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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 18, 1999-2000

Issue 1 (1999)

N. G. Bochkarev
1 – 3

Cosmology, extragalactic astronomy

A. F. Zakharov
Supernovae as a powerful source of a gravitational radiation
5 – 15

A. F. Zakharov
On the some properties of gravitational lens equation near cusps
17 – 25

A. F. Zakharov; M. V. Sazhin
Non-compact astronomical objects as microlenses
27 – 38

N. S. Kardashev; B. V. Komberg; V. I. Zhuravlev
Is there a simple dependence between the scales of radio sources and their radio luminosities?
39 – 42

D. S. Krivitsky; V. M. Kontorovich
Simulation of galaxy mergers in clusters and groups: "Explosive" evolution
43 – 45

M. G. Larionov
Derived scale detecting on the angular distribution of radio sources from the RATAN-600 surveys analysis
47 – 52

M. G. Larionov; V. N. Sidorenkov; L. N. Larionova; L. S. Ugol'kova
Statistical characteristics of radio sources connected with high latitude galactic population of objects
53 – 59

Yu. N. Parijskij; A. I. Kopylov; W. M. Goss; N. S. Soboleva; A. V. Temirova; O. V. Verkhodanov; O. P. Zhelenkova; A. V. Chepurnov
RATAN-600 and the early Universe
61 – 65

A. D. Chernin; V. P. Dolgachev
Dark matter in free-fall triplets of galaxies
67 – 72

N. I. Merkulova; L. P. Metik; I. I. Pronik
Intranight variability of NGC 1275 nucleus in optics
73 – 75

I. I. Berulis; M. I. Pashchenko; G. M. Rudnitskij
H2O maser emission of the M-type supergiant VX Sgr
77 – 82

P. Flin; J. Krywult; R. Bos; J. Nowicka; H. T. Macgillivray
The density profiles of 18 galaxy clusters
83 – 90

Interstellar medium

A. E. Dudorov; A. G. Zhilkin
MHD-Collapse of protostellar clouds
91 – 100

A. E. Dudorov; C. E. Stepanov
Thermal instability in magnetized interstellar clouds
101 – 108

M. A. Eremin; I. G. Kovalenko; D. V. Lukin
Over-reflection and instability of shock waves in an inhomogeneous medium
109 – 116

V. M. Efimenko; U. M. Lejko
On the space-time distribution of active regions on the Sun
117 – 119

V. V. Korol'ov; V. V. Levy
A vertical structure of a galactic shock wave
121 – 127

K. M. Kuzanyan; D. Sokoloff
The solar dynamo wave in Parker's migratory dynamo
129 – 133

E. E. Lekht; J. E. Mendoza-Torres
New results of the study of H2O masers in star formation regions
135 – 143

A. A. Mihajlov; M. S. Dimitrijevi; L. J. M. Ignjatovi; M. M. Vasilijevi
Chemi-ionization and chemi-recombination processes in astrophysical plasmas
145 – 149

Yu. V. Tokarev
Low-frequency cosmic background for the cloudy interstellar medium model
151 – 153

O. I. Sharova
The state of the art of distances to galactic planetary nebulae
155 – 157

Stars and γ-bursters

E. Y. Vilkoviskij
A new interpretation of Orion gamma-rays and the 26-Al problem
159 – 162

M. S. Dimitrijevi
Stark broadening data for stellar plasma research
163 – 169

M. A. Eremin
Instability of spherical accretion with a shock wave on to a point mass
171 – 172

B. V. Komberg; V. G. Kurt; Ya. Yu. Tikhomirova
Some evidences in favour of the existence of a local galactic population of GRBs
173 – 178

A. D. Kuzmin; B. Ya. Losovsky
Integrated profile of the Crab pulsar at low frequencies compensated for interstellar scattering
179 – 186

I. L. Andronov; V. I. Marsakova
Time series analysis of the phase curve characteristics of the semiregular star RS Cygni
187 – 198

A. A. Panferov
Optical jets of SS 433
199 – 203

S. B. Popov; M. E. Prokhorov
Spatial distribution of the luminosity of accreting isolated neutron stars in the Galaxy
205 – 213

I. Pustylnik; V. Pustynski
On the role of evaporative wind in precataclysmic binaries (PCBs)
215 – 216

L. A. Pustil'nik; N. R. Ikhsanov
Stability of accretion models
217 – 225

L. Pustil'nik
Unsteady state of turbulent current sheets of flares
227 – 236

E. M. Svirskaya; A. Yu. Shmelev
Prediction of the component mass ratios for W UMa-type contact binary systems
237 – 246

A. V. Khoperskov; S. S. Khrapov
Dissipation instabilities in an accretion disk
247 – 252


L. A. Akimov; S. A. Beletsky; N. P. Dyatel
The chromospheric D3 helium emission observed during the total solar eclipse of July 31, 1981
253 – 259

S. Ibadov
Coronal radiation from the Sun and comets
261 – 263

L. N. Kurochka; I. L. Belkina; S. A. Beletsky; V. V. Korokhin; G. P. Marchenko
CCD observations of the Sun at the Balmer and Pashen continua
265 – 271

E. V. Malanushenko
The He I 10830 Å observation of the flare of July 9, 1996
273 – 277

K. I. Nikolskaya; T. E. Valchuk
The corona and the solar wind as a manifestation of the solar high speed mass emanation
279 – 286

Yu. R. Rivin
The magnetic cycle of the Sun in the spectral region
287 – 296

Yu. R. Rivin
Solar magnetic cycles as given by the Wolf numbers and radio flux spectral density
297 – 303

K. I. Nikolskaya
Shklovsky's ideas and the recent study of the solar corona
305 – 307

Extragalactic Life

E. N. Kaurov
The SETI problem and some questions concerning research into archaic civilizations
309 – 314

L. V. Ksanfomality
Is it feasible to complete an interstellar expedition within single human lifetime?
315 – 317

Issue 2 (1999)

Variable Stars and Star Complexes: Efremov Conference

A. D. Chernin
319 – 319

Original Articles

Yu. N. Efremov
Investigating the evolution of stars in galaxies
321 – 334

V. A. Lefebvre; Yu. N. Efremov
Possible analogues of cognitive processes in the patterns of the X-ray variability of the rapid burster
335 – 342

M. S. Frolov; N. N. Samus
Globular cluster distance moduli from the K band period-luminosity relation for RR lyraes
343 – 347

E. V. Glushkova; A. K. Dambis; A. S. Rastorguev
Rotation curve of the milky way
349 – 365

V. G. Surdin
Distance to the galactic centre
367 – 372

L. N. Berdnikov; N. N. Samus
Studies of classical cepheids
373 – 384

A. V. Zasov
Structure and star formation in circumnuclear regions of spiral galaxies
385 – 392

A. D. Chernin
Rows of star complexes in giant spiral galaxies
393 – 405


I. Pustylnik
The 7th EAS meeting (JENAM-98) in Prague
407 – 409

Issue 3 (1999)


N. G. Bochkarev
411 – 411

Original Articles

I. Bellas-Velidis; F. Pasian; E. Kontizas; A. Dapergolas; E. Bratsolis; R. Smareglia
Automated detection and classification of objective prism stellar spectra
413 – 424

A. L. Zezas; I. Georgantopoulos; M. J. Ward
X-ray luminous star-forming galaxies
425 – 429

N. N. Bursov; N. M. Lipovka; N. S. Soboleva; A. V. Temirova
The update spectral catalogue of sources of the deep RATAN-600 survey
431 – 436

Yu. N. Parijskij; W. M. Goss; A. I. Kopylov; N. S. Soboleva; A. V. Temirova; O. V. Verkhodanov; O. P. Zhelenkova
The program of distant radio galaxies at the special astrophysical observatory of Russia
437 – 446

D. Psaltis; F. K. Lamb
Magnetic fields of neutron stars in low mass X-ray binaries
447 – 454

G. Tsiropoula; C. Madi; B. Schmieder; P. Preka-Papadema
Analysis of H profiles. Physical parameters of chromospheric mottles: A case study
455 – 461

C. Sauty; E. Trussoni; K. Tsinganos
Criteria for the collimation of winds into jets
463 – 473

A. Sapar; L. Sapar
Formation of resonance spectral line profiles in stellar wind: Theory and observations
475 – 485

F. Maragoudaki; M. Kontizas; A. Dapergolas; D. H. Morgan; E. Kontizas
Detection and structure of stellar complexes in the large magellanic cloud
487 – 492

G. Djurasevic; E. Antonopoulou; H. Rovithis-Livaniou; J. Deliyannis
New photometric study of the RS CVn type binary SZ Psc
493 – 498

G. Djurasevic
Long-term starspot activity of the eclipsing binary SV Cam
499 – 507

R. Korakitis; M. Kontizas; A. Dapergolas; E. Kontizas; D. H. Morgan
Detecting the variation in the lower mass limit of stellar associations in galaxies
509 – 514

V. Kalogera; C. L. Fryer
Formation of the observed double neutron star systems
515 – 520

V. A. Smirnov
Music theory and the harmony method in J. Kepler's work the harmony of the Universe
521 – 532

V. Ureche
Gravitational collapse of polytropic configurations
533 – 541

A. Dimitropoulos
Damping of gravitational waves and density perturbations in the early Universe
543 – 555

Issue 4 (2000)

A. M. Mickaelian
Blue stellar objects of the first byurakan survey
557 – 566

A. Bershansky; A. Misaki; T. Roganova; I. Rozental
Cosmic gamma ray bursts and catastrophies on the earth
567 – 572

G. S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan; S. V. Repin
Timing of gamma-ray pulsars: Search in seven-parametric space
573 – 589

O. A. Titov; H. G. Yakovleva
Seasonal variations in radial components of VLBI stations
591 – 603

Yu. V. Barkin; J. M. Ferrandiz
The motion of the Earth's principal axes of inertia, caused by tidal and rotational deformations
605 – 620

V. V. Levy
Response of the galactic gaseous disc to the flight of globular clusters
621 – 630

I. N. Glushneva; G. V. Borisov; V. I. Shenavrin; I. A. Roshchina
Solar type stars: Spectral energy distribution and JHKLM photometry
631 – 644

M. M. Muminov; S. N. Nuritdninov; A. A. Latyov; Yu. Muslimova
Search for double and multiple open star clusters
645 – 647

E. P. Zaborova; I. V. Dmitrieva
Solar and geomagnetic activity affecting precipitation
649 – 655

Issue 5 (2000)

L. N. Berdnikov; D. G. Turner
Photoelectric observations of southern cepheids in 1997. II
657 – 678

L. N. Berdnikov; D. G. Turner
Photoelectric observations of southern cepheids in 1998
679 – 749

Issue 6 (2000)

Yu. V. Barkin
Geometric regularities of the lithosphere plate structure
751 – 762

Yu. V. Barkin
Kinematic regularities in plate motion
763 – 778

O. A. Titov
Estimation of the subdiurnal UT1-UTC variations by the least squares collocation method
779 – 792

E. A. Kolotilov; V. G. Metlov
Catalogue of reference stars for the 'Lomonosov' astrometric project. II. The results of photoelectric UBV photometry
793 – 798

S. Ibadov
Some real problems in the physics of comets
799 – 806

V. B. Magalinsky; T. K. Chatterjee
Orbital trends in synchronous binary motion in the context of energy minimization
807 – 817

V. Obridko; V. Formichev; A. F. Kharshiladze; I. Zhitnik; V. Slemzin; D. Hathaway; S. T. Wu
Analyses and modelling of coronal holes observed by CORONAS-1. I. Morphology and magnetic field configuration
819 – 828

P. Berczik; S. G. Kravchuk
Dissipative N-body code for galactic evolution
829 – 838

O. G. Badalyan; G. V. Kuklin
Evolutionary regimes of the green-line corona brightness during cycles 20-21
839 – 859

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