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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

Луна встречается с Юпитером APOD: 2023 August 8 Б Moon Meets Jupiter

What's that below the Moon? Jupiter -- and its largest moons. Many skygazers across planet Earth enjoyed the close conjunction of Earth's Moon passing nearly in front of Jupiter in mid-June. The featured image is a single exposure of the event taken from MorцЁn de la Frontera, Spain.

Газ, пыль и звезды туманности Пеликан APOD: 2023 August 7 Б The Pelican Nebula in Gas, Dust, and Stars

The Pelican Nebula is slowly being transformed. IC 5070 (the official designation) is divided from the larger North America Nebula by a molecular cloud filled with dark dust. The Pelican, however, receives much study because it is a particularly active mix of star formation and evolving gas clouds.

SN 1006: космическая лента – остаток сверхновой APOD: 2023 August 6 Б SN 1006: A Supernova Ribbon from Hubble

What created this unusual space ribbon? The answer: one of the most violent explosions ever witnessed by ancient humans. Back in the year 1006 AD, light reached Earth from a stellar explosion...

NGC 1360: туманность Яйцо дрозда NGC 1360: The Robin's Egg Nebula

This pretty nebula lies some 1,500 light-years away, its shape and color in this telescopic view reminiscent of a robin's egg. The cosmic cloud spans about 3 light-years, nestled securely within the boundaries of the southern constellation Fornax. Recognized as a planetary nebula, egg-shaped NGC 1360 doesn't represent a beginning though.

Лунные лучи в августе Moonrays of August

A Full Moon rose as the Sun set on August 1. Near perigee, the closest point in its almost moonthly orbit, the brighter than average lunar disk illuminated night skies around planet Earth as the second supermoon of 2023.

Ракеты Фалкон и Редстоун The Falcon and the Redstone

In a photo from the early hours of July 29 (UTC), a Redstone rocket and Mercury capsule are on display at Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 5. Beyond the Redstone, the 8 minute long exposure has captured the arcing launch streak of a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.

M82: галактика со сверхгалактическим ветром APOD: 2023 August 2 Б M82: Galaxy with a Supergalactic Wind

Why is the Cigar Galaxy billowing red smoke? M82, as this starburst galaxy is also known, was stirred up by a recent pass near large spiral galaxy M81. This doesn't fully explain the source of the red-glowing outwardly expanding gas and dust, however.

Чудовищный солнечный протуберанец APOD: 2023 August 1 Б Monster Solar Prominence

The monsters that live on the Sun are not like us. They are larger than the Earth and made of gas hotter than in any teapot. They have no eyes, but at times, many tentacles. They float. Usually, they slowly change shape and just fade back onto the Sun over about a month.

Фобос над Марсом APOD: 2023 July 31 Б Phobos over Mars

Why is Phobos so dark? Phobos, the largest and innermost of the two Martian moons, is the darkest moon in the entire Solar System. Its unusual orbit and color indicate that it may be a captured asteroid composed of a mixture of ice and dark rock.

Спиральное северное сияние над Исландским разломом APOD: 2023 July 30 Б Spiral Aurora over Icelandic Divide

Admire the beauty but fear the beast. The beauty is the aurora overhead, here taking the form of a great green spiral, seen between picturesque clouds with the bright Moon to the side and stars in the background.

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