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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 20, 2001

Issue 1 (2001)


Joint 9th european and 5th national astronomical meeting (JENAM-2000) 'european astronomy at the turn of the millennium'
1 – 4


Review of main and attached events
5 – 38

O. Y. Gnedin
Tidal shocking and destruction of globular clusters
39 – 42

H. Baumgardt
The influence of dynamical relaxation and tidal shocking on the evolution of star clusters
43 – 46

S. Deiters; R. Spurzem
Multi-Mass gaseous models of globular clusters with stellar evolution
47 – 50

E. Khalisi
Shortening of core collapse time in star clusters with two mass components
51 – 54

R. Spurzem
Dynamics of star clusters and dense nuclei
55 – 63

M. Kontizas; E. Kontizas; D. Gouliermis; S. C. Keller; R. Korakitis; I. Bellas-Velidis; D. H. Morgan
The role of central density in the evolution and formation of LMC clusters. observational evidence
65 – 72

A. V. Loktin; P. E. Zakharova
Mass functions of open star clusters from the USNO-A1 catalogue data
73 – 76

E. Kontizas; A. Dapergolas; M. Kontizas; B. Nordström; J. Andersen; N. Prantzos
Age-metallicity relation in the LMC
77 – 80

B. Nordström; J. Andersen
Two open clusters: Twins with different histories
81 – 84

M. Fellhauer
Dwarf-galaxy-objects formed out of merging star-clusters
85 – 88

V. V. Kravtsov
Globular clusters and dwarf spheroidal galaxies of the outer galactic halo: On the putative scenario of their formation
89 – 92

H. Salo; E. Laurikainen
N-Body models of M51: From extended tail to central spiral structure
93 – 101

A. S. Rastorguev; E. V. Glushkova; M. V. Zabolotskikh; H. Baumgardt
Velocity field of young open clusters and cepheids and the effects of the spiral density wave
103 – 106

A. M. Mel'nik; A. K. Dambis; A. S. Rastorguev
Periodic pattern in the residual velocity field of OB-Associations
107 – 110

V. P. Reshetnikov; N. Ya. Sotnikova
Tidal tails and galaxy evolution
111 – 114

Yu. N. Efremov
The signatures of the shock wave in the spiral ARM S4 of the andromeda galaxy
115 – 118

V. A. Yakovleva; V. A. Hagen-Thorn; G. M. Karataeva; L. V. Shaljapina
Photometric and spectral investigation of candidates for polar-ring galaxies
119 – 122

O. K. Sil'chenko
Circumnuclear star-forming rings in galaxies as a late stage of decoupled nucleus formation
123 – 126

B. P. Kondratyev
Dynamics and stability of resonance rings in galaxies
127 – 130

E. Liverts; E. Griv; M. Gedalin; D. Eichler; C. Yuan
Gaseous disks of spiral galaxies: Arms and rings
131 – 134

J. Palous; P. Jáchym; A. Ruzicka; B. Jungwiert
Distant galaxy encounters and the formation of long-lasting structures
135 – 138

A. D. Chernin; A. V. Zasov; V. P. Arkhipova; A. S. Kravtsova
Polygonal arms and hexagonal rings: Morphology and physical interpretation
139 – 146

N. V. Orlova; N. Kikuchi; V. I. Korchagin; S. M. Miyama
Global instabilities in disks of spiral galaxies: Comparison of theory and observations for galaxies NGC 488, NGC 1566, and NGC 6503
147 – 150

E. Griv; M. Gedalin; E. Liverts; D. Eichler; Y. Kimhi
Supercomputer simulations of disk galaxies
151 – 154

N. V. Tyurina; A. V. Khoperskov; A. V. Zasov
Estimation of the components of galaxies using N-body simulations
155 – 159

A. K. Dambis; E. V. Glushkova; A. M. Mel'nik; A. S. Rastorguev
The Distance scale and the rotation curve of young supergiants and open clusters
161 – 164

S. A. Kutuzov; L. P. Ossipkov
Galaxy modelling and orbits of various objects
165 – 168

A. S. Gusev
Star forming regions in disks of galaxies
169 – 172

M. Hemsendorf
Dynamics in dense stellar clusters: Binary black holes in galactic centres
173 – 176

B. Ciardi
Inhomogeneous reionization regulated by radiative and stellar feedbacks
177 – 182

D. Puy
Cosmological thermal decoupling and primordial molecules
183 – 190

Book Reviews

A review of "An introduction to the theory of stellar structure and evolution"
191 – 192

Issue 2 (2001)

Joint 9th european and 5th national astronomical meeting (jenam-2000): 'european astronomy at the turn of the millennium'

193 – 195

Section 6. Feedback and the ISM structure in star forming galaxies

Orion nebula

A. P. Tsivilev; S. Cortiglioni; S. Poppi; G. G. C. Palumbo; R. L. Sorochenko; M. Orsini; C. Maxia
Ionization structure and some parameters by RRL
197 – 201

G. T. Smirnov; S. Poppi; S. Cortiglioni; S. Montebugnoli; G. Maccaferri
Search for radio recombination lines at 408 MHz with the northern cross
203 – 206

J. Dickel
Supernova remnants and their neutron stars
207 – 214

S. A. Lamzin
UV spectra of T Tau stars from hubble space telescope
215 – 219

S. Silich
Chemical composition and X-ray emission from starburst blown superbubbles
221 – 228

A. M. Sobolev; E. C. Sutton; D. M. Cragg; S. P. Ellingsen; D. M. Mehringer; I. I. Zinchenko; A. B. Ostrovskii; P. D. Godfrey
Masers and outflows in the W3(OH)/W3(H2O) region
229 – 232

T. V. Smirnova; V. I. Shishov
Spectrum of electron density fluctuations in the interstellar medium from pulsar observations
233 – 235

Yu. A. Shchekinov; R. -J. Dettmar; A. Schröer; A. Steinacker
Bubbles in the galactic haloes
237 – 245

E. I. Vorobyov; V. I. Korchagin; Y. D. Mayya
Optical and near-ir color gradients in the Cartwheel ring galaxy
247 – 251

Section 8. The central engine of AGN : Structure, feeding and evolution

X-Rays from radio-quiet AGN

G. Matt
Observations and models
253 – 261

N. A. B. Gizani; M. A. Garrett; J. P. Leahy; P. Augusto
Probing the pc-scale environment of the powerful key object radio galaxy Hercules a
263 – 266

P. Ivanov
Dynamics of a tidally disrupted star
267 – 270

V. I. Dokuchaev; Y. N. Eroshenko; L. M. Ozernoy
Accretion efficiency at the Eddington luminous stage in quasars
271 – 274

P. Augusto; J. I. Gonzalez-serrano; N. A. B. Gizani; I. Perez-fournon; A. C. Edge
Probing the structure and size of the NLR in AGN with radio jets
275 – 279

P. Shastri
Seyferts and their radio morphology
281 – 285

P. Shastri
Seyferts and their radio morphology
281 – 285

V. M. Kontorovich; V. N. Pasyuga; S. F. Pimenov
On the shock wave theory of 'superluminal' radio jets
287 – 290

R. Andreasyan; H. Sol; S. Appl
On the orientation of magnetic fields in extragalactic radiosources
291 – 294

J. Heyvaerts; C. Norman
Asymptotic structure of MHD winds and jets
295 – 302

S. Bogovalov; K. Tsinganos
Magnetic collimation of relativistic jets
303 – 309

D. V. Lal; P. Shastri; D. C. Gabuzda
Seyfert galaxies on milliarcsecond scales
311 – 313

A. M. Mickaelian; S. K. Balayan; S. A. Hakopian
Investigation of IRAS galaxies from a new sample
315 – 317

L. Popovic; N. Stanic; A. Kubicela; E. Bon
Broad line regions in AGN: The shape of hydrogen and Mg ii lines of Akn 120 and iii ZW 2
319 – 320

O. Verkhodanov; H. Andernach; N. V. Verkhodanova
Steep-spectrum UTR sources in FIRST survey
321 – 322

V. S. Beskin; H. Sol; N. L. Zakamska
Drag action on the MHD winds
323 – 324

V. S. Beskin; H. Sol; N. L. Zakamska
Drag action on the MHD winds
323 – 324

L. Subr; V. Karas
On an orbiter crossing an accretion disc
325 – 328

S. Komossa; M. Gliozzi; I. Papadakis
The warm absorber of the quasar MR2251-178
329 – 331

V. V. Zheleznyakov; S. A. Koryagin; G. Thejappa
Cosmic synchrotron maser
333 – 335

E. K. Denissyuk; R. R. Valiullin; R. W. Argyle; V. N. Gaisina; O. Karpova
The behaviour of the h emission line in the spectrum of Seyfert galaxy NGC4151 from 1976-1999
337 – 338

M. Jamrozy; J. Machalski
Cosmological evolution of radio sources
339 – 341

J. Machalski; M. Jamrozy; S. Zola
New giant radio sources
343 – 345

A. Uryson
Identification of active galactic nuclei as possible sources of UHECR
347 – 348

A. N. Burenkov; A. M. Dumont; A. I. Shapovalova; J. R. Valdes; L. Carrasco; S. Collin; V. Chavushyan; N. G. Bochkarev; V. T. Doroshenko; F. Legrand; V. M. Lyuty; V. P. Mikhailov; O. I. Spiridonova; V. V. Vlasyuk
Double-peaked broad-line H profiles of 3C390.3 FROM 1995-99. II. the accretion disk model
353 – 355

I. Pronik
The extraordinary optical brightening of the nucleus of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151 over 1989-1997 in the framework of the synchrotron jet model
357 – 359

A. I. Shapovalova; N. G. Bochkarev; A. N. Burenkov; L. Carrasco; V. Chavushyan; O. M. Martinez; V. P. Mikhailov; O. I. Spiridonova; J. R. Valdes; V. V. Vlasyuk; V. T. Doroshenko; O. Ezhkova; V. M. Lyuty
Spectral and photometric monitoring of Seyfert galaxies and quasars in 1998. 1. observations
361 – 384

Section 5. Supernovae, neutron stars and magnetars

F. D'alessio; A. A. Arkharov; E. Brocato; E. Dicarlo; A. Dipaola; Yu. N. Gnedin; D. Guidubaldi; V. M. Larionov; F. Pedichini; G. Raimondo; R. Speziali; A. Tornambe; G. Valentino
Observations of the type IIn supernova 1999EL in the near infrared
385 – 391

Section 10. Ultra-high angular resolution in astronomy

A. T. Bajkova
Experience of high resolution VLBI imaging using the generalized maximum entropy method
393 – 403

V. Yu. Terebizh
Natural resolution limit
405 – 414

Issue 3 (2001)


Joint 9th European and 5th national astronomical meeting (Jenam-2000), 'European astronomy at the turn of the millennium'
415 – 416

M. Stix
Physics of the solar dynamo: Outstanding problems
417 – 427

Y. V. Vandakurov; E. M. Sklyarova
Magnetic field generation on the sun
429 – 432

A. V. Getling
Solar convection and sunspot formation mechanishm
433 – 437

V. S. Peshcherov; V. M. Grigoryev; M. L. Demidov; V. V. Zhigalov
Some of the main properties of the fine structure of solar magnetic fields as deduced from low spatial resolution stokesmeter observations at the stop telescope of the sayan observatory
439 – 444

B. P. Filippov
The onset of CMEs in the solar corona
445 – 451

I. M. Chertok
Solar large-scale emitting chains: Preliminary remarks on the cycle variability
453 – 457

V. M. Bogod; L. V. Yasnov
Detection of durable non-thermal processes in quiescent solar active regions
459 – 465

M. Fligge; S. K. Solanki
The sun's variable spectrum and its terrestrial effects
467 – 474

E. V. Kononovich; R. V. Smirnov
Solar-atmospherical relationships and the circulation in the troposphere
475 – 481

S. Godier; J. P. Rozelot
A new window on the solar variabilities
483 – 490

B. D. Shelting; V. N. Obridko
Quasi-biennial oscillations of the solar global magnetic field
491 – 498

E. V. Kononovich; N. N. Shefov
Long-term variations of solar activity affect the earth's climatic conditions modulating the characteristics of the middle atmosphere
499 – 503

I. V. Kotova; S. V. Kotov; V. A. Kotov
Anomalous magnetic field of the sun at the beginning of cycle 23
505 – 508

I. Sattarov; A. S. Hojaev; C. T. Sherdonov; O. V. Ladenkov
Relation of the X-ray bright point number to the X-ray background on the sun
509 – 513

J. O. Stenflo
New possibilities for the diagnostics of solar magnetic fields
515 – 524

V. V. Zhigalov; M. L. Demidov; V. S. Peshcherov; V. M. Grigoryev
Relationship between the mean solar magnetic field strength and the stokes V-parameter distribution
525 – 529

M. M. Katsova; M. A. Livshits
Generalized concept of flares on late-type stars
531 – 537

G. Porfir'Eva; G. Yakunina
Extended long-lived filaments and active region magnetic fields
539 – 542

N. A. B. Gizani; C. E. Alissandrakis; V. Bogod; V. Garaimov; G. Gelfreikh; V. Zheleznyakov; E. Zlotnik
Ratan-600 observations of unusual inversion of polarization
543 – 545

R. V. Gorgutsa; A. A. Gnezdilov; A. K. Markeev; D. E. Sobolev
An upgrade of the izmiran's solar digital radio spectrograph: First results
547 – 549

V. V. Kasinsky
The spatial anisotropy of flares relative to sunspot groups and vector butterfly diagrams in solar activity cycles nos. 17-19 and 23
551 – 557

A. I. Podgorny; I. M. Podgorny
The mechanism of X-ray bright point appearance
559 – 562

V. N. Ishkov
Evolution and forecast of flare activity in the current solar cycle 23 (medium and short-term prediction)
563 – 569

A. B. Delone; O. B. Smirnova; G. V. Yakunina
The solar coronal plasma motions and the solar cycle
571 – 574

O. G. Badalyan; M. A. Livshits
Analysis of the green-line corona polarization
575 – 586

I. M. Livshits
Modelling long duration X-ray flares on the UX Ari late-type subgiant
587 – 594

Book Reviews

Patrick Moore; E. B. Kostyakova; G. A. Leikin
A Review of: "The data book of astronomy"
595 – 601

G. Bertin; V. G. Surdin
Dynamics of Galaxies
603 – 605

Issue 4 (2001)

A. V. Loktin; T. P. Gerasimenko; L. K. Malysheva
The catalogue of open cluster parameters-second version
607 – 633

S. B. Popov; M. E. Prokhorov
Restrictions on parameters of power-law magnetic field decay for accreting isolated neutron stars
635 – 642

D. N. Aguilera; R. O. Aquilano
Radiating shells and astrophysical properties
643 – 652

A. Malavoltta; R. Santarelli; H. Lanas; R. Aquilano
General relativity effects in X-ray bursters
653 – 658

D. Kotnik-Karuza; R. Jurdana-Sepic
Emission lines in the optical spectra of CH Cygni 1991-1995
659 – 666

M. F. Stovpyuk; V. M. Ostryakov
Plasma parameters for the 6 November 1997 Sep event derived from the charge-consistent acceleration model
667 – 675

L. C. Garcia De Andrade
On de sitter deflationary cosmology from the spin-torsion primordial fluctuations and cobe data
677 – 680

L. C. Garcia De Andrade; A. Barros
Global monopoles as indirect evidence for torsion constraint by cobe data
681 – 684

S. B. Popov; M. Colpi; M. E. Prokhorov; A. Treves; R. Turolla
Dim ROSAT isolated neutron star candidates: Old accretors or young coolers?
685 – 699

A. K. Terentjeva
Igor stanislavovich Astapovich (on the occasion of his 90th birthday)
701 – 716

Issue 5 (2001)

B. A. Vorontsov-Velyaminov; R. I. Noskova; V. P. Arkhipova
The catalogue of interacting galaxies by Vorontsov-Velyamino
717 – 959

Issue 6 (2001)


E. N. Kaurov
Palaeoastronomy: Sky and Mankind
961 – 962

G. M. Idlis
Universality of space civilizations and indispensible universality of the anthropic principle in cosmology
963 – 973

R. Bagdasarov
Symbolics of the constellations of sagittarius and centaurus in russian traditional culture
975 – 996

I. Denisova
The archaic concept of the universe and its echo in Russian traditional embroidery
997 – 1015

G. G. Yershova
Comets and meteors in the beliefs of ancient mayas
1017 – 1037

E. N. Kaurov
The development palaeoastronomy in russia before the conference 'Palaeoastronomy: Sky and Mankind' (1992-1997)
1039 – 1044

A. V. Kuzmin
The celestial map: The symbolism of historical eras and reflection of the world model
1045 – 1064


1065 – 1065

V. V. Kravtsov
Globular clusters and dwarf spheroidal galaxies of the outer galactic halo: On the putative scenario of their formation
1066 – 1069

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