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1769 фраз со словами начинающимися с буквы "O"

atmospheric O 2 band
O association
deep sky object
object glass
object illumination
wide-angle objective
objective cell
objective classification
objective grating
objective lens
object(ive) mirror
objective prism
objective-prism camera
objective-prism spectrum
object under observation
oblate spheroid
oblate symmetric top
precession in obliquity
obliquity of ecliptic
obliquity of the ecliptic
optical obscuration
zone of obscuration of external galaxies
obscuring clouds
dark obscuring lane
obscuring matter
observable object
observable sources
observable universe
weight of observation
observation airborne observation
observational astronomy
to process the observational data
observational details
observational error
observational evidence
observational material
observational method
observational procedures
observational program(me)
observational radio astronomy
observational results
observational selection
observational technique
observational test
observational uncertainty
observational work
observation floor
false observations
observations in right ascension
radar observations of solar system
observations with telescopes
observation time
Observatoire de Haute Provence
observatorial selection
National Optical Astronomy Observatories
Observatorio Astronomico Nacional
Observatorio del Rogue de los Muchachos
Observatorio del Teide
Zelenchukskaya observatory
observatory building
observatory clock
observatory dome
Royal observatory, Edinburgh
Royal observatory, Greenwich
choosing of observatory site
observatory site selection
observatory site survey
Palomar observatory sky survey
observed altitude
observed motion
observed object
observed position
observed radiation
observed ratio
observed star
observed velocity
terrestrial observer
observer personal equation
American Association of Variable Star Observers
observer's cage
observer's cell
observer's chair
observer's horizon
observer's meridian
observer's position
observer's station
solar observing
observing chair
observing conditions
observing expedition
observing frequency
observing instruments
observing night
observing platform
observing point
coude (observing) position
prime observing position
observing program(me)
observing room
observing seat
observing site
robot observing station
observing technique
observing time
observing tour
occulting disk
visibility of occupation
occupation by the Moon
occupation curve
occupation of radio star
occupation of star
frequency of occurence
rate of occurrence
oceсимметричная проблема
Ockham's razor
octet multiplet
Ramsden ocular
ocular prism
odd atomic term
odd-odd nucleus
odd spot cycle
state odd state
telescope, invention of
on the fringe of...
overlap of absorption lines
equinox of a catalogue
arm of a cross
quantum of action
center of activity
remnants of the supernova of A. D.
star of advancing spectral type
effect of aging
circle of altitude
resolution of a nebula
precession of angular momentum
calibration of antenna
plane of aperture
line of apsides
matter of arbitrariness
minute of arc
law of areas
first point of Aries
longitude of ascending node
depth of asphericity
family of asteroids
system of astronomical constants
techniques of astronomy
stellar remnant of a supernova
sudden enhancement of atmospherics
force of attraction
zone of avoidance
isotropic component of background radiation
scheme of band heads
hading of bands
limit of band series
breaking-off of band system
direction of baseline
range of brightness response
system of bright rays
Journal of British Astronomical Association
law of Bunsen and Roscoe
reform of calendar
tropic of Cancer
tropic of Capricorn
system of catalogue
identification of central fringe
time of central maximum
support of chromosphere
reading of circle
near point of clear vision
effects of clustering of galaxies
head of column of ionization
halo es of comet
system of comets
set of comparison stars
equations of condition
effect of confusion
time of conjunction
polarization of continuum
origin of coordinates
polarization of core
flattening of corona
region of correct exposure
application of correction
curve of correlation
components of cosmic radiation
isotropy of cosmic rays
outburst sporadic outbursts of craters
field of critical definition
center of curvature
law of darkening
techniques of data processing
principal source of decameter activity
method of dependences
limit of detectability
number of detectable sources
threshold of detection
life of developer
angle of diffraction
angle of dip
broadside array of dipoles
angle of dispersion
heat of dissociation
relative scale of distances
Hartley's law of doublet separating
rate of drive
effect of eccentricity
spread of echo
visibility of eclipse
pole of ecliptic
symbol of element
periodic system of elements
apparent angle of elevation
degree of ellipticity
angle of emergency
source of emission
method of emission of radio waves
zero of energy
pole of equator
equation of equilibrium
epoch of equinox
precession of equinoxes
principle of equivalence
source of errors
principle of exclusion
retardation of expansion
method of expansions
threshold of exposure
zone of obscuration of external galaxies
cloud of extra galactic nebulae
background of extragalactic sources
threshold gradient sensitivity function of eye for grains
boil off
speed of fading
off-axis aberration
off-axis distribution
off-axis English mounting
off-axis guider
off-axis guiding
off-axis mirror
off-axis rays
principle of Fermat
apparent rotation by refraction of field
polar crown of filaments
group of fixed lines
flash phase of flare
frequency of flare occurrence
rate of flow of radiation
depth of focus
line of force
atomic heat of formation
degree of freedom
radio range of frequencies
rate of frequency drift
angular separation of fringes
off-set guider
off-set guiding
system of fundamental proper motion
direction of galactic center
dissociation of galactic cluster
component components of galactic emission
zero of galactic longitude
bulk of galactic radiation
map of galactic radio emission
sequence of galactic types
Catalog of Galaxies and clusters of Galaxies
Catalog of Galaxies and clusters of Galaxies
shell of gas
liberation of gases
theory of general relativity
compression of geoid
plane-parallel plate of glass
field of good definition
blazing of grating
Newton's theory of gravitation
force of gravity
radio telescope of great sensitivity
dissolution of group
theoretical curve of growth
broadside array of half-wave dipoles
line of
vault of heaven
valence theory of Heitler-London
field of high definition
dip of horizon
local system of hydrogen
mass of hydrogen atom
map of hydrogen in galactic plane
quantity of illumination
vibration of image
quality of images
moment of impact
angle of incidence
product of inertia
system of instrument
prohibition of intercombinations
source of interference
ratio of minimum to maximum of interference fringes
telescope of intermediate aperture
principle of invariance
degree of ionicity
state of ionization
abundance of isotopes
radio longitudes of Jupiter
circle of least confusion
tilt of lens
population of levels
first point of Libra
equation of light
velocity of light in vacuum
core of line
polarization of lines
limit of line series
star of low metal content
threshold of luminescence
range of luminosity
bridging arm of luminous matter
reversal of magnetic polarity
chromatic difference of magnification
threshold of magnitude
construction of map
center of mass
outflow of matter
time of maximum
uncertainty of measurement
transit of Mercury
time of meridian passage
passage of meteor
fall of meteorite
delineation of meteor radiants
storm of meteors
signature of metric
scale of micrometer
large outbursts of microwave radiation
magnitude of minimum
ray of minimum deviation
ratio of minimum to maximum in record
ratio of minimum to maximum of interference fringes
flexure of mirror
telescope of moderate power
moment of momentum
pair of movable wires
diagonal line of multiplet
alternation law of multiplicities
collision of nebulae
local structure of neutral hydrogen
creation of new material
regression of nodes
source of noise
source of noise storm
altitude of North Pole
nebular stage of nova
constant of nutation
zone of obscuration of external galaxies
band of obscuring matter
weight of observation
spread of observations
choosing of observatory site
visibility of occupation
frequency of occurence
rate of occurrence
duration of one fringe
degree of openness of spiral
wavelength of operation
ratio of optical to radio emission
error of orientation
region of origin
region of over-exposure
period of overlap of two cycles
Astronomical Society of Pacific
trigonometric series of parallaxes
ejection of particles
difference of path
argument of perihelion
time of perihelion passage
motion of perihelion (point)
range of phase angles
turbulence spectrum of photosphere
investigation of shape of pivots
brightening of plage
disk temperature of planet
laws of planetary motion
system of planets
transmission of plate
method of plate constants
supernovae of plates
manifold of points
state of polarisation
law of polarity
reversal of polarization
prediction of position
constant of precession
Lorentz theory of pressure broadening
base of prominence
poleward migration of prominences
factor of proportionality
shape of pulse
echo cross-section of radar
transfer of radiation
theories of radiative transfer
map of radio brightness
brightness distribution of radio disk
mechanism of radio emission
distribution of radio energy
background of radio radiation
spectrum of radio source
survey of radio sources
occupation of radio star
scintillation of radio stars
ratio of radio to light emission
ratio of radio to optical power emitted
strength of radio waves
slope of ray
noisiness of receiver
speed of recession
principle of reciprocity
method of recording transits
system of reference
arm of reflectors
law of refraction
special theory of relativity
threshold of resolution
local standard of rest
angular rate of rotation
synodic period of rotation at the equator
origin of scale
measurement of seeing
threshold of sensitivity
investigation of shape of pivots
telescope of short focal length
radiant of shower
line of sight
line of sight velocity
range dispersion of signals
principle of similarity
sweeps of sky
tilting screen made of slats
forecast of solar activity
maximum phase of solar cycle
millionth of solar disk
burst of solar noise
components of solar radio emission
higher intensity component of solar radio waves
period of solar rotation
radar observations of solar system
boundedness of solution
transit of source
angular distribution of sources
permittivity of space
parentage of spectral terms
order of spectrum
degree of openness of spiral
birth of spot
orientation of spot group
trail of star
polarization of starlight
subsystem of stars
time of start
photoelectric registration of star transit
Chandrasekhar's parametric equations of state
mutual interaction of states
classification of stellar spectra
sequence of structural forms
heat of sublimation
pressure of sunlight
magnetic life history of sun-spot
longitudinal motion of sunspots
debris of supernova
method of support
plane of symmetry
theory of synchrotron emission
sensitivity of system
line of syzygies
scale Value of telescope
longitude of the ascending node
Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Handbook of the British astronomical association
lengthening of the day
mantle of the Earth
obliquity of the ecliptic
precession of the equinoxes
rotation of the field of view
scale of the Galaxy
radio emission of the halo
dip of the horizon
standard error of the mean
plane of the Milky Way
profile of the Moon
theory of the Moon's motion
shininess of the Moon's surface
Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
image of the radio Sun
coefficient of thermal expansion
Doppler effect of thermal motion
member of the solar system
in the vicinity of the Sun
remnants of the supernova of A. D.
theory of the universe
sign of the zodiac
second of time
band of totality
retardation of transit
spread in time of travel
top of tube
period of overlap of two cycles
region of under-exposure
technique of unfilled apertures
column of unit cross sectional area
error of unit weight
law of universal gravitation
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
American Association of Variable Star Observers
general catalog of variable stars
range of variation
transit of Venus
true field of view
threshold of visibility
millionth of visible hemisphere
field of vision
increment of visual threshold
radio range of wavelengths
under conditions of weightlessness
interferometer of wide spacing
effects of wind
burst of X-rays
array of Yagi antennas
array of Yagis
Lorentz theory of Zeeman effect
plane of zodiac
law of zones
молекула гидроксила OH
OH line
фильтр O-III
oil pad
oil-pad bearing
Okayama observatory
Olbers' paradox
old Moon
new Moon in the old Moon's arms
old nova
old quantum theory
old star
omnidirectional antenna
omnidirectional flux
once-through corrector plate
Ondrejov observatory
one-dimensional classification
one-dimensional distribution
one-dimensional synthesis
duration of one fringe
one-layered model
Onsala observatory
onstant wave
setting on star
on the fringe of...
earthshine on the Moon
on the wane
to train on to an object
Information Bulletin on Variable Stars
Ootacamund observatory
continuous opacity
opacity law
opaque atmosphere
opaque photocathode
opaque region
opaque screen
open cluster
shutter opening
degree of openness of spiral
open spiral
open tubes
operating frequency
operating position
operating region
operating wavelength
wavelength of operation
telescope operator
oppositely polarized
opposite polarities separating line
opposite polarity
optical aberrations
optical absorption
Cambridge optical aperture synthesis array
optical arrangement
prime-focus optical assembly
optical astronomer
instrumentation for optical astronomy
National Optical Astronomy Observatories
optic(al) axis
optical axis
optical beam
optical binary star
optical brightness
optical brightness temperature
optical center
optical components
optical cross-section
optical data
optical definition
optical density
optical depth
optical detection
optical device
optical disk
optical distortions
optical disturbance
optical double
optical-double resonance method
optical double star
optical doublet
optical effects
optical efficiency
optical element
optical emission
optical emitting region
optical evidence
optical extinction
optical features
optical flare
optical flat
optical galaxy
optical glass
optical haze
optical identification
optical image
optical index
optical information
optical instruments
optical intensity
optical interference
optical interferometer
optical isophotes
optical libration
optical luminosity
to identify optically
optically identified source
optical magnitude
optical maser
optical material
optical means
optical measurements
optical meteor observations
optical method
optical mirror
optical nerve
optical object
optical obscuration
optical observations
optical observatory
optical parallax
optical path
optical performance
optical phenomenon
optical polishing
optical position
optical power
ratio of radio to optical power emitted
optical precision
optical process
optical properties
optical quality
optical quartz
optical radiation
optical redshift
optical reflector
optical refraction
optical region
optical resolution
optical resolving power
optical results
optical rocket-tracking telescope
optical scattering
optical semithickness
optical sensitization
optical series
optical shadow
optical silica
optical size
optical spectral line
optical spectroscope
optical spectroscopy
optical spectrum
optical star
optical studies
optical Sun
optical sunspot
optical surface
telescope optical system
optical techniques
optical telescope
optical tests
radial optical thickness
ratio of optical to radio emission
optical tracking
optic(al) tracking instrument
optical transfer function
optical tube
optical turbulence
optical universe
optical wavelengths
optical wedge
optical window
optical work
optic eclipse
optic purple
multi-coated optics
optimal filter
optimum sampling
satellite in long-lived orbit
spin orbital
orbital angular momentum
orbital degeneracy
orbital eccentricity
orbital elements
orbital energy
orbital inclination
orbital inclination to the equator
orbital motion
orbital period
orbital plane
orbital quantum number
orbital radius
orbital rocket
orbital speed
orbital vehicle
orbital velocity
orbit determination
orbit form
orbiting astronomical observatory
orbiting observatory
orbiting satellite
orbiting station
molecular orbit method
orbit prediction
Earth's orbit radius
Stormer orbits
size orbit size
spectral order
ordered magnetic field
zero order frequency
order of spectrum
overlapping orders
order sorter
second order Stark effect
ordinary ray
ordinary wave
orientation effect
orientation of plate
orientation of spot group
region of origin
original atmosphere
original image
original plate
origin of coordinates
origin of radio waves
origin of scale
origin of the universe
orrery software
image orthicon
orthogonal polarization
orthoscopic eyepiece
ortochromatic emulsion
ortoscopic eyepiece
Oschin Schmidt camera
rotational oscillation
Global Oscillation Network Group
space-charge oscillations
local oscillator
oscillator strength
cathode-ray oscillograph display
cathode ray oscilloscope
osculating elements
osculating orbit
Osservatorio di Bologna
Osservatorio di Brera
O star
O-type star
our galaxy
to smear out
supernova outburst
outburst from Jupiter
outburst of light
outburst of radio waves
microwave outbursts
outburst sporadic outbursts of craters
large outbursts of microwave radiation
outburst sporadic outbursts of craters
outcoming electron
far outer arm
outer atmosphere
outer core
outer corona
outer photoeffect
outer planet
outer radiation zone
outer regions
outer ring
outer space
outer-space rocket
outflow of matter
outgoing electron
out of focus
out-of-focus image
out-of-plane vibration
total power output
receiver output fluctuations
receiver output meter
output power
outward flow
outward intensity
outward motion
outward stream
oval mirror
spill over
overall detection efficiency
overall directional diagram
overall gamma
overall illumination
overall integral
overall noise temperature
overall pointing error
overall radiometer system noise
overall sensitivity
overall system noise
over coating
overdense column
overdense cylinder
overdense trail
region of over-exposure
overlap of absorption lines
period of overlap of two cycles
overlapping orders
overlapping pulses
over sampling
overtone band
Owens valley observatory
oxygen absorption
oxygen abundance
Oxygen-III filter
ozone absorption
ozone F

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