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XWare Team

Internet is undergoing rapid change. That is why we, a group of internet enthusiasts, computer programmers and mathematicians from Moscow State University, decided to concentrate our effort on development of advanced technologies powering the dynamic side of the Web.

We believe that rapid introduction of new high technologies is the only right way to live in the continuosly developing and growing internet.

We named our main technological framework X-WARE. It incorporates our knowledge and experience in high performance web-oriented informational systems, computer linguistics, data structures and algorithms, distributed databases and other topics. Among X-WARE features there are:

  • Dynamic generation of web pages
  • Distributed data storage accessible with CORBA
  • Effective full text search with on-the-fly indexing
  • Reference integrity, HTML transformation and checking
  • XML support
  • Web-based administration
  • Object-oriented content management system
  • High scalability in performance, load resistance and data storage size
  • Transactional version management

    We support the open source philosophy. We intend to make most of our products open source.

    We participate in PostgreSQL open source DBMS development. The work on GiST support in PostgreSQL is done by X-WARE team. GiST allows to extend PostgreSQL performance in complicated queries occuring in real world business information systems.

    Demo projects

    To demonstrate and test our technnology we developed several noncommercial projects, including
    Clone of APOD (Astronomy Picture Of the Day). Original APOD is a very popular astronomical web resource. It provides a daily fascinating astronomical image with the comments by professional astronomers, created by Robert Nemirroff (MTU) and Jerry Bonnel (USRA) in 1995. We rearranged this site. Powered by the X-WARE technology, it provides now a full-text search, keywords search, similar articles grouping. This project is translated also into russian and is a part of AstroNet - popular russian astronomical portal.

    Moscow University Search Engine. This full text search engine by XWare team provides the document search over all Moscow State University Web sites.

    AstroSearch. Full text search all astronomical sites in Russia. This is our contribution to growing astronomical community.

    OpenFTS (Open source Full Text Search) is an advanced PostgreSQL-based search engine that provides online indexing of data and relevance ranking for database searching. Close integration with database allows use of metadata to restrict search results. OpenFTS is distributed under GPL2 license and available for download from SourceForge

    MailWare (PostgreSQL mailing list archive). Intensive growth of PostgreSQL users and developers communities leads to the necessity to have convenient and effective interface to the mailing lists, with browse and search capabilities. We developed this interface by putting all the PostgreSQL mailing lists archive into one database, derived from X-WARE, which allowed to build a convenient high-performance site with a powerful full-text search. The database and search indexes are updated on-the-fly, immediately when a new message is arrived.

    Our commercial interests

    XWare team has gained essential experience in developing large scale mission-critical industrial internet clusters. We offer customized internet solutions for large commercial sites, portals, search systems, database interfaces etc.

    We offer customized solutions based on PostgreSQL for business applications.

    Our team offers also consulting services and support in solving the problems arising during development of large internet projects.

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