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1144 "B"

mirror back
back focal length
back focus
Back-Goudsmit effect
thermal background
background brightness
background (brightness) temperature
background component
background continuous background of radiation
background continuum
background cosmic radiation
background elimination
galactic background emission
background fluctuation
background galactic noise
background intensity
background level
background noise
background observations
background of cosmic radiation
background of emission
background of extragalactic sources
general background of galactic radiation
background continuous background of radiation
background of radio radiation
galactic background radiation
background radio waves
background sky
background star
background stars
background subtraction
back illuminated CCD
back lens
back of the Moon
mirror back pad
Back-Paschen effect
back scattering
back support
back support assembly
back support pad
three back-support points
backward lobe
backward movement
seeing very bad
Badger's equation
bad seeing
Bahner discontinuity
Baily's beads
Baker meteor camera
Baker-Nunn camera
Baker reflector-corrector
Baker-Schmidt camera
color balance
detailed balancing
dome balcony
Baldet-Johnson bands
fire ball
ball and claw mounting
preloaded ball bearing
Ballik-Ramsay band
ball mounting
balloon astronomy
balloon-borne apparatus
balloon-borne telescope
balloon flight
balloon observations
Balmer absorption continuum
Balmer alpha line
Balmer continuum
Balmer decrement
Balmer discontinuity
Balmer emission continuum
Balmer formula
Balmer jump
Balmer law
Balmer limit
Balmer lines
Balmer series
Canada balsam
wave band
band edge
band(ed) spectrum
band envelope
wide band filter
band fluorescence
band head
scheme of band heads
band lamp
band of obscuring matter
band of totality
band origin
receiver band pass
band pass filter
bandpass filter
wide band photometry
band profile
emission band progression
hading of bands
band scheme
limit of band series
electronic band spectrum
band splitting
band strength
band system
band width
coherence bandwidth
band without head
Jodrell Bank
Green Bank radio telescope
central bar
barely discernible
Barlow lens
barn door mounting
barrage photocell
barred spiral
barred spiral galaxy
barrel distortion
passage through potential barrier
barrier film
barrier-layer cell
barrier-layer photocell
barrier-layer photoeffect
Bartels' diagram
baryon star
baryon star model
paper base
ground based astronomy
base level
base line
direction of baseline
very long base-line interferometry
long baseline observations
base of chromosphere
base of prominence
basic component
reflecting mercury basin
stop bath
solar battery
battery supply
Baumbach formula
revised Baumbach-formula
geomagnetic bay
Bayer name
BD catalog
BD star
beaded structure
Baily's beads
pencil beam
beam efficiency
pencil beam instrument
pencil beam interferometer
beam-limiting aperture
beam-limiting device
electron beam parametric amplifier
beam pattern
atomic beam resonance spectroscopy
pencil beam scan
beam shape
beam splitter
beam width
half-power beamwidth
beam width to half-power
upper polar(-axis) bearing
polar(-axis) bearings
Big Bear solar observatory
beat period
lava bed
Beer-Lambert law
Beer's law
before day
noise behind the signal
Beijing observatory
bell metal
radiation belt
belt Jupiter's van Allen type belts
belt of galactic emission
belt of radiation
belt of the Milky Way
van Allen belts
photometric bench
bending force constant
bending vibration
Bergmann series
Besselian date
Besselian day numbers
Besselian (fictitious) year
Bessel's day numbers
best fit
β Canis Majoris star
β Lyrae βs
β particles
beta particles
beta rays
β Lyrae βs
interactions between galaxies
line to be washed out
absorption beyond the series limit
biassed error
bi-concave lens