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1874 "T"

tail table
nautical tables
curved tail
tail bands
multiple tails
tail table
take-off weight
single-picture taking
Talcott method
talus slope
loss tangent
tangential acceleration
tangential component
tangential ellipse
tangential plane
tangential speed
tangential velocity
aluminizing tank
punched tape
tape recorder
radar target
target planet
target simulator
Tartu observatory
, τ
Tauri stars
Tauri variables
Taylor triplet
teaching of astronomy
tear-drop effect
total-power technique
technique of unfilled apertures
radio techniques
techniques of astronomy
techniques of data processing
space technology
New technology telescope
teepee design
Observatorio del Teide
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
telemetry channel
telemetry system
telephoto advantage
Bolshoj telescop azimutalnyi
Yolo telescope
radio telescope antenna
telescope aperture
telescope balance
telescope beam
phantom telescope computer
telescope construction
telescope counterweights
telescope design
telescope diameter
telescope drive
telescope-drive motor
telescope-drive worms
telescope driving
telescope driving mechanism
telescope-driving motor
telescope driving system
telescope finder
telescope housing
telescope, invention of
telescope making
telescope monitor
equatorial telescope mounting
telescope objective
radio telescope of great sensitivity
telescope of intermediate aperture
telescope of moderate power
telescope of short focal length
telescope operator
telescope optical system
telescope project
radio telescope receiver
telescope resolution
NexStar telescopes
Space Telescope Science Institute
telescope seeing
telescope size
temperature-controlled telescope structure
telescope time
telescope tube
telescope with full-sky coverage
telescopic aperture
telescopic appearance
telescopic astronomy
telescopic camera
telescopic image
telescopic meteor
telescopic object
telescopic observations
telescopic photograph
telescopic stars
telescopic tests
Gran telescopio Canarias
space television
television camera
television signal
SCNA telluric absorption
telluric bands
telluric lines
Telrad finder
black body temperature
temperature coefficient
temperature compensation
temperature control
temperature-controlled telescope structure
ventilation and temperature-control system
temperature distribution
temperature effect
temperature gradient
temperature measurement
temperature noise
disk temperature of planet
apparent temperature of the Sun
temperature regulating system
constant temperature room
stellar temperature scale
temperature secular
temperature sensitive
temperature stress
temporal secular
twenty-seven-day recurrence tendency
tendency to clustering
internal tension
tension webs
Riemann-Christoffel tensor
triplet term
term analysis
term defect
term diagram
antenna terminals
terminal synchrone
astronomical terminology
term perturbation
constant terms
term scheme
term sequences
terms in aberration
continuous term spectrum
term splitting
term symbol
term Value
ternary combination band
terrestrial acceleration
terrestrial air mass
terrestrial atmosphere
terrestrial attraction
terrestrial distribution
terrestrial dynamical time
terrestrial effects
terrestrial equator
terrestrial gravitation
terrestrial gravity
terrestrial ionosphere
terrestrial latitude
terrestrial longitude
terrestrial magnetic disturbance
terrestrial magnetic storm
terrestrial map
terrestrial observatory
terrestrial observer
terrestrial phenomena
terrestrial physics
terrestrial planets
terrestrial poles
terrestrial radius
terrestrial source
terrestrial telescope
terrestrial time
terrestrial weight
Student's test
test exposure
synoptic testing
test program(me)
test rocket
visual tests
test telescope
chromospheric texture
towards the anticenter
longitude of the ascending node
Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
in the blue
the brightest stars
Handbook of the British astronomical association
towards the center
to cross the central meridian
in the continuum intensity field
lengthening of the day
transit across the disk of the Sun
radiation from the earth
obliquity of the ecliptic
synodic period of rotation at the equator
precession of the equinoxes
the faintest stars
to flatten