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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 17, 1998-1999

Issue 1 (1998)

R. O. Aquilano; M. A. Castagnino; L. P. Neira
Spherical shell dynamics
1 – 7

A. V. Yushchenko; Yu. V. Baryshev; A. A. Raikov
Quasar-galaxy associations as lensing by middle-mass objects
9 – 13

V. V. Kovtyukh
The abundance of helium and stellar pulsation
15 – 27

I. V. Dmitrieva; E. P. Zaborova; V. N. Obridko
Natural disasters and solar activity (based on chronicles and annals)
29 – 33

S. B. Popov
On the nature of the compact X-raysource inside RCW 103
35 – 40

O. V. Chumak; E. V. Kononovich; S. A. Krasotkin
Prognosis of the next two solar cycles
41 – 44

N. V. Raguzova; V. M. Lipunov
High-eccentric X-ray binary A0538-66: Evolution status, wind rose effect, and accretor-propeller luminosity GAP
45 – 57

A. Stotskii; K. G. Elgered; I. M. Stotskaya
Structure analysis of path delay variations in the neutralatmosphere
59 – 68

M. A. Bazhenov
On the determination of stellar characteristics in dimensionless parameters
69 – 76

F. Santoro; L. Neira; D. Ibaceta; R. Aquilano
Post-newtonian approximation and collapsed stars
77 – 81

Book Reviews

A. S. Sharov
A review of: "Edwin hubble. Mariner of the Nebulae"
83 – 84

V. G. Surdin
A review of: "Planet quest. The epic discovery of alient solar systems"
85 – 86

Issue 2 (1998)

L. N. Berdnikov; V. V. Ignatova; O. V. Vozyakova
Photoelectric observations of cepheids in 1996
87 – 178

Issue 3 (1998)

Yu. V. Barkin
Unperturbed chandler motion and perturbation theory of the rotation motion of deformable celestial bodies
179 – 219

E. P. Abranin; I. Yu. Alekseev; S. Avgoloupis; L. L. Bazelyan; S. V. Berdyugina; G. Cutispoto; R. E. Gershberg; V. M. Larionov; G. Leto; V. N. Lisachenko; G. Marino; L. N. Mavridis; S. Messina; V. N. Mel'nik; I. Pagano; S. V. Pustil'nik; M. Rodonò G. Sh. Roizman; J. H. Seiradakis; G. P. Sigal; N. I. Shakhovskaya; D. N. Shakhovskoy; V. A. Shcherbakov
Coordinated observations of the red dwarf flare star EV LAC in 1994 and 1995
221 – 262

Issue 4 (1998)

P. M. Dos Santos; O. T. Matsuura
The astronomer alexander I. Postoiev (1900-1976)
263 – 279

A. V. Chepurnov
The galactic foreground angular spectra
281 – 300

A. Ankay; O. H. Guseinov
Using the values of NHI and Av to improve the distances to some X-ray binaries and supernova remnants
301 – 307

G. V. Borisov; I. N. Glushneva; V. I. Shenavrin
Spectrophotometric standards of 7m-8m: Supplement 1
309 – 320

G. Bodo; L. Errico; S. Massaglia; P. Rossi; E. Trussoni; A. A. Vittone
A kinematical study of R aquarii jet features
321 – 331

I. Pustylnik
The sixth eas meeting in thessaloniki
333 – 335

Book Reviews

E. I. Mogilevsky
Cosmic winds and the heliosphere
337 – 340

Issue 5 (1999)

V. V. Kasinsky
The spatial anisotropy of flares with respect to sunspot groups and vector butterfly diagrams in solar activity cycles 17-20
341 – 350

F. A. Tsitsin; V. M. Chepurova; I. L. Genkin
The relict reservoir of cometary bodies as a unitary store of comets of the solar system
351 – 354

V. M. Grigoryev; L. V. Ermakova
On the origin of solar filament magnetic fields
355 – 365

P. L. Nedialkov; V. D. Ivanov
On the absorption of light from the brightest stars in M 31
367 – 391

V. P. Mikhailutsa; V. V. Makarova
The global sector-hemispherical asymmetry of the solar activity
393 – 406

E. I. Vorobyov; S. P. Tarafdar
Collapse of non-isothermal, non-adiabatic interstellar clouds
407 – 431

V. V. Prokof'eva; L. M. Sharipova
Spectrophotometry of the nucleus of the galaxy ngc 4151 in 1988
433 – 437

Issue 6 (1999)


E. N. Kaurov
439 – 440

Original Articles

Ye. V. Antonova
The specificity of pre-literary and early-literary cultures and the problem of their interpretation as symbols of heavenly bodies
441 – 448

M. F. Kosarev
The system of the universe in pagan siberian indigenous peoples
449 – 458

E. N. Kaurov
Sky luminaries in the space orienting activity of homo sapiens in the middle palaeolithic
459 – 473

E. Devlet
Astronomical objects in rock art
475 – 482

S. Zhitomirsky
Aratus' "phaenomena": Dating and analysing its primary source
483 – 500

G. E. Kurtik
The identification of inanna with the planet venus: A criterion for the time determination of the recognition of constellations in ancient mesopotamia
501 – 513

A. V. Kuzmin
Ethno-astronomical testimonies, written and architectural, from ancient egypt: Evidence for the discovery of the solar year
515 – 527

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