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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 19, 2000-2001

Issue 1 (2000)

Yu. V. Barkin
Dynamic regularities of plate motion
1 – 11

Yu. V. Barkin
Towards on explanation of the secular motion of the earth's rotation axis pole
13 – 18

Yu. V. Barkin
Perturbated rotational motion of weakly deformable celestial bodies
19 – 65

I. V. Dmitreva; O. V. Khabarova; V. N. Obridko; M. V. Ragulskaja; A. E. Reznikov
Experimental confirmations of bioeffective effect of magnetic storms
67 – 77

V. P. Mikhailutsa; A. D. Wittman; M. Bianda
Global inertial waves in the solar interior and small deformations of the solar figure
79 – 95

Book Review

V. V. Shevchenko
A review of: "Historical eclipses and earth's rotation"
97 – 101

Issue 2 (2000)

N. I. Kobanov
Lower chromosphere oscillations near 4 mHz
103 – 113

M. L. Fil'chenkov
Space-time torsion and the rotation of galaxies
115 – 121

S. O. Tagieva; A. Ankay; O. H. Guseinov; A. Sezer
Masses of neutron stars and blackholes born in close binary systems
123 – 131

Z. Zawislawski; W. Kosek; J. Leliwa-Kopystynski
On the regularities of the mean distances of secondary bodies in the solar system
177 – 190

S. B. Popov
Method of estimating distances to X-Ray pulsars and their magnetic fields
191 – 195

M. Mijatovic
Astronomy in the republic of macedonia
197 – 199

Issue 3–4 (2000)

Y. N. Parijskij; V. K. Dubrovich
Gamow memorial conference St. Petersburg session
201 – 202

R. D. Davies
The status of the tenerife experiments CMB anisotropy measurements - a practitioner's view
203 – 211

A. D. Dolgov; A. G. Doroshkevich; D. I. Novikov; I. D. Novikov
Geometrical methods of analysis of polarization of CMB
213 – 231

V. Dubrovich; B. Partridge
Line and continuum emission from high redshift objects and proto-objects
233 – 251

L. A. Page
Measuring the anisotropy in the CMB
253 – 263

Yu. N. Parijskij
Ratan-600 "cosmological gene" project
265 – 276

M. Orsini; E. Carretti; S. Cortiglioni
An overview of the sport experiment
277 – 285

Y. Parijskij; P. Tsiboulev
Limit on ground-based CMBA experiments
287 – 295

Yu. N. Parijskij; W. M. Goss; A. I. Kopylov; N. S. Soboleva; A. V. Temirova; O. V. Verkhodanov; O. P. Zhelenkova
Ratan-600-vla-BTA-6m ('big trio') project: Multicolor study of distant frii radio galaxies
297 – 304

A. D. Dolgov
Dark matter in the universe
305 – 326

M. Yu. Khlopov
Cosmoparticle physics as the physical basis for modern cosmology
327 – 344

Yu. N. Gnedin
Axion astronomy: Searching for dark matter particles
345 – 366

R. J. Scherrer
Primordial nucleosynthesis
367 – 373

A. V. Orlov; A. V. Ivanchik; D. A. Varshalovich
Primordial nucleosynthesis: Effects of possible variations of fundamental physical constants
375 – 383

S. A. Levshakov; D. Tytler; S. Burles
Deuterium to hydrogen towards QSO 1009 2956 from a mesoturbulent model
385 – 396

F. Sylos Labini
Scale invariance of galaxy clustering
397 – 411

B. F. Burke
Large-scale structure studies with a square-km array
413 – 415

Yu. V. Baryshev
Conceptual problems of fractal cosmology
417 – 435

O. Yu. Gnedin
Dark matter in clusters of galaxies
437 – 448

J. Langer; A. Eid
On the crossing of thin shells
449 – 462

A. F. Dravskikh; Z. V. Dravskikh
Space anisotropy of quasars
463 – 470

S. B. Popov; M. Colpi; A. Treves; R. Turolla; V. M. Lipunov; M. E. Prokhorov
Population synthesis of old neutron stars in the galaxy
471 – 478

S. B. Popov; M. E. Prokhorov
Rosat X-ray sources and exponential field decay in isolated neutron stars
479 – 484

E. V. Derishev; V. V. Kocharovsky; VI. V. Kocharovsky
Photon splitting in the strong magnetic field of a neutron star
485 – 494

Issue 5 (2001)

L. N. Berdnikov; D. G. Turner
Photoelectric observations of southern cepheids in 1999
689 – 767

J. Ferrandiz; Yu. Barkin
On integrable cases of the poincare problem
769 – 780

Book Review

V. G. Surdin
A review of: "Protostars and planets IV"
781 – 783

V. G. Surdin
A review of: "The Wandering Astronomer"
785 – 787

Issue 6 (2001)

F. W. Giacobbe; M. J. Giacobbe
Interior structure of the Sun
789 – 815

O. G. Sorokhtin
Early stages in the development of the earth-moon system
817 – 843

J. M. Ferrandiz; Yu. V. Barkin; J. Getino
Tidal variations of the inner mantle potential coefficients
845 – 858

V. M. Lipunov; S. B. Popov
Magnetic fields of neutron stars in X-ray pulsars
859 – 867

J. A. Caballero; A. Elipe
Universal solution for motions in a central force field
869 – 874

E. A. Kolotilov
UBV photoelectric photometry of young stars
875 – 885

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