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1969 фраз со словами начинающимися с буквы "M"

plate measuring machine
machine readable form
tilting screen made of slats
Magellan telescopes
magic number
magnetic activity
magnetically active days
magnetically disturbed days
magnetically driven shock wave
magnetically quiet days
magnetic amplifier
magnetic axis
magnetic bearing
magnetic classification
magnetic crochet
magnetic declination
magnetic deviation
magnetic dip
magnetic dipole
magnetic dipole radiation
terrestrial magnetic disturbance
magnetic elements
magnetic energy density
magnetic equator
transversal magnetic field
magnetic (field) configuration
magnetic field strength
magnetic flux in spot
magnetic focusing
magnetic foreshortening
magnetic horizon
planetary magnetic Kp-index
magnetic latitude
magnetic life history of sun-spot
magnetic longitude
magnetic moment
magnetic multipole
magnetic multipole radiation
magnetic permeability
magnetic perturbation
reversal of magnetic polarity
magnetic pole
magnetic pressure
magnetic quadrupole
magnetic quadrupole radiation
magnetic quantum number
unipolar magnetic region
proton magnetic resonance
molecular-beam magnetic resonance method
magnetic resonance spectrum
solar quiet magnetic secular
variable magnetic star
terrestrial magnetic storm
magnetic tape
magnetic variable
magnetic variable star
lunar quiet magnetic variation
magnetic zenith
magnetobremsstrahlung radiation
solar magnetograph
magneto-gyric ratio
magnetohydrodynamic shock wave
magnetohydrodynamic waves
magnetohydrostatic theory
magnetoionic theory
nuclear magneton
magnetorotation effect
magnetospheric boundary
minimum magnification
magnification coefficient
magnified image
hand magnifier
magnifying power
U, B, V magnitude
magnitude determination
magnitude difference
magnitude distribution
absolute magnitude effect
magnitude equation
magnitude error
magnitude of maximum
magnitude of minimum
magnitude scale
magnitude screen
first magnitude star
magnitude system
Maidanak observatory
main beam
main bearing
main branch
main control desk
main gear drives
main image
main lobe
main magnetic field
main mirror
main observatory
main peak
main pencil beam
main phase
main sequence
main sequenceof star types
main sequence star
main source
main telescope
semi major axis
major flare event
β Canis Majoris star
major planets
major spot
telescope making
Maksutov camera
Maksutov system
Maksutov telescope
manifold of points
man-made satellite
manned artificial satellite
manned space ship
manned spaceship
manned space vehicle
Earth's mantle
mantle of the Earth
manual control
terrestrial map
map of galactic radio emission
map of hydrogen in galactic plane
map of radio brightness
map of sky
radio map of the Galaxy
mapping system
камера Mapковица
March equinox
от mare
marginal rays
marginal zone
mariner's compass
marine sextant
reference mark
Mark I radio telescope
Markowitz camera
meridian mark readings
time marks
Mars at near approach
Martian atmosphere
Martian canals
Martian day
Martian probe
solid-state maser
maser amplifier
maser-like enhancement of lines
maser noise
ruby maser radiometer
maser receiver
maser system
Hartmann mask
Hadamard mask imaging
unsharp masking
masking aperture
total neutral hydrogen mass
mass absorption coefficient
mass-action effect
mass balance
mass coefficient
mass defect
mass density
mass distribution
mass effect
total mass energy
mass exchange
mass function
mass horizon
hidden mass in the galaxy
mass-luminosity correlation
mass-luminosity diagram
mass-luminosity law
mass-luminosity relation
mass of hydrogen atom
mass-radius relation
mass ratio
mass scattering coefficient
mass shift
mass spectrography
mass spectrometer
mass spectrometry
mass spectroscopy
mass spectrum
feed mast
color matcher
stellar material
material particle
Butler matrix
Dirac matrixes
matrix mechanics
outflow of matter
matter of arbitrariness
mature prominence
Maui Space Surveillance system
Mauna Kea observatory
diffraction maxima
half width at half maximum
maximum activity
maximum brightness
maximum corona
maximum entropy method
ratio of minimum to maximum in record
maximum light
ratio of minimum to maximum of interference fringes
sunspot maximum period
maximum phase of solar cycle
Max Plank institutes
Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution
Maxwell distribution
Maxwellian distribution
Maxwellian distribution law
James Clerk Maxwell telescope
Mayal telescope
McDonald observatory
McIntosh classification
McMath-Pierce solar telescope
обсерватория MDM
MDM observatory
standard error of the mean
Rosseland mean absorption coefficient
Sun's mean angular diameter
mean angular motion
mean anomaly
Greenwich mean astronomical time
mean atomic weight
mean coefficient
mean coordinate
sidereal mean daily motion
mean declination
mean density
mean density of matter
mean distance
mean ecliptic
mean epoch
mean equator
mean equinox
quadratic mean error
mean intensity
mean latitude
mean life time
mean longitude
mean magnitude
sidereal time at mean midnight
mean molecular weight
mean motion relative to the Sun
mean noon
mean orbit
mean parallax
reduction from apparent place to mean place
mean position
mean radius
mean refraction
mean right ascension
radio means
Greenwich mean sidereal time
mean solar day
mean solar second
local mean solar time
mean Sun
mean Sun-Earth distance
mean time
mean value
mean velocity
mean wavelength
quantity measurable
emission measure
measured coordinates
uncertainty of measurement
measurement of seeing
spectroscopic measurements
seeing measures
visual measuring device
photoelectric measuring engine
measuring instrument
plate measuring machine
measuring microscope
measuring screw
measuring wire
mechanical drive
mechanical equilibrium
wave mechanics
thermal mechanism
mechanism of origin
mechanism of radio emission
control mechanisms
median parallax
space medicine
solar medium
megacycle per second
Megantic observatory
member galaxy
member of the solar system
member stars
reflecting membrane
ME model
transistorized memory
meniscus astrograph
meniscus corrector plate
meniscus lens
meniscus lens with concentric surfaces
meniscus system
meniscus telescope
transit of Mercury
high-pressure mercury arc
reflecting mercury basin
mercury horizon
mercury lamp
mercury sensitization
mercury surface
line merging
prime meridian
meridian astronomy
portable meridian circle
meridian-circle observations
meridian distance
meridian instrument
meridian interferometer
meridian mark
meridian mark readings
meridian mounted reflector
meridian observations
time of meridian passage
meridian place
meridian plane
meridian room
meridian telescope
meridian transit
meridional current
meridional focus
Mersenne system
wire mesh
mesopic vision
Messier catalog
Messier number
speculum metal
star of low metal content
metal film
metallic interference filter
metallic lines
metallic-line star
metal(lic) mirror
metallic prominence
metal mesh
metal-on-glass filter
metal-on-glass mirror
transition group metals
metastable atom
metastable level
metastable state
passage of meteor
meteor activity
meteor brightness
meteor camera
meteor column
meteor crater
meteor detection
meteor diameter
meteor-echo record
meteor from outer space
meteor(ic) astronomy
meteoric body
meteoric collisions
meteoric dust
meteor(ic) echo
meteoric evidence
meteoric heights
meteoric impact
meteor(ic) ionization
meteoric material
meteoric matter
meteoric origin
meteoric particle
meteor(ic) phenomenon
meteoric storm
meteoric theory
meteor(ic) velocity
stony-iron meteorite
meteorite crater
meteorite theory
meteor(it)ic bombardment
meteoritic dust
meteoritic impact
meteoritic material
optical meteor observations
meteorological conditions
meteorological factors
meteorological satellite
meteorological station
meteor orbit
meteor photograph
meteor photography
meteor physics
meteor radar
meteor radiant
delineation of meteor radiants
meteor radio astronomy
meteor research
storm of meteors
meteor shower
meteor spectrograph
meteor spectrum
meteor's speed
meteor stream
meteor (stream) radiant
meteor studies
meteor track
meteor trail
meteor train
meteor velocity determination
recording meter
meter component
metering device
metering system
meter observations
meter radio waves
meter sensitivity
meter-wave burst
meter(-wave) emission
meter (wavelength) band
meter wavelength radiation
meter (wavelength) range
meter wavelength receiver
meter wavelength region
meter wavelengths
meter-wave outbursts
meter waves
meter(-wave) spectrum
giant meter wave telescope
string method
method of dependences
method of emission
method of emission of radio waves
method of expansions
method of plate constants
method of recording transits
method of support
quantitative classification methods
metol developer
Metonic cycle
signature of metric
metric(al) tensor
1420 MHz line
Michelson's interferometer
Michelson spectroscope
Michelson stellar interferometer
Michigan radio observatory
geomagnetic micrepulsations
microchannel plate
micrometeorite counter
micrometeorite experiment
micrometeorite gage
bi-filar micrometer
micrometer screw
micrometer setting
micrometer thread
micrometric microscope
self-recording microphotometer
microphotometer trace
microphotometer tracing
visual microscope
microscope micrometer
microscope mounting
microscope objective
microscope stage
microthermal seeing
microwave burst
microwave component
microwave emission
microwave frequencies
microwave link
microwave links interferometer
microwave observations
microwave outbursts
microwave radiation
microwave radiometer
microwave range
microwave region
microwave solar noise
microwave spectrometer
microwave spectroscopy
microwave spectrum
microwave temperature
middle corona
mid infrared
Pic du Midi observatory
sidereal time at mean midnight
poleward migration of prominences
plane of the Milky Way
Atacama large millimeter array
millimeter observations
millimeter wave
millimeter (wavelength) band
millimeter (wavelength) range
millimeter wavelength region
millimeter wavelengths
millimeter(-wave) spectrum
Institut de radio astronomie millimetrique
diamond milling
millionth of solar disk
millionth of visible hemisphere
Mills cross
Mills cross antenna
Mills radiometer
Mills system
Milne-Eddington model
sunspot minimum
minimum corona
minimum detectable signal
ray of minimum deviation
minimum light
minimum magnification
minimum operating wavelength
ratio of minimum to maximum in record
ratio of minimum to maximum of interference fringes
semi minor axis
minor-lobe radiation
minor lobes
minor planet
minor planet belt
Minor planet center
earth-grazing minor planets
arc minute
minute of arc
minute of time
Mira Ceti variables
Mira stars
tip-tilt mirror
mirror back
mirror back pad
mirror blank
secondary mirror cage
spherical mirror camera
primary mirror cell
mirror coating
mirror disk
mirror edge pad
mirror end of tube
mirror face
mirror figure
mirror filter
mirror galvanometer
mirror-handling carriage
mirror holder
mirroring altitude
mirror insulation
mirror-lens telescope
mirror material
mirror nucleus
mirror objective
mirror pad
mirror point
mirror supports
mirror-support system
mirror-support unit
mirror surface
mirror table
mirror telescope
mirror transit circle
missing band
missing level
missing line
missing state
mixing of matter
система MKK
MKK system
mobile antenna
mobile reflector
mock sun
world model
model atmosphere
vector model for Stark effect
solar model in deeper layers
model of the universe
model solar atmosphere
model solar chromosphere
model stellar atmosphere
uniform model universe
moderately directive antenna
moderately good seeing
telescope of moderate power
moderate telescope
modern astronomy
modern cosmology
normal mode vibration
modified achromat eyepiece
modified English mounting
modified Julian date
spectrograph interferometric with selective amplitude modulation
modulation collimator
solar modulation phenomena
modulation transfer function
Young's modulus
Mohorovicic discontinuity
watery moisture
molecular band
molecular beam
molecular-beam magnetic resonance method
molecular conduction
molecular constants
molecular diffusion
molecular dissociation
molecular excitation
molecular hydrogen
molecular line
molecular orbit
molecular orbital
molecular orbit method
molecular partition function
molecular quantum number
molecular scattering
molecular spectroscopy
molecular spectrum
molecular weight
symmetric-top molecule
interstellar molecules
molten material
molten surface
transition moment
momental ellipsoid
moment of impact
moment of inertia
moment of momentum
precession of angular momentum
waveform monitor
monitor photoelectric cell
monocentric eyepiece
monochromatic absorption
monochromatic emission
monochromatic film
monochromatic filter
monochromatic flux
monochromatic image
monochromatic intensity
monochromatic light
monochromatic radiation
monochromatic radiative equilibrium
monochromatic sensitivity
monochromatic vision
polarizing monochromator
monochrome picture
monocular vision
tropical month
monthly phase cycle
old Moon
moon camera
Moon-Earth distance
moon echo
new Moon in the old Moon's arms
moonless night
moon-position camera
dual-rate moon(-position) camera
moon probe
Moon program(me)
Moon radar
moonrocket moonrise
moonrocket moonrise
Jupiter's moons
new Moon in the old Moon's arms
artificial Moon satellite
Moon's atmosphere
Moon's crust
Moon's disk
Moon's distance
Moon's escape velocity
Moon's libration
Moon's limb
Moon's magnetic field
theory of the Moon's motion
Moon's orbit
Moon's radiation
Moon's shadow
Moon's surface
Moon's surface temperature
Moon's temperature
Moon's umbra
Moon work
Morgan-Keenan classification
morning star
Morpa observatory
Moseley diagram
Moseley law
the most intense radio source
slow motion
peculiar motion component
slow motion drive assembly
motion fast
diverging motion in spot group
motion of perihelion (point)
longitudinal motion of sunspots
inequalities in motion of the Moon
motion pictures
mean motion relative to the Sun
turbulent motions
internal motions of sunspots
proper motion system
motion very large
telescope-driving motor
synchronous motor drive
motor driven thread
remote motorized control
motorized focus mechanism
fine mottles
eyepiece mount
central mountain
Purple Mountain observatory
mountainous regions
mountain peak
mountain range
ring mountains
meridian mounted reflector
Mount Graham observatory
Mount Hopkins observatory
Springfield mounting
mounting screw
Mount John University observatory
Mount Palomar observatory
Mount Stromlo and Siding springs observatory
Mount Wilson classification
Mount Wilson observatory
movable antenna
movable floor
movable image
movable jaw
movable reflector
movable wire
pair of movable wires
to move in a circular orbit
planetary movement
movements of ionization
moving axis
moving cluster
moving cluster method
moving film
moving-film camera
moving floor
moving image
moving mirror
moving parsecs
moving plate
moving-plate camera
moving plate carriage
moving stage
MSH source
MS star
M-type star
μ 0
Observatorio del Rogue de los Muchachos
Roque de los Muchachos observatory
Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory
multialkali cathode
multialkali cell
multialkali photocathode
photometer, multi-channel
multi-channel photometer
multichannel photometer
multichannel radiometer
multichannel receiver
multi-coated optics
multicolor photometry
multicolor system
multielement array
multielement interferometer
multielement interferometry
multilayer coating
multilayer emulsion
Multi-mirror telescope
spectroscopy, multi-object
multi-object spectroscopy
multiple exposure
multiple galaxy
multiple interferometer
multiple ionization
multiple object
multiple receiver
multiple scattering
multiple star
multiple system
triplet multiplet
multiple tails
multiplet component
intensity ratio in multiplets
multiplets of bands
multiplets of lines
multiplet splitting
multiplet structure
multiple-wave interferometer
multiple-wave system
multiplex advantage
alternation law of multiplicities
multiplicity alteration
voltage multiplier
multiplier phototube
multiplier tube
multipolar group
magnetic multipole
magnetic multipole radiation
mural quadrant
mutual attraction
mutual interaction of states
symmetry MW
stellar spectral MWs
MW types
Mylar film
милликайзер (единица измерения волнового числа),

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