatory
оптическая глубина, τ
Tauri stars
Tauri variables
Taylor triplet
teaching of astronomy
tear-drop effect
total-power technique
technique of unfilled apertures
radio techniques
techniques of astronomy
techniques of data processing
space technology
New technology telescope
teepee design
Observatorio del Teide
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
telemetry channel
telemetry system
telephoto advantage
Bolshoj telescop azimutalnyi
Yolo telescope
radio telescope antenna
telescope aperture
telescope balance
telescope beam
phantom telescope computer
telescope construction
telescope counterweights
telescope design
telescope diameter
telescope drive
telescope-drive motor
telescope-drive worms
telescope driving
telescope driving mechanism
telescope-driving motor
telescope driving system
telescope finder
telescope housing
telescope, invention of
telescope making
telescope monitor
equatorial telescope mounting
telescope objective
radio telescope of great sensitivity
telescope of intermediate aperture
telescope of moderate power
telescope of short focal length
telescope operator
telescope optical system
telescope project
radio telescope receiver
telescope resolution
NexStar telescopes
Space Telescope Science Institute
telescope seeing
telescope size
temperature-controlled telescope structure
telescope time
telescope tube
telescope with full-sky coverage
telescopic aperture
telescopic appearance
telescopic astronomy
telescopic camera
telescopic image
telescopic meteor
telescopic object
telescopic observations
telescopic photograph
telescopic stars
telescopic tests
Gran telescopio Canarias
space television
television camera
television signal
SCNA telluric absorption
telluric bands
telluric lines
искатель Telrad
Telrad finder
black body temperature
temperature coefficient
temperature compensation
temperature control
temperature-controlled telescope structure
ventilation and temperature-control system
temperature distribution
temperature effect
temperature gradient
temperature measurement
temperature noise
disk temperature of planet
apparent temperature of the Sun
temperature regulating system
constant temperature room
stellar temperature scale
temperature secular
temperature sensitive
temperature stress
temporal secular
twenty-seven-day recurrence tendency
tendency to clustering
internal tension
tension webs
Riemann-Christoffel tensor
triplet term
term analysis
term defect
term diagram
antenna terminals
terminal synchrone
astronomical terminology
term perturbation
constant terms
term scheme
term sequences
terms in aberration
continuous term spectrum
term splitting
term symbol
term Value
ternary combination band
terrestrial acceleration
terrestrial air mass
terrestrial atmosphere
terrestrial attraction
terrestrial distribution
terrestrial dynamical time
terrestrial effects
terrestrial equator
terrestrial gravitation
terrestrial gravity
terrestrial ionosphere
terrestrial latitude
terrestrial longitude
terrestrial magnetic disturbance
terrestrial magnetic storm
terrestrial map
terrestrial observatory
terrestrial observer
terrestrial phenomena
terrestrial physics
terrestrial planets
terrestrial poles
terrestrial radius
terrestrial source
terrestrial telescope
terrestrial time
terrestrial weight
Student's test
test exposure
synoptic testing
test program(me)
test rocket
visual tests
test telescope
chromospheric texture
towards the anticenter
longitude of the ascending node
Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
in the blue
the brightest stars
Handbook of the British astronomical association
towards the center
to cross the central meridian
in the continuum intensity field
lengthening of the day
transit across the disk of the Sun
radiation from the earth
obliquity of the ecliptic
synodic period of rotation at the equator
precession of the equinoxes
the faintest stars
to flatten the field
rotation of the field of view
on the fringe of...
the galaxies in collision
radio waves from the Galaxy
the galaxy seen edge-on
the galaxy seen side-on
radio emission of the halo
dip of the horizon
the hottest stars
in the infrared
the known universe
universe in the large
the largest optical telescope
the line
in the line of sight
standard error of the mean
plane of the Milky Way
profile of the Moon
theory of the Moon's motion
shininess of the Moon's surface
the most intense radio source
visible to the naked eye
to process the observational data
to time the observations
new Moon in the old Moon's arms
sampling theorem
theoretical astronomy
theoretical astrophysics
theoretical curve of growth
theoretical expression
theoretical limit to sensitivity
theoretical model
theoretical model universe
theoretical performance
theoretical resolution
theoretical sensitivity
theories of radiative transfer
wave-mechanical perturbation theory
theory of general relativity
Newton's theory of gravitation
valence theory of Heitler-London
Lorentz theory of pressure broadening
special theory of relativity
theory of synchrotron emission
theory of the Moon's motion
theory of the universe
Lorentz theory of Zeeman effect
Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
region around the pole
at the prime focus
to emit the radiation
image of the radio Sun
towards the red
thermal-agitation voltage
thermal background
thermal bremsstrahlung
thermal broadening
thermal component
thermal conduction
thermal conductivity
thermal constants
thermal diffusivity
thermal distribution
thermal effects
thermal electrons
thermal element
thermal emission
thermal equilibrium
thermal excitation
coefficient of thermal expansion
thermal instability
thermally emitting region
thermal mechanism
Doppler effect of thermal motion
thermal noise
thermal process
thermal properties
thermal radiation
thermal radiation in infrared
thermal radio emission
thermal radio waves
thermal region
thermal source
thermal spectrum
thermal stress
thermal velocity
thermic excitation
thermionic current
thermistor bolometer
thermodynamic(al) equilibrium
thermoelectric current
thermoelectric effect
thermoionic cathode
thermonuclear reaction
thermostatically controlled room
absorption beyond the series limit
to release the shutter
noise behind the signal
to choose the site
in the solar neighbourhood
member of the solar system
brightness distribution across the source
at the subsolar point
in the vicinity of the Sun
remnants of the supernova of A. D.
in the ultraviolet
within the uncertainty
theory of the universe
in the vicinity of the Sun
in the violet
on the wane
radiation from the whole Sun
star near the zenith
sign of the zodiac
thick-mirror Schmidt camera
radial optical thickness
thin mirror
thinned CCD
third contact
Kepler's third law
third quarter
Thomas-Kuhn sum rule
Thomson law
Thomson scattering
Thomson scattering coefficient
RAS thread
three-alkali cell
three back-support points
three-body collision
three-body n
three centimeter radiation
three-color image
three-color photometry
three-color system
three-color wide-band photometry
three-fold axis of symmetry
Willstrop three-mirror camera
three-prism spectrograph
three-stream model
color threshold
threshold adjustment
threshold color difference
threshold effect
threshold gradient sensitivity function of eye for grains
threshold luminance difference
threshold of detection
threshold of exposure
threshold of luminescence
threshold of magnitude
threshold of resolution
threshold of sensitivity
threshold of visibility
threshold response
passage through potential barrier
tidal bulges
tidal disruption
instantaneous tidal force
tidal friction
tidal pull
tidal stream
tidal theory
tidal wave
tide-raising force
tillable reflector
axial tilt
tiltable antenna
tilt correction
tilt error
tilting screen made of slats
tilt of lens
universal time
sidereal time at mean midnight
time constant
time delay
time delay integration
time determination
time development
time difference
time dilatation
time element
time-gamma curve
time-gamma development
time independent perturbation theory
time-indicating device
time interval
time keeping
timekeeping clock
time marks
time measurement
time-measuring instruments
time of central maximum
time of conjunction
time of maximum
time of meridian passage
time of observation
time of perihelion passage
time of start
spread in time of travel
time profile
time pulses
time resolving
time scale
time service
time service clock
time service instrument
time service station
time signals
time standard
frequency time structure
to time the observations
time transmission
intensity time variations
time zone
timing contact
timing device
timing impulses
timing pulses
timing signals
tip-tilt mirror
reference to...
to allow for...
to train on to an object
to apply correction for...
line to be washed out
to blanket in heat
to carry into orbit
to choose the site
tendency to clustering
to correct for...
to correct individually
to cross the central meridian
to diffuse out
to emit the radiation
to flatten the field
acceleration due to gravity
beam width to half-power
to identify optically
surface tolerances
sensitive to light
ratio of radio to light emission
darkening to limb
center (to) limb variation
Cerro Tololo Inter-American observatory
ratio of minimum to maximum in record
ratio of minimum to maximum of interference fringes
reduction from apparent place to mean place
to move in a circular orbit
tone difference
ratio of radio to optical power emitted
symmetric(al) top
top hat exposure
to place into orbit
topocentric coordinates
top of tube
lunar topography
to process the observational data
corrections to profile of the Moon
to rack out
ratio of optical to radio emission
limitation to receiver sensitivity
to release the shutter
tornado prominence
torsional vibration
Torun observatory
disturbance to seeing
theoretical limit to sensitivity
to set up
to smear out
to stop down
total absorption
total annual proper motion
total brightness
total cosmic ray experiment
total displacement
total eclipse
total emission
total energy
total energy output
total exposure
total flux
total flux density
total light
total luminosity
total magnetic field
total magnitude
total mass energy
total neutral hydrogen mass
total noise power
total power instrument
total power method
total power output
total power receiver
total-power technique
total pressure
total quantum number
total radiation
total reflection
total reflection prism
total sensitivity
total sky brightness
total sky noise
total solar emission
total system noise
totaly symmetric
total zenith attenuation
orbital inclination to the equator
visible to the naked eye
radial velocity relative to the Sun
to time the observations
to train on to an object
observing tour
towards the anticenter
towards the center
towards the red
Sun tower
tower solar telescope
tower telescope
radio star trace
ray tracing
star track
tracking accuracy
tracking at sidereal rate
tracking drive
tracking error
optic(al) tracking instrument
sidereal-rate tracking mechanism
tracking motion
tracking rate
tracking station
tracking system
tracking telescope
tracking worm
tracking worm-and-worm wheel
Tracking worm gear
evolutionary tracks
traditional astronomy
aircraft trail
trail diameter
trailed image
trailer spot
trailing edge
trail of star
wave train
to train on to an object
zero-lift trajectory
transauroral line
radiative transfer
transfer equation
transfer function
transfer lens
transfer of radiation
transferred image
Fourier transform
Lorentz transformation
nuclear transformations
Fourier transformation spectrograph
Fourier (transformation) spectrometry
homological transform design
Fourier transform spectroscope
transistor amplifier
transistorized memory
upper transit
transit across the disk of the Sun
transit circle
transit-circle telescope
transit instrument
vibrational transition
transition array
transition element
transition group metals
transition moment
transition probability
transition region
transition rule
vibrational transitions
transit observations
transit of Mercury
transit of source
transit of Venus
method of recording transits
transit telescope
transit time
translational energy
translucent cathode
time transmission
filter transmission band
transmission coefficient
transmission curve
transmission factor
transmission function
transmission grating
transmission line
transmission of plate
radio transmitter
transmitter frequency
transmitter power
transmitting antenna
transparent film
trans-Plutonian planet
energy transport
Flexible Image Transport System
transuranium elements
transversal magnetic field
transversal waves
transverse velocity
transverse vibrations
ionic trap
trapped electrons
trapped particles
trapped planet
space travel
traveling source
traveling thread
traveling time
traveling wave
traveling-wave amplifier
traveling-wave antenna
traveling-wave tube
traveling-wave tube amplifier
traveling-wave tube radiometer
traveling-wave tube receiver
traveling wire
traveling-wire micrometer
statistical treatment
christmas tree
volcanic tremor
spherical triangle
triangulation method
trigonometrical parallax
trigonometric parallax
trigonometric parallax determination
trigonometric series of parallaxes
trigonometric stellar parallax
spherical trigonometry
triode amplifier
triple degenerated species
triple loupe eyepiece
triple star
Taylor triplet
triplet line
triplet multiplet
triplet state
triplet term
tri-Schiefspiegler telescope
tropical month
tropical year
tropic of Cancer
tropic of Capricorn
tropospheric refraction
dome trucks
true absorption
true altitude
true anomaly
true binary
true coordinate
true coordinate at date
true declination
true declination at date
true ecliptic
true equator
true equinox
true field of view
true horizon
true latitude at date
true longitude
true longitude at date
true motion
true orbit
true place
true place at date
true position
true radiant
true right ascension
true right ascension at date
true scale Value
true Sun
true time
elephants' trunks
declination trunnion
Serrurier truss
shade tube
traveling-wave tube amplifier
tube clearance
tube design
absorption tube method
tube photometer
traveling-wave tube radiometer
traveling-wave tube receiver
open tubes
tuned bolometer
tuned radio-frequency receiver
tungsten lamp
tungsten light
tungsten sensitivity
receiver tuning
tuning fork
tunnel diode
tunnel diode parametric amplifier
tunnel (ing) effect
superconducting tunnel junction detector
turbid F
optical turbulence
turbulence broadening
turbulence cell
turbulence pattern
turbulence spectrum of photosphere
turbulent convection
turbulent F
turbulent flow
turbulent motions
turbulent slab
turbulent strata
Turner's method
turnover in flux(-density) spectrum
turret mounting
TV camera
twenty-one centimeter line
twenty-seven-day recurrence
twenty-seven-day recurrence tendency
twice-through corrector plate
nautical twilight
twilight airglow
twilight arc
twilight emission
twilight flash
twilight spectrum
twin dish interferometer
twin galaxy
twin-wave interferometer
twin-wave system
twisting vibration
two-aerial arrangement
two-aerial interferometer
two-aerial interferometer record
two-aerial interferometry
two-aerial system
two-body n
two colliding nebulae
two color diagram
two-color diagram
two-color system
period of overlap of two cycles
two-dimensional classification
two-dimensional distribution
two-dimensional interference pattern
two-dimensional picture of the Sun
two-dimensional scanning
two-dimensional synthesis
two-element corrector plate
two-element interferometer
two-element lens
two-fold axis of symmetry
two galaxies in collision
two-photon emission
two-stage cascaded-image intensifying tube
photometer, two star
two star photometer
two-step rocket
TWT amplifier
каталог Tycho
Tycho catalog
spectral type
belt Jupiter's van Allen type belts
type III (radio) burst
type II (radio) burst
Type I (population) stars
type I (radio) burst
type I storm
Type I supernova
type IV continuum
type IV emission
type IV event
type IV (radio) burst
dish type radio telescope
MW types
type star
type V (radio) burst
typical stars
t-тест Стьюдента

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