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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 25, 2006

Issue 1 (2006)

Arthur D. Chernin
Cosmic vacuum in the framework of macroscopic extra dimensions
1 – 6

I. F. Malov; G. Z. Machabeli
Nature of anomalous X-ray pulsars, soft gamma repeaters and radio pulsars with very long periods
7 – 31

Yu. P. Laptev; M. L. Fil'chenkov
Electromagnetic and gravitational radiation of graviatoms
33 – 42

E. M. Drobyshevski
Observation of the March maximum in the daemon flux from near-Earth orbits in the year 2005: new efforts and new effects
43 – 55

Edward Drobyshevski; Mikhail Drobyshevski
Study of the spring and autumn daemon-flux maxima at the Baksan Neutrino Observatory
57 – 73

M. Biernacka; P. Flin; J. Krywult
The application of the Faint Object Classification and Analysis System (FOCAS) and Source Extractor (SExtractor) packages to the Digitized Sky Survey
75 – 94

A. A. Barannikov
Search for the periodicity in brightness and radial velocity variations of the runaway star HD 218915
95 – 100

A. A. Barannikov
Autocorrelation and Fourier analysis of the Crimean and Hipparcos photometry of the runaway star HD 192281
101 – 103

Efstratios TH. Theodossiou; Vassilios N. Manimanis; Milan S. Dimitrijevi; Emmanuel Danezis
Nicephoros Gregoras: the greatest Byzantine astronomer
105 – 118

Issue 2-3 (2006)

A. Rastorguev
Pavel Petrovich Parenago All-Russian Astronomical Conference 'Stellar Systems'
119 – 121

L. P. Ossipkov
On the fundamental paradox of stellar dynamics
123 – 128

Yu. N. Mishurov
Galactic status of the Sun
129 – 133

A. A. Bashakov; N. P. Pitjev; L. P. Ossipkov
Constructing self-consistent galactic models by Schwarzschild's method
135 – 138

V. V. Bobylev; A. T. Bajkova
Gould Belt kinematics on the basis of the open clusters and OB associations
139 – 142

V. V. Bobylev; A. T. Bajkova; G. A. Gontcharov
Investigation of the negative K effect using the Orion Spiral Arm Catalogue
143 – 144

G. A. Gontcharov
Radial velocities of 35 495 Hipparcos stars in a common system
145 – 148

V. A. Marsakov; T. V. Borkova
Magnesium abundance in the Galactic halo stars and subsystem formation history
149 – 152

V. A. Marsakov; T. V. Borkova
Magnesium abundance in the Galactic thick-disc stars and subsystem formation history
153 – 155

V. A. Marsakov; T. V. Borkova
Magnesium abundance in the galactic thin-disc stars and subsystem formation history
157 – 159

V. V. Orlov; A. A. Myllari; A. S. Stepanishchev; L. P. Ossipkov
Local kinematics of the Galaxy
161 – 163

A. S. Tsvetkov
The rotational vector of the Local Stellar System
165 – 169

P. E. Zakharova; A. V. Loktin
Problems of the investigation of open star clusters
171 – 176

N. V. Kharchenko; A. E. Piskunov
The population of open clusters of the Galactic disc
177 – 183

A. K. Dambis
Absolute proper motions of globular clusters
185 – 188

I. I. Nikiforov; E. E. Kazakevich
Components of the open cluster system of the Galaxy from kinematic analysis
189 – 194

A. A. Myllari; V. V. Orlov
Stellar streams: origin and evolution
195 – 197

O. K. Sil'chenko
Evolution of the central parts of S0 galaxies
199 – 203

A. D. Chernin
Cosmic vacuum and galaxy formation
205 – 211

Z. Jiang; L. P. Ossipkov
Flattened γmodels for galaxies
213 – 216

M. E. Sharina; T. H. Puzia
Globular clusters in early-type dwarf galaxies
217 – 220

L. N. Berdnikov; E. N. Pastukhova; N. A. Gorynya; D. G. Turner
A search for evolutionary changes in the period of classical Cepheid GY Sge
221 – 222

N. N. Samus
Catalogues of variable stars from Parenago to the present day
223 – 227

R. Ya. Zhuchkov
The physical parameters of the preliminary determination of the multiple system HD 222326
229 – 231

O. G. Taranova; V. I. Shenavrin
Infrared variability of the nucleus of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 1068 in 1998-2006
233 – 237

V. T. Doroshenko; S. G. Sergeev; V. I. Provnik
Variability of the Seyfert 1 galaxy Ark 120 in 1992-2002
239 – 245

I. Yu. Alekseev; N. I. Bondar
Spots on the surface of the active late-type star PZ Mon
247 – 250

A. A. Davydenko
Bok's problem analysis
251 – 252

Issue 4 (2006)

X.-F. Deng; Y.-Q. Chen; P. Jiang; J. Song
The correlation between the local density of luminous red galaxies and the presence of gamma-ray bursts
253 – 259

A. V. Oreshina; B. V. Somov
Analytical and numerical investigations of relativistic particle acceleration in a current layer
261 – 273

V. V. Bondarenko; Yu. G. Markov; A. M. Mikisha; L. V. Rykhlova; I. V. Skorobogatykh
Gravitational-tidal evolution of planetary subsystems of the Sun
275 – 290

N. V. Kulikova; V. M. Chepurova
Consideration of gravitational perturbations in the evolution of meteor complexes
291 – 297

S. B. Vinogradov; P. P. Berczik
The study of colliding molecular clumps evolution
299 – 316

V. A. Vujicic
Modification of the characteristic gravitational constants
317 – 325

L. N. Berdnikov; D. G. Turner
Photoelectric observations of southern Cepheids in 2004
327 – 340

E. V. Kononovich; I. V. Mironova
The Wolf number and total solar irradiance variations during 21-23 solar cycles
341 – 345

E. Theodossiou; P. Mantarakis
The lost Roman calendars of ancient Macedonia
347 – 354

Book Reviews

V. G. Surdin
Book review
355 – 356


357 – 358

Issue 5-6 (2006)


M. I. Ryabov
The 6th Gamow Summer School: Astronomy and Beyond: Astrophysics, Cosmology, Radioastronomy, Astrobiology
359 – 361

Original Articles

G. M. Rudnitskij
I.S. Shklovsky and modern radio astronomy
363 – 368

G. S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
Recycled binary pulsars – a most precise laboratory of fundamental physics
369 – 377

L. N. Volvach; A. E. Volvach; I. D. Strepka
Spectral observations of OH and water maser sources at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory with the RT-22 radio telescope
379 – 384

A. E. Volvach; L. N. Volvach; M. G. Larionov; H. D. Aller; M. F. Aller; Yu. Yu. Yurovskiy; M. I. Ryabov
Flux density evolution of the sources 3C273, 3C279 and 3C454.3 at the frequencies 102 MHz-36.8 GHz
385 – 391

V. A. Samodurov; G. M. Rudnitskij; A. M. Tolmachev; I. A. Subaev; E. E. Lekht; M. I. Pashchenko; S. V. Logvinenko
Results of a search for ultrarapid flux fluctuations of galactic water maser sources at the wavelength 1.35 cm
393 – 398

M. I. Pashchenko; G. M. Rudnitskij; V. A. Samodurov; A. M. Tolmachev
Water masers in red supergiants
399 – 403

A. E. Volvach; A. B. Pushkarev; H. D. Aller; M. F. Aller
3C120: total flux variations and evolution of the very-long-baseline interferometry structure
405 – 410

S. K. Panishko; O. A. Litvinenko; R. O. Kravetz
Power spectra of ionospheric scintillations obtained from observations of Cygnus A on the radio telescope URAN-4
411 – 413

L. P. Metik; I. I. Pronik; L. M. Sharipova
Night-to-night variation in the emission lines of the nucleus spectrum of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 3227
415 – 418

O. M. Belotserkovskii; V. M. Chechetkin; S. V. Fortova; A. M. Oparin; Yu. P. Popov; A. Yu. Lugovsky; S. I. Mukhin
The turbulence in free shear flows and in accretion discs
419 – 434

A. Zhuk
Effective Friedmann model from multidimensional cosmologies
435 – 440

V. Baukh; A. Zhuk
Sp-branes: integrable multidimensional cosmologies
441 – 446

T. Saidov; A. Zhuk
A nonlinear multidimensional gravitational model R+R-1 with form fields and stabilized extra dimensions
447 – 453

Elena Panko; Piotr Flin
A new galaxy supercluster?
455 – 462

T. I. Gorbaneva
Abundances of neutron-capture elements in red giant stars
463 – 467

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