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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 16, 1998

Issue 1 (1998)

Yu. A. Shchekinov; Ya. B. Bogosova
On star formation in edge-on galaxies
1 – 14

V. A. Kotov; V. M. Lyuty; V. I. Haneychuk; N. I. Merkulova; L. P. Metik; V. G. Metlov
Evidence for a cosmological oscillation of the nucleus of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151
15 – 30

Jinling Li; Wenjing Jin
A new approach to the compilation of combined extragalactic radio source catalogues
31 – 35

Rudi van Nieuwenhove
Is the missing mass really missing?
37 – 40

A. O. Allakhverdiyev; M. A. Alpar; O. H. Guseinov; E. Tuncer
Planetary nebulae in open clusters and the mass boundary between the progenitors of white dwarfs and neutron stars
41 – 47

F. A. Tsitsin; V. M. Chepurova
On the dynamical evolution of the relict ensemble of cometary bodies in the solar system
49 – 52

K. V. Getman; M. M. Katsova
Differential emission measure analysis and sources of EUV radiation of capella's binary
53 – 60

Haojian Yan
New continued fraction form of the mapping functions of atmospheric refraction corrections
61 – 73

J. Sykora; M. Parisi
A new database of the green-line corona brightness as compiled for the last five solar cycles and its possible utilization in the ISCS project
75 – 80

Book Reviews

V. Surdin
A review of: The alchemy of the heavens Searching for meaning in the milky way By Ken Croswell Illustrated. 340 pp. New York: Anchor Books/Doubleday. 1995. $24.95. ISBN 0-385-47213-7
81 – 82

Issue 2 (1998)

V. V. Biryukov; G. V. Borisov; I. N. Glushneva; V. I. Shenavrin
Spectrophotometric standards of 7-8 MAG
83 – 103

I. N. Glushneva; V. I. Shenavrin
Bright spectrophotometric standards: Energy distribution and physical parameters of atmospheres
105 – 112

A. Gromov
Small-Radius perturbation of a self-gravitating gas with cylindrical symmetry
113 – 125

A. Del Popolo; M. Gambera; V. Antonuccio-Delogu
The collapse of a spherical density perturbation in the presence of dynamical friction
127 – 131

I. V. Dmitrieva; R. P. Zaborova; V. N. Obridko
Solar activity-climate coupling and atmospheric circulation
133 – 139

N. V. Kulikova; A. V. Myshev
Stochastic ejection from the sureace of small bodies 1. Modelling
141 – 155

Book Reviews

A. I. Jeremejeva; I. B. Pustylnik
The new book: "Astronomy at the sharp turns of the twentieth century history"
157 – 162

Issue 3 (1998)

P. Berczik; I. G. Kolesnik
Gasodynamical model of the triaxial protogalaxy collapse
163 – 185

V. I. Kardopolov; L. N. Kondrat'eva
The Hα, Hβ, and Hδ lines in the spectrum of RR Tauri
187 – 194

A. V. Halevin; I. L. Andronov
Photometric classification of poorly known variables S 8348=NSV 12742, S 8351=HT VUL and S 8352=NSV 12763
195 – 203

L. N. Berdnikov; D. G. Turner
Photoelectric observations of southern cepheids in 1996
205 – 256

Issue 4 (1998)

V. L. Afanasiev; V. P. Mikhailov; A. I. Shapovalova
Two-colour CCD imaging of 15 Seyfert galaxies. Observations
257 – 289

L. N. Berdnikov; D. G. Turner
Photoelectric observations of southern cepheids in 1997
291 – 347

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