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SkyMap Online |  Professional edition

Time (UT):
City: Map size:
Sky part: Horizont:
 Brief description of the sky map:
Simple form elements:

  • Time (UT) and Date - here you can set the exact time moment to plot map for. Time should be given as the UT. Pressing the "Get current time" button causes automatic determining of time using your computer's clock. It would be automatically translated into UT, using your timezone information.
  • Your location - this form element allows to select your location from the given list including about 250 places all over the world. If your city is not in this list, you may want to set "Londitude" and "Latitude" parameters in the advanced form instead of it.
  • Sky part - here you can select the sky part to draw map for.
  • Map size - this parameter allows you to select the size of sky map image in pixels. This size roughly corresponds to the real size of the map
  • Horizont decoration - here you can choose the decoration of the horizont line. "Plain" is set by default what means no decoration.
  • Go! - Press this button to get the map in you browser's window.
  • PDF - use this button to get the printable copy of the map suitable for high-quality printing. To view and print it you have to install Adobe Acrobat Reader v 3.0 or higher. Horizont decorations are excluded from the PDF-format of the map and all the stars have black colour. Attention! If the "Milky Way" option is switched on PDF map may grow up to 1.5Mb, and it may take up to several minutes to print it on some printers (especially laser ones).
  • Advanced form - it contains the full set of options. It is designed for the experienced users.


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