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2608 "C"

equipment cabin
secondary mirror cage
cage end of tube
Calar Alto observatory
ionized calcium
calcium flocculus
in calcium light
calcium lines
calcium plage
calcium plage areas
calcium prominence
calcium spectroheliogram
astronomical calculations
Caldwell catalog
Gregorian calendar
calendar date
calendar day
calendar year
calibrating source
radiometer calibration
calibration curve
calibration exposure
calibration noise source
calibration of antenna
calibration signal
calibration source
X-ray calorimeter
Caltech sub-millimeter observatory
Cambridge optical aperture synthesis array
Willstrop three-mirror camera
Schmidt camera optics
camera tube
Cameron bands
Las Campanas observatory
Canada balsam
Canada-France-Hawaii telescope
Martian canals
Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
tropic of Cancer
international candle
standard candle method
candle power
candle-power distribution
β Canis Majoris star
canonical transformation
α2 Canum Venaticorum variables
dew cap
goto capability
capability of telescope
polar cap absorption
well capacity
polar cap blackout
cap prominence
tropic of Capricorn
capture cross-section for electrons
capture process
capture theory
sag car
carbon arc
carbon dioptry
carbon(-nitrogen) cycle
carbon-nitrogen reaction
carbon sequence
carbon star
punched card
card catalogue
cardinal points
plate carriage
slide carrier
carrier gas
carrier vehicle
Carrington rotation
to carry into orbit
Carte du Ciel
two-stage cascaded-image intensifying tube
cascade intensifier
cascade transition
nonconservative case
symmetrical Cassegrain
Cassegrain arrangement
Cassegrain beam
Cassegrain focal plane
Cassegrain focal point
Cassegrain focal ratio
Cassegrain(ian) focus
Cassegrain(ian) telescope
Cassegrain instruments
Cassegrain-Maksutov telescope
Cassegrain mirror
Cassegrain optical path
Cassegrain position
Cassegrain reflector
Cassegrain secondary
Cassegrain spectrograph
Cassegrain system
Cassegrain telescope
spin casting
cataclysmic variables
catadioptric system
catadioptric telescope
Zwicky catalog
catalog equinox
Catalog of Galaxies and clusters of Galaxies
general catalog of variable stars
Hershel catalogs
system of catalogue
catalogue position
star catalogue work
translucent cathode
cathode aperture
hollow cathode discharge
cathode-ray oscillograph display
cathode ray oscilloscope
cathode-ray tube
catoptric system
catoptric telescope
cat's eye photometer
Cauchy formula
cylindrical cavities
C band
thinned CCD
CCD detector
CD star
celestial body
celestial coordinates
celestial coordinate system
celestial dome
celestial equator
celestial gamma rays
celestial globe
celestial horizon
celestial latitude
celestial longitude
celestial mechanics
celestial meridian
celestial motions
celestial object
celestial photography
south celestial pole
celestial position
celestial source
geocentric celestial sphere
rod cell
solar cell array
pigment cell F
cellular mirror
Celsius degree
centennial proper motion
National Space Science Data Center
photometric center correction
Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy
National Center for Radio Astrophysics
center hole
centering error
center line
center of activity
center of curvature
center of emission
common center of gravity
center of mass
galactic center source
center (to) limb variation
centimeter component
twenty-one centimeter line
centimeter observations
three centimeter radiation
centimeter radio waves
centimeter(-wave) burst
centimeter(-wave) emission
centimeter (wavelength) band
centimeter (wavelength) radiation
centimeter (wavelength) range
centimeter wavelength region
centimeter wavelengths
centimeter waves
centimeter(-wave) spectrum
centimetric emission
centimetric radio waves
central bar
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
central collision
central concentration
central condensation
bright central core
central core of image
central cube
Sun's central density
central force
central frequency
identification of central fringe
central Hα intensity
central hole
central image
central intensity
central interferometer equipment
fovea centralis
time of central maximum
central meridian
central-meridian passage