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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 15, 1998

Issue 1–4 (1998)

Galactic Astronomy

V. P. Arkhipova
1 – 1

Yu. N. Efremov
The Car-Sgr arm as outlined by superclouds and the grand design of the Galaxy
3 – 17

A. A. Mülläri; T. B. Mülläri; V. V. Orlov; A. V. Petrova
Catalogue of orbits of nearby stars: Preliminary results
19 – 30

V. P. Dolgachev; E. P. Kalinina; A. D. Chernin
Dynamics of intergalactic clouds in the Galaxy-Andromeda Nebula system
31 – 36

E. V. Moskal; V. G. Surdin
Dynamical models of stellar associations
37 – 43

P. E. Zakharova; A. E. Vasilevsky; A. V. Loktin; T. P. Gerasimenko; O. P. Pilskaya
Some problems of open cluster investigation
45 – 57

A. V. Loktin
The properties of red giant stars in the solar vicinity
I. Determination of colour excesses

59 – 70

V. V. Kravstov; M. V. Pavlov; A. P. Ipatov; N. N. Samus; O. M. Smirnov; G. Alcaíno; W. Liller; F. Alvarado
Photometry of stars in globular clusters: Results and prospects
71 – 73

L. N. Berdnikov; O. V. Vozyakova; A. K. Dambis
Multicolour period-luminosity relation for classical Cepheids
75 – 79

L. N. Berdnikov; V. V. Ignatova; E. N. Pastukhova
A search for evolutionary period changes in small-amplitude Cepheids
81 – 84

Variable Stars

N. N. Samus
The general catalogue of variable stars: From P. P. Parenago to the present period
85 – 88

E. P. Pavlenko; S. Yu. Shugarov
MV Lyrae - since Parenago to the present time
89 – 100

V. P. Goranskij; E. A. Karitskaya; A. V. Kusakin; N. V. Metlova; T. M. Pogrosheva; S. Yu. Shugarov
The investigation of contemporary classical novae
101 – 115

V. F. Suleimanov; G. V. Zhukov; D. S. Senio
Simultaneous WBVR observations and interpretations of the light curves of TT ARI and V603 AQL
117 – 130

A. Alksnis
Some carbon stars with unusual light variation
131 – 135

Z. I. Kadla; A. N. Gerashchenko; Yu. N. Malakhova
A search for variable stars in the globular clusters
137 – 142

V. I. Marsakova
Photographic observations of the nova-like variable V Sge
143 – 151

O. V. Kozlova; V. P. Grinin; A. N. Rostopchina
Non-stationary gas accretion on UX Ori type stars
153 – 157

A. N. Rostopchina; V. P. Grinin; D. N. Shakhovskoy; P. S. Thé
An interesting episode in the linear polarization behaviour of WW VUL
159 – 163

I. N. Latyshev
γ Cas and its distant companion
165 – 166

A. V. Mironov
Problems of precision star photometry

167 – 167

N. I. Dorokhov; T. N. Dorokhova
Great outburst of A0535 26 recorded in optical band in 28/29 October 1995
169 – 172

Stars and Planet Astronomy

I. N. Glushneva
Spectrophotometric catalogue of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute: Observations and Astrophysical results
173 – 177

V. G. Karetnikov
Subgiant luminosity excesses in eclipsing binary systems
179 – 184

V. A. Kotov; S. V. Kotov
Five thousand galactic binaries as a detector of gravitational waves
185 – 191

N. A. Ketsaris; N. I. Shakura
On the calculation of the vertical structure of accretion discs
193 – 203

D. P. Kirilova; M. V. Chizhov
Is there cosmological evidence for additional particles?
205 – 210

D. P. Kirilova
Baryogenesis model suggesting antigalaxies
211 – 217

V. V. Prokof'eva; L. G. Karachkina
Satellites of two large asteroids
219 – 224

V. V. Prokof'eva; V. P. Tarashchuk
Photometric evidence of the complicated structure of asteroid 4179 Toutatis
225 – 230

N. E. Kurochkin
Where did comet Hyakutake C/1996 B2 come from?
231 – 233

F. Ibadov; S. Ibadov
Comets as objects for modelling phenomena in stellar systems
235 – 239

S. I. Ipatov
Migration of celestial bodies in the Solar System
241 – 247

V. S. Ural'skaya
Discovering of new satellites of Saturn
249 – 253

S. L. Semenova; V. M. Chepurova
Dynamic simulation of small solar system bodies
255 – 262

N. V. Kulikova; A. V. Myshev; V. M. Chepurova
Simulation of stochastic dynamics in a four-body problem (computer experiment)
263 – 269

A. V. Myshev
Chaotic dynamics in the N-body problem (stochastic approach: Models and methods)
271 – 275

N. E. Kurochkin
Transient periodicity in solar activity
277 – 279

D. Ershov; S. A. Gulyaev; A. Ivanchik; D. A. Varshalovich; A. Tsivilev
Interpretation of anomalous helium abundance derived from radio recombination line observations of nebulae
281 – 289

Archeoastronomy and History of Astronomy

E. N. Kaurov
291 – 291

Original Articles

S. V. Zhitomirsky
Archaeoastronomy and Aratus' phaenomena
293 – 294

Archeoastronomy and History of Astronomy

M. G. Gusakov
Archaeology and archaeoastronomy problem of cooperation
295 – 297

D. S. Raevsky
Ancient astronomy as the mirror of the history of culture
299 – 305

T. M. Potyomkina
The Trans-Ural "Stonehenge" (the stone age sanctuary with astronomic reference-points)
307 – 324

E. N. Kaurov
The Draco constellation: The ancient Chinese astronomical practice of observations
325 – 341

A. A. Gurshtein; E. N. Kaurov; T. M. Potemkina; D. S. Raevsky
On the status of archaeoastronomy in Russia
343 – 348

A. I. Eremeeva
St. Petersburg's XVIIIth century academician Franz Ulrich Theodor Aepinus and the beginning of physical research into planets and comets
349 – 355

I. Pustylnik
The early history of resolving the Algol paradox
357 – 362

Stars and Planet Astronomy

E. M. Trunkovsky
On one particular paragraph from the handbook by D. Ya. Martynov
363 – 367

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