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APOD: 2023 March 6 Jupiter and Venus from Earth
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APOD: 2023 March 6  Jupiter and Venus from Earth
Credit & Copyright: Marek Nikodem (PPSAE)
Explanation: It was visible around the world. The sunset conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in 2012 was visible almost no matter where you lived on Earth. Anyone on the planet with a clear western horizon at sunset could see them. Pictured here in 2012, a creative photographer traveled away from the town lights of Szubin, Poland to image a near closest approach of the two planets. The bright planets were then separated only by three degrees and his daughter struck a humorous pose. A faint red sunset still glowed in the background. Jupiter and Venus are together again this month after sunset, passing within a degree of each other about a week ago.

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Publications with words: Jupiter - Venus - conjunction
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