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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 24, 2005

Issue 1 (2005)

N. V. Kulikova
Disintegration of small bodies and evolution of meteoroid complexes
1 – 15

S. B. Popov; M. E. Prokhorov
Trans-sonic propeller substage
17 – 23

E. I. Mogilevskii; V. N. Obridko; N. S. Shilova
On a probable model of solar flares based on an 'avalanche' of self-organized criticality with energy and matter transport by magnetohydrodynamic solitons
25 – 33

S. I. Ipatov
Migration of trans-Neptunian objects to the Earth
35 – 38

N. G. Bludova
On the correspondence between the coronal green-line brightness, magnetic field strength and some sunspot activity indices
39 – 44

I. M. Chertok; V. V. Fomichev; A. A. Gnezdilov; R. V. Gorgutsa; A. K. Markeev; D. E. Sobolev
Violent solar events of October-November 2003 as recorded by IZMIRAN radio observations
45 – 52

V. V. Fidelis; YU. I. Neshpor; V. S. Eliseev; N. A. Jogolev; E. M. Nehay; Z. N. Skiruta
On teraelectronvolt γ -ray emission from Markarian 501 in 2004
53 – 59

Yu. V. Barkin; J. M. Ferrandiz
Dynamic structure and rotation of Mercury
61 – 79

Issue 1 (2005)

Frank Rafie
Quasi-quantization of the orbits in the Solar System
81 – 92

O. Chumak
Self-similar and self-affine structures in the observational data on solar activity
93 – 99

E. M. Kolesnikov; Q. L. Hou; L. W. Xie; N. V. Kolesnikova
Finding of probable Tunguska Cosmic Body material: anomalies in platinum group elements in peat from the explosion area
101 – 111

N. J. Papadopoulos; N. D. Caranicolas
Chaotic orbits of distant stars
113 – 120

V. V. Fidelis; V. S. Eliseev; N. A. Jogolev; E. M. Nehay; Yu. I. Neshpor; Z. N. Skiruta
Teraelectronvolt observations of the BL Lac object in 2004
121 – 126

Antonios D. Pinotsis
A comparative study of the evolution of the geographical ideas and measurements until the time of Eratosthenes
127 – 138

Bahor Irkaev; Gennadiy Popov; Svetlana Nekhaeva
A variable-focal-length telescope
139 – 145


O. Chumak; H. Zhang; J. Gou
Integral properties of the magnetic fields of solar active regions under quiet and flare activity conditions
147 – 147

Issue 3 (2005)


Alexia M. Fridman
IUPAP young scientist's prize in astrophysics
149 – 149

Original Articles

N. V. Raguzova; S. B. Popov
Be-X-ray binaries and candidates
151 – 185

Deng Xin-Fa; Jiang Peng; Song Jun; Zhang Qun; He Ji-Zhou
Luminous red galaxy pairs from the SDSS data release 3
187 – 193

Yu. V. Barkin; A. V. Shatina
Deformations of the Earth's mantle due to core displacements
195 – 213

Yu. V. Barkin; J. M. Ferrandiz; Juan F. Navarro
Terrestrial tidal variations in the selenopotential coefficients
215 – 236

M. M. Muminov
Analysis of USNO-B1 proper motions of stars in open-cluster fields
237 – 240

N. J. Papadopoulos; N. D. Caranicolas
Orbits in disc galaxies with rapidly rotating massive nuclei: comparison with data from observations
241 – 252


I. Pustylnik
VIIIth General meeting of the euro-asian astronomical society
253 – 257

V. V. Busarev
Asteroids III: A review
259 – 260

Issue 4 (2005)

A. V. Kharitonov; E. Y. Vilkoviskij
Life and activities of academician V.G. Fesenkov
261 – 264

L. M. Chechin
On the description of the dark energy by the pressure-dominance condition
265 – 270

V. N. Glushko; L. A. Egorova; P. G. Lysenko
Optical thicknesses of extinction of the cloudless atmosphere in the region of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute from 1996 to 2004
271 – 274

V. N. Glushko; P. G. Lysenko
The equipment set-up and measurements of the optical parameters of the urban haze of Almaty during the autumn-winter period in conditions of a cloudless atmosphere
275 – 277

M. D. Minglibayev; T. B. Omarov
Jacobi dynamics of variable-mass gravitational systems
279 – 283

Ch. T. Omarov; R. Spurzem; A. Just; E. Ya. Vilkoviskij
Some characteristic timescales in a numerical model of the central parts of active galactic nuclei
285 – 290

L. N. Kondratyeva
A search for spectral variations of planetary nebulae and related objects
291 – 296

G. S. Minasyants; T. M. Minasyants
High-resolution time changes in some indices and parameters of solar-terrestrial physics
297 – 301

V. G. Moshkalev; A. V. Didenko
Application of the iterative method BVR geostationary satellite observations accounting for atmospheric extinction
303 – 306

L. A. Pavlova; L. N. Kondratyeva; R. R. Valiullin
Spectral variations of Ae-Be Herbig stars in the Mon R1 association
307 – 309

A. A. Bekov; A. N. Beysekov; L. T. Aldibaeva
On the dynamics of non-stationary binary stellar systems with non-isotropic mass flow
311 – 316

A. V. Kurchakov; F. K. Rspaev
Spectral and photometric observations of the B[e] stars MWC 314 and OY Gem
317 – 325

V. M. Tereschenko
Spectrophotometry of nine stars with planets
327 – 333

L. N. Knyazeva
The question of the abundance of metals in stars with planets
335 – 341

E. Y. Vilkoviskij; R. V. E. Lovelace; M. M. Romanova; L. A. Pavlova; S. N. Yefimov; E. B. Baturina
Model calculations of matter outflow from active galactic nuclei
343 – 353

V. G. Tejfel; V. D. Vdovichenko; G. A. Kirienko; G. A. Kharitonova; N. V. Sinyaeva; A. M. Karimov
Spatially resolved variations in the methane and ammonia absorption in the atmosphere of Jupiter
359 – 363

Issue 5 (2005)


373 – 375

Original Articles

G. S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan; O. Yu. Tsupko
A simplified model of the formation of structures in dark matter
377 – 381

E. A. Karitskaya; M. I. Agafonov; N. G. Bochkarev; A. V. Bondar; G. A. Galazutdinov; B. -C. Lee; F. A. Musaev; A. A. Sapar; O. I. Sharova; V. V. Shimanskii
CYG X-1 = V1357 CYG investigation based on high-resolution optical spectroscopy of 2002-2004
383 – 389

V. N. Mel'nik; A. A. Konovalenko; E. P. Abranin; V. V. Dorovskyy; A. A. Stanislavsky; H. O. Rucker; A. Lecacheux
Solar sporadic radio emission in the decametre waveband
391 – 401

Alexandr Volvach; Michail Ryabov
Evolutionary features of the variations in the fluxes of selected extragalactic radio sources at 102 MHz, 22 GHz and 36 GHz
403 – 408

A. P. Miroshnichenko
Estimates of the jet velocity of quasars and galaxies
409 – 415

Elena Panko; Piotr Flin
A search for galaxy clusters in the Munster Red Sky Survey
417 – 420

V. G. Derevyagin; E. A. Isaeva; R. O. Kravetz; O. A. Litvinenko; S. K. Panishko
Observations of the power cosmic radio sources on the radio telescope URAN-4 during 1998-2004
421 – 424

N. S. Sidorenkov
Physics of the Earth's rotation instabilities
425 – 439

A. G. Pakhomov
The accelerated expansion of the Universe and the multidimensional theory of gravitation
441 – 446

Issue 6 (2005)

B. F. Yudin; E. A. Kolotilov; V. I. Shenavrin; A. A. Tatarnikova; A. M. Tatarnikov
UBV photometry of the classical symbiotic star BF Cygni
447 – 454

X. -F. Deng; P. Jiang; J. Song; Q. Zhang; J. -Z. He
Luminous red galaxy pairs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 3
455 – 461

Antonios D. Pinotsis
Comparison and historical evolution of ancient Greek cosmological ideas and mathematical models
463 – 483

V. V. Fidelis
X-ray and γ-ray emission from Markarian 421 in 2003
485 – 488

V. A. Vujicic
On a generalization of Kepler's third law
489 – 495

Inci Akkaya; Ibrahim Kucuk
Synthetic Hertzsprung - Russell diagrams of low-mass stars and the efficiency of colour transformation in determining the open cluster ages
497 – 506

A. A. Marakushev
Cosmic petrology and the planetary evolution of the Solar System
507 – 519

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