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1533 "F"

Fabry lens
Fabry-Perot etalon
sunlit face
image reduction and analysis facility
transmission factor
factor of proportionality
relative luminosity factor of radiation
meteorological factors
plage faculaire
facular areas
facular granules
facular plage
facular region
short-wave fade-out
speed of fading
fading effect
fading of echo
Fahrenheit degree
reciprocity failure
the faintest stars
faint galaxy
faint nebula
faint object
faint radio star
faint source
faint star
seeing fair
free fall
falling weight
fall of meteorite
false color image
false dawn
false image
false observations
false zodiacal light
Jupiter's family
family of asteroids
fan ray
fan(-shaped) beam
Faraday effect
Faraday rotation
far field response
far infrared
far-infrared radiation
far-out corona
far outer arm
corona far-out from the Sun
far point of clear vision
far side
lunar farside
far ultraviolet
far-ultraviolet radiation
far-ultraviolet spectrum
motion fast
fast-drift burst
fast electrons
fast focal ratio
fast Fourier transform
fast interferometer
fast meteor
fast motion
fast-motion drive
fast photomultiplier
fast protons
fast scan
fast spectrograph
fast- telescope
visual fatigue
fat zero
rock fault
fault detection
F corona
seeing feature
surface features
wide-band feed
feed antenna feed
feed arrangement
feed assembly
feed dipole
feed element
antenna feeder
feeder arrangement
feeder system
feed horn
feed(ing) optics
feed mast
feed support
feed-support system
feed system
filament feet
Fellgett advantage
principle of Fermat
Fermi(-Dirac) statistics
Fermi formula
Fermi process
Fermi resonance
Fermi-Segre formula
fiber optics
fibrille structure
Besselian (fictitious) year
apparent rotation by refraction of field
field angle
field astronomy
magnetic (field) configuration
field curvature
field distortion
field effect
wide field eyepiece
field flattener
field-flattener lens
field force
field function
field illumination
flat fielding
field instruments
field intensity
field lens
field nebula
field of critical definition
field of good definition
field of high definition
field of telescope
true field of view
field of vision
field pattern
Einstein's field relations
field relations of gravitation
near field response
field spar
field star
field station
field stop
magnetic field strength
wide field telescope
field tests
unified field theory
receiver noise figure
figure of the Earth
significant figures
local figuring
figuring of mirror
solar filament
filamentary nebula
filamentary structure
filament feet
polar crown of filaments
filar micrometer
filled aperture
partial filling
photographic film
film base
film development
film displacement
film distortion
film spool
film-to-film method
Wiener filter
filter attenuation band
filter holder
spatial filtering
filter photometry
filter stop band
filter transmission band
final limits
final stage
zero power finder
finder chart
finder field
finder telescope
fine analysis method
fine-grain developer
fine-grain development
fine-grain(ed) image
fine-grain emulsion
fine grinding
fine lobe structure
fine mottles
fine splitting
inverted fine structure
fine structure constant
finite atmosphere
fire ball
great fireball
first art collision
first-art transition
first contact
first kind collision
Kepler's first law
first magnitude star
first order Stark effect
first point of Aries
first point of Libra
first quarter
first subordinate series
first subsidiary series
nuclear fission
least squares fit
fixation time
fixed antenna
fixed baseline
fixed ecliptic
fixed-frequency array
fixed jaw
fixed line
group of fixed lines
fixed mirror
fixed parabola
fixed parabolic cylinder
fixed parabolic reflector
fixed paraboloid
fixed reflector
fixed spherical reflector
fixed stars
fixed term
fixed-tiltable reflector
fixed wire
uneven fixing
rapid fixing bath
flame spectrum
flaming aurora
Flamsteed number
flash phase of flare
flare center
flare ejection
small flare event
flare-like facula
flare model
frequency of flare occurrence
flare(-producing) region
proton flare project
radio emission from flares
flare spectrum
flare star
flare surge
green flash
radio flashes
flash phase of flare
flash spectrum
optical flat
single flat arrangement
flat-concave lens
flat-convex lens
flat field
flat fielding
flat image
flat mirror
flat reflector
flat screen
flat spectrum
flattened spheroid
field flattener
polar flattening
flattening of corona
flattening, polar
to flatten the field
Flexible Image Transport System
instrumental flexure
flexure effects
flexure of mirror
flexure of tube
flicker effect
flicker frequency
flicker method
flicker noise
flicker photometer
space flight
Goddard space flight center
flight path
flint glass
flip mirror
hydrogen flocculus
working floor
flotation system
vortex flow
radiative flow of energy
rate of flow of radiation
background fluctuation
scintillation fluctuations
fluctuations in cosmic radiation
fluctuations in direction
fluctuations in gain
fluctuations in intensity
fluctuations in receiver gain
resonance fluorescence
fluorescent screen image
fluor spar
total flux
flux collector
luminous (flux) density
total flux density
turnover in flux(-density) spectrum
magnetic flux in spot
flux integral
electrostatic fluxmeter
flux unit
focal arrangement
focal distance
focal feed
focal image
telescope of short focal length
focal plane
focal-plane shutter
focal point
focal position
focal ratio
focal reducer
focal setting
focal shift
focal surface
prime focus
focus correction
zero image shift focuser
magnetic focusing
focusing anode
focusing device
focusing difference
focusing glass
focusing prism
focusing rod
focus(ing) screen
motorized focus mechanism
Newtonian focus position
prime focus system
light fog
fog density
foggy image
polarization foil
following spot
following sunspot
correction for...
correction for aberration
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
correction for average refraction effect
forbidden branch
forbidden electronic band
forbidden gap
forbidden line
forbidden transition
Forbush decrease
Forbush effect
line of force
bending force constant
forced nutation
valence force field
force function
force of attraction
force of gravitation
force of gravity
Van der Waals forces
standard eye for colorimetry
criterion for convective instability