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742 "N"

() N
Observatorio Astronomico Nacional
nacreous clouds
nadir measures
Nagler eyepiece
visible to the naked eye
naked eye brightness
naked-eye object
naked-eye star
Bayer name
Nancay radio observatory
Narrabri interferometer
narrow-band burst
narrow band filter
narrow(-band) filter
narrow-band photoelectric photometry
narrow band photometry
narrow-band photometry
narrow-band polarimeter
narrow-range equipment
NASA extragalactic data set
NASA infrared telescope
Nasmyth focus
Nasmyth's focus
Nasmyth system
National Aeronautic and Space Administration
National Astronomical Observatory
National Center for Radio Astrophysics
Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
National Optical Astronomy Observatories
National Solar Observatory
National Space Science Data Center
natural breadth
natural frequency
natural life time
natural light
natural line broadening
natural satellite
natural vibrations
natural width
natural year
wave nature
Nautical almanac
nautical almanac(k)
nautical astronomy
nautical tables
nautical twilight
United States Naval observatory
space navigation
instrumentation navigational instrumentation
navigational stars
navigation satellite
navigation triangle
n-body problem
Mars at near approach
nearby galaxies
nearby stars
near field response
near infrared
near infrared region
nearly symmetric top
near point of clear vision
star near the zenith
near ultraviolet
resolution of a nebula
two colliding nebulae
nebula filter
nebula receding nebulae
nebular line
nebular remnant of a supernova
nebular spectrograph
nebular stage of nova
nebular-type transitions
nebular variables
nebulous object
negative absorption
negative acceleration
negative branch
negative cosmological constant
negative development
negative drift
negative energy
negative excess
negative eyepiece
negative image
negative lens
negative level
negative rotational level
solar neighbourhood
neighbouring galaxies
visual nerve
nested telescopes
NESTOR neutrino detector
chromospheric net
net flux
deep space network
Global Oscillation Network Group
neutral absorption
neutral atom
neutral filter
neutral gas
local structure of neutral hydrogen
neutral hydrogen cloud
neutral hydrogen concentration
neutral hydrogen content
neutral hydrogen density
neutral hydrogen distribution
neutral hydrogen F
neutral hydrogen gas
total neutral hydrogen mass
neutral hydrogen motion
neutral hydrogen region
neutral medium
neutral point
neutral wedge
neutrino astrophysics
SNO neutrino detector
solar neutrino flux
solar neutrinos
solar neutrino unit
neutron diffusion
neutron number
neutron star
new galactic coordinates
new galactic coordinate system
New General Catalog
creation of new material
new moon
new Moon in the old Moon's arms
New technology telescope
Isaac Newton Group
Newtonian-Cassegrain telescope
Newtonian cosmology
Newtonian flat
Newton(ian) focus
Newtonian focus position
Newtonian gravitation
Newtonian mirror
Newton(ian) system
Newtonian telescope
Newtonian theory
Newton's law of gravitation
Newton's rings
Newton's theory of gravitation
NexStar telescopes
Next generation space telescope
N-h profile
Nicol prism
crossed Nicols
Nicol's prism
photometrically clear night
night airglow
night correction
night error
night glow
nightglow emission
night hemisphere
night of observation
night side
night sky
night-sky brightness
night sky light
night sky luminance
night-sky spectrum
nighttime shower
night-time stream
night vision
Nobeyama observatory
noclilucent clouds
nodal point
nodal regression
nodal surface
longitude of the ascending node
ascending node-perihelion angle
regression of nodes
nodical month
nodical revolution
white noise
cosmic radio noise absorption
noise band
noise bandwidth
noise behind the signal
cosmic (noise) brightness temperature
noise-compensated radiometer
noise compensation
noise continuous noise
noise current
noise density
noise distribution
noise equivalent power
noise equivalent resistance
noise error
receiver noise factor
receiver noise figure
inherent (noise) fluctuations
noise fluctuations
noise-free receiver
noise generator
Hα cosmic noise intensity
noise interference sensitivity
noise level
cosmic noise mapping system
radio (noise) outburst
total noise power
receiver noise (power) level
noise radiation from antenna
noise radiation from atmosphere
noise radiation from radiometer
noise reduction
noise signal
standard noise source
solar noise storm
noise storm and bursts
receiver (noise) temperature
radiometer excess noise temperature
noise voltage
noisiness of receiver
variable star nomenclature
nonacid fixing bath
nonbonding electron
nonbonding orbital
noncentral collision
noncoherent scattering
noncolor sensitized
nonconservative case
noncrossing rule
nondegenerated species
nondegenerated vibration
nondirectional antenna
static nonempty model
nonequilibrium theory
nonequivalent electron
nongravitational effects
nongrey atmosphere
nonhomogeneous universe
nonionized gas
nonionized hydrogen region
non-linear response
nonluminous gas
nonpenetrating orbit
nonperiodic variable stars
nonplanar molecule
nonradial oscillation
nonrecurrent disturbance
nonrigid rotator
nonrigid symmetric top
nonselective absorber
nonselective absorption
nonselective diffuser
nonselective radiator
nonspherical mirror
nonspherical plate
nonspherical surface
nonstable stars
nonstationary current
nonthermal background
radio nonthermal brightness temperature
nonthermal component
nonthermal emission
nonthermal emitter
nonthermal mechanism
nonthermal process
nonthermal radiation
nonthermal radiator
nonthermal radio emission
nonthermal source
nonthermal spectrum
nonvignetted field
mean noon
normal acceleration
normal coordinates
normal distribution
normal doublet
normal extragalactic nebula
normal eye
normal frequency
normal galaxy
normalized detectivity
normal magnitude
normal mode vibration
normal multiplet
normal optical thickness
normal radio nebula
normal ray
normal slit width
normal spiral
normal star
normal state
normal substance
normal term
normal vibration
normal Zeeman effect
cylindrical north bearing
north celestial pole
north declination
north ecliptic pole
north(ern) bearing
north(ern) hemisphere
northern latitude
northern lights
northern polarity
northern sky
north(ern) stars
north galactic pole
north pier
north point