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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 26, 2007

Issue 1-3 (2007)


A. M. Cherepashchuk
Dmitry Yakovlevich Martynov (1906-1989) Close binary stars in modern astrophysics (22-24 May 2006)
1 – 2

Original Articles

R. E. Wilson
Binary star systems: projects for the near future
3 – 12

Kh. F. Khaliullin
Apsidal motion in eclipsing binary systems
13 – 21

H. Rovithis-Livaniou
A tertiary component in close binary systems
23 – 30

I. Pustylnik; P. Kalv; V. Harvig
RX Cas revisited
31 – 34

A. M. Cherepashchuk
Highly evolved close binary systems
35 – 45

D. V. Bisikalo
Numerical modelling of cold accretion discs in cataclysmic variables: the superhump phenomenon
47 – 52

E. A. Antokhina
Modelling of light and radial velocity curves in close binary systems: masses of stars and relativistic objects
53 – 58

I. I. Antokhin
X-ray properties of early-type binaries: theory versus observations
59 – 62

Z. Mikulášek
Principal component analysis - an efficient tool for variable stars diagnostics
63 – 70

G. S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan; S. G. Moiseenko
Core-collapse supernovae: magnetorotational mechanism
71 – 74

D. Sokoloff
Magnetic configurations produced by hydromagnetic dynamos
75 – 78

V. M. Lipunov; V. G. Kornilov; A. V. Krylov; D. A. Kuvshinov; E. S. Gorbovskoy; N. V. Tyurina; A. A. Belinsky; G. V. Borisov; A. V. Sankovich
Observations of gamma-ray bursts and a supernovae search at the robotic telescope MASTER
79 – 86

A. G. Kuranov; S. B. Popov; K. A. Postnov; M. Volonteri; R. Perna
On the dynamic formation of accreting intermediate-mass black holes
87 – 89

E. P. Pavlenko; Ju. Babina; M. Andreev
Asynchronous polar BY Cam: periods, quasiperiods, accretion modes and magnetic field structure
91 – 92

V. P. Kozhevnikov
Detection of a 3.353 h coherent oscillation in the supersoft source RX J0019.8 + 2156 (QR And)
93 – 95

T. R. Irsmambetova
Charge-coupled device-photometric observations of SS433 in 2003-2005
97 – 101

M. Kumsiashvili; R. Natsvlishvili; N. Kochiashvili
A new unique phenomenon for the RY Scuti binary star
103 – 110

A. V. Kozhevnikova; I. YU. Alekseev; P. A. Heckert; V. P. Kozhevnikov
Long-term starspot activity of three short-period RS CVn stars: BH Vir, WY Cnc and CG Cyg
111 – 112

N. Kochiashvili; R. Natsvlishvili; H. Bakis; M. Tanriver
Investigation of EM Cep
113 – 115

H. Rovithis-Livaniou; S. Tsantilas; A. Kalimeris; P. Rovithis; I. Voloshina
Latest results on the period behaviour of the contact binary AB And
117 – 120

S. Tsantilas; H. Rovithis-Livaniou
Apsidal motion of U Oph
121 – 124

M. Zejda; Z. Mikuláŗek
Observational evidence of interacting processes in the system TW Draconis
125 – 128

I. M. Volkov; N. S. Volkova
Orbit evolution of the binary system 9 Cyg
139 – 143

S. YU. Gorda; YU. YU. Balega; E. A. Pluzhnik; Z. U. Shkhagosheva
Visual orbit of the third body on the eclipsing binary SZ Cam
145 – 146

M. I. Agafonov; O. I. Sharova; M. T. Richards
Three-dimensional Doppler tomograms and detection of motions beyond the orbital plane in close binary systems
147 – 149

M. B. Bogdanov; A. M. Cherepashchuk
Possibilities of the analysis of brightness distributions for the components of eclipsing variables from high-precision photometry data
151 – 158

E. A. Karitskaya; M. I. Agafanov; N. G. Bochkarev; A. V. Bondar; G. A. Galazutdinov; B.-C. Lee; F. A. Musaev; O. I. Sharova; V. V. Shimanskii; A. E. Tarasov
Results of high-resolution optical spectroscopy investigation of Cyg X-1 = V1357 Cyg
159 – 162

Issue 4-5 (2007)

Yu. V. Barkin; J. M. Ferrandiz; M. Garcia Ferrandez; J. F. Navarro
The elastic energy of rotational and lunisolar tides and their role in the Earth's seismic activity
163 – 198

M. Sh. Gigolashvili; R. I. Kiladze; V. J. Kukhianidze; G. T. Ramishvili
On the date when Christianity became the state religion of Georgia
199 – 200

N. I. Rovenskaya
The low-frequency radio recombination lines formed in the extremely extended C II regions
203 – 209

A. D. Pinotsis
The Antikythera mechanism: who was its creator and what was its use and purpose?
211 – 226

Yu. A. Shchekinov
Charging of dust particles in molecular clouds
227 – 234

V. V. Fidelis
X-ray emission properties from Circinus X-1
235 – 239

V. V. Breus; I. L. Andronov; S. V. Kolesnikov; N. M. Shakhovskoy
Simultaneous linear and circular polarimetry of variable stars in the 2.6 m Shain telescope computer program for data reduction
241 – 243

N. Nanouris; A. Kalimeris; E. Antonopoulou
An investigation of the tidally driven period changes in detached binary systems through O-C time series analysis: the case of RT And and WY Cnc
245 – 250

E. M. Drobyshevski; E. A. Kumzerova; A. A. Schmidt
Deep Impact mission to Tempel 1 favours New Explosive Cosmogony of comets
251 – 266

P. Kotrc; E. V. Kononovich; Yu. A. Kupryakov
Solar spectral observations at the Ondejov Observatory with Moscow State University cooperation
267 – 273

A. D. Chernin; I. D. Karachentsev; D. I. Makarov; O. G. Kashibadze; P. Teerikorpi; M. J. Valtonen; V. P. Dolgachev; L. M. Domozhilova
Local dark energy: HST evidence from the expansion flow around Cen A/M83 galaxy group
275 – 283

S. L. Bereznitsky; D. Yu. Tsvetkov
A certain cosmological solution and search for possibly related astronomical objects
285 – 288

E. M. Drobyshevski; M. E. Drobyshevski
Daemons and DAMA: Their celestial-mechanics interrelations
289 – 299

N. J. Papadopoulos; N. D. Caranicolas
Escaping and trapped orbits in a "bare" Seyfert 1 nucleus dynamical model
301 – 309

V. L. Afanasiev; O. K. Silchenko
Leo II Group: decoupled cores of NGC 3607 and NGC 3608
311 – 337

I. Pustylnik; P. Kalv; V. Harvig; T. Aas
BM Cas – a long-period eclipsing young supergiant binary system in common envelope stage
339 – 350

N. I. Rovenskaya
The highly excited atom balance equation diffusion approximation
351 – 360

L. P. Nasonova; N. A. Chujkova
Anomalies of an external and internal gravitational field of upper Earth layers in square law approximation
361 – 369

A. Chuprikov
0836+710. High quality ground and VSOP images
371 – 378

A. G. Pakhomov
Influence of additional dimensions on the dynamics of the expansion of the Universe
379 – 389

N. A. Chujkova; L. P. Nasonova; T. G. Maximova
Gravity anomalies in the Earth's crust and upper mantle
391 – 399

L. S. Nazarova; N. G. Bochkarev; P. T. O'brien
The broad emission lines in the active galactic nucleus Fairall 9
401 – 408

Book Reviews

V. G. Surdin
Book review
409 – 410

V. V. Busarev
Book review
411 – 412

Issue 6 (2007)


I. V. Chashei; T. V. Smirnova
413 – 413

Original Articles

V. I. Shishov
Review of theory of interplanetary and interstellar scintillation
415 – 427

B. J. Rickett
Interstellar scintillation: observational highlights
429 – 439

M. K. Bird
Coronal Faraday rotation of occulted radio signals
441 – 453

A. I. Efimov; L. N. Samoznaev; V. K. Rudash; I. V. Chashei; M. K. Bird; D. Plettemeier
Radio-sounding observations of a coronal mass ejection during the Galileo solar conjunction in January 1997
455 – 465

M. Kojima; M. Tokumaru; K. Fujiki; K. Hayashi; B. V. Jackson
IPS tomographic observations of 3D solar wind structure
467 – 476

B. V. Jackson; P. P. Hick; A. Buffington; M. M. Bisi; M. Kojima; M. Tokumaru
Comparison of the extent and mass of CME events in the interplanetary medium using IPS and SMEI Thomson scattering observations
477 – 487

R. A. Fallows; A. R. Breen; M. M. Bisi; R. A. Jones; G. D. Dorrian
Interplanetary scintillation using EISCAT and MERLIN: extremely long baselines at multiple frequencies
489 – 500

N. A. Lotova; K. V. Vladimirskii; V. N. Obridko
Diagnostics of solar wind streams
501 – 505

V. N. Gubenko; V. E. Andreev
The identification of the fluctuation effects related to the turbulence and "permanent" layers in the atmosphere of Venus from radio occultation data
507 – 515

D. Stinebring
Using pulsar scintillation to probe AU-size structure in the interstellar medium
517 – 524

C. R. Gwinn
Observations and Levy statistics in interstellar scattering
525 – 533

T. V. Smirnova
Interstellar turbulent plasma spectrum from multi-frequency pulsar observations
535 – 540

B. Rickett; B. Coles; M. Mclaughlin; J. Bank; A. Lyne; I. Stairs; R. Ferdman; P. Freire; F. Camilo
Interstellar scintillation of the double pulsar J0737-3039: effects of anisotropy
541 – 547

V. Malofeev; O. Malov; W. Sieber; A. Jessner; S. Tyul'bashev; B. Klein; R. Wielebinski
Pulsar diffractive scintillation at 1.4 and 4.8 GHz
549 – 556

B. Dennison; C. A. Bennett; M. Blake; M. Brown; A. T. Castelaz; M. Castelaz; W. A. Christiansen; J. D. Cline; J. K. Daugherty; D. Hutchinson; C. Kaltreider; E. R. Kirbach; D. Moffett; C. Osborne; L. Owen; K. Vorren
The dedicated interferometer for rapid variability
557 – 565

H. E. Bignall; D. L. Jauncey; J. E. J. Lovell; A. K. Tzioumis; J. -P. Macquart; L. Kedziora-Chudczer
Observations of intrahour variable quasars: scattering in our Galactic neighbourhood
567 – 573

D. L. Jauncey; J. E. J. Lovell; C. Senkbeil; S. Shabala; H. E. Bignall; T. Pursimo; R. Ojha; M. Dutka; J. -P. Macquart; B. J. Rickett; L. Kedziora-Chudczer
Microarcsecond scintillation-induced variability (MASIV) survey of the northern sky
575 – 583

V. I. Kondratiev; M. V. Popov; V. A. Soglasnov; Y. Y. Kovalev; N. Bartel; W. Cannon; A. Yu. Novikov
Probing cosmic plasma with giant radio pulses
585 – 595

A. D. Kuzmin; B. YA. Losovsky
Measurements of the scattering of pulsars radio emission. Statistical uniformity of large-scale plasma turbulence in the near Galaxy
597 – 604

A. V. Pynzar
Distribution of turbulent plasma in the galaxy
605 – 609

I. V. Chashei; A. I. Efimov; M. K. Bird
Solar wind turbulence from radio occultation data
611 – 620

H. J. Fahr; I. V. Chashei
Generation of MHD turbulence by non-equilibrium ion velocity distributions in the outer heliosphere and the interstellar medium: magnetohydro-thermodynamic and kinetic views
621 – 636

S. I. Molodykh
An Analysis of the energy balance in the solar wind formation region
637 – 645

A. N. Afanasiev
Coronal scattering of radio emission under strong regular refraction
647 – 653

A. Stanislavsky
Subdiffusion of beams through interplanetary and interstellar media
655 – 658

V. S. Artyukh
Investigations of physical conditions in AGNs by the radio astronomy method
659 – 662

S. A. Tyul'bashev
Physical conditions in compact details of core-dominated sources
663 – 669

A. Chuprikov
The dual-frequency calibration of ionosphere influence in VLBA data processing
671 – 674

V. I. Shishov; S. A. Tyul'bashev; I. A. Subaev; I. V. Chashei
Monitoring of interplanetary and ionosphere scintillations at frequency 110 MHz
677 – 681

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