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571 "V"

, V
U, B, V
velocity of light in vacuum
vacuum arc
vacuum correction
vacuum photocell
vacuum spectrograph
vacuum ultraviolet
vacuum wavelength
valence bond method
valence force field
valence theory of Heitler-London
valence-type symmetry coordinates
valence vibration
valency electron
Owens valley observatory
mean value
scale Value of telescope
punched Values
van Allen belts
belt Jupiter's van Allen type belts
Van der Waals forces
van der Waals interaction
support vanes
water vapor
varactor (diode) parametric amplifier
stellar variability
physical variable
variable aperture
variable component
variable density filter
variable magnetic star
variable motion
variable nebula
variable profile antenna
variable radio emission
variable radio source
variable radio star
variable-rate drive
variable-rate driving
α2 Canum Venaticorum variables
variable spacing
variable spacing interferometer
variable-speed drive
variable-speed R. A. drive
variable star
variable star nomenclature
American Association of Variable Star Observers
Cepheid (variable) stars
Information Bulletin on Variable Stars
compass variation
variational sensitivity
variation in light
receiver-gain variations
variations in brilliance
variations in latitude
variations in longitude
slowly varying component
varying density
vascular envelope
vascular F
Vatican observatory
vault of heaven
V color index
radius vector
vector diagram
vector model
vector model for Stark effect
Vegard-Kaplan bands
space vehicle
radial velocimeter
random velocities
line of sight velocity
velocity component
rectangular velocity components
meteor velocity determination
velocity dispersion
velocity distribution
velocity distribution diagram
velocity field
velocity measurement
velocity model
velocity of light
velocity of light in vacuum
velocity pattern
radial velocity relative to the Sun
radial velocity spectrometer
α2 Canum Venaticorum variables
dome ventilation
ventilation and temperature-control system
crescent Venus
Venusian ionosphere
Venusian surface
Venus observations
Venus probe
Venus radar work
vernal equinoctial point
vernal equinox
vernier scale
vertex sphere
prime vertical
vertical circle
vertical collimator
vertical component
vertical dial
vertical incidence sounder
vertical intensity
vertical screw
vertical slide
seeing very bad
very high frequency
motion very large
Very large array
Very Large Telescope
very long base-line interferometry
very long photographic exposure
very poor seeing
very soft radiation
very-stable receiver
very strong field