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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 14, 1997

Issue 1 (1997)

Session 5: Stars and stellar system

S. Alba Villegas; R. Freire Ferrero
Influence of atomic data on non-LTE chromospheric modelling
1 – 9

Original Articles

U. Sh. Bayazitov; I. Kh. Saghidullin
Source functions and profiles of λλ4571, 5173 Mg I lines in chromosphere models of quiet Sun, solar flares and T tauri stars
11 – 18

A. N. Belikov
The fine structure of luminosity functions of young open cluster stars
19 – 25

R. B. Shatsova
New arguments on nearness of the HVC stream of the kapteyn group
27 – 34

M. de Groot; A. m. van Genderen; C. Sterken
ηCarinae: A pulsating luminous blue variable
35 – 40

R. Freire Ferrero; S. Catalano; E. Marilli; P. Gouttebroze; A. Talavera; F. Bruhweiler
New insights on late-A and early-F star activity
41 – 48

G. M. Beskin; R. Minarini
Influence of red dwarf component activity on accretion in close binary systems
49 – 54

Session 6: Stellar evolution and normal galaxies

I. G. Kovalenko
Formation and stability of the galactic shock waves
55 – 60

Original Articles

P. Berczik; S. G. Kravchuk
On the Galactic baryonic halo
61 – 64

Session 7: High-energy astrophysics and active galaxies

R. Hudec; P. Spurny; J. Florián; J. Bocek; M. Tichy; J. Tichá; L. Vyskocil; W. Wenzel; S. Barthelmy; T. Cline; N. Gehrels; G. Fishman; C. Meegan; C. Kouveliotou; A. Mutafov; F. Hovorka
The european observation network: Ground-based support for gamma-ray satellites
65 – 77

Original Articles

E. Lopez
Dispersion of electromagnetic waves in active moving plasma
79 – 85

Issue 2 (1997)

Session 7: High-energy astrophysics and active galaxies

A. B. Gaina
Bose instability in Kerr black holes
87 – 95

N. G. Bochkarev; A. N. Burenkov; A. I. Shapovalova
Spectral observations of the nucleus region of the seyfert galaxy 3C390.3 with the 6 m telescope
97 – 104

V. L. Oknyanskij; E. Van Groningen
Optical spectral variability of NGC 4151 during 1990
105 – 118

M. Fiorucci; G. Tosti; G. M. Hurst
Optical behaviour of markarian 421 during high-energy flares
119 – 132

Session 8: Large scale structure of the universe and cosmology

V. M. Kontorovich; D. S. Krivitsky
The luminosity function of quasars (active galactic nuclei) in a merging model with the eddington limit taken into account
133 – 140

G. Lercher; F. Kerber
The 2-d galaxy distribution near the galactic plane (120° l 130°, -10 b 10°)
141 – 145

Special meeting: The spectrum series missions

F. Pasian; D. Bisikalo; C. Cacciari; A. Piskunov; C. Vuerli; Yu. Zaiko
Architecture of the science operations centre for spectrum-UV
147 – 148


N. G. Bochkarev
About the euro-asian astronomical society
149 – 163

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