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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 13, 1997

Issue 1 (1997)


N. Bochkarev
Progress in european astrophysics proceedings of the JENAM-95 selected contributions
1 – 3

Original Articles

N. Hubin
The ESO VLT adaptive optics programme
5 – 11

V. F. Shvartsman; I. N. Bernstein; G. M. Beskin; V. N. Komarova; S. I. Neizvestny; V. L. Plokhotnichenko; M. Yu. Popova; A. V. Zhuravkov
Superfast photometry with the MANIA complex
13 – 17

V. K. Tarady; Ya. S. Yatskiv
The new 2-M RCC telescope in the northern caucasus for modern astronomical research
19 – 21

A. N. Kovalchuk; Yu. I. Protsyuk; A. V. Shulga
CCD micrometer of the Mykolayiv Axial Meridian Circle
23 – 28

V. N. Yershov; G. I. Tsukanova; V. D. Starichenkova; G. F. Zakharenkov
Optical scheme for the "Struve" space astrometric project
29 – 34

H. Jakobsson
Simulations of the dynamics of the lest
35 – 46

N. G. Bochkarev; K. R. Kiryakov
Russian/FSU interests in Antarctic astronomy
47 – 65

G. Tosti; P. Maffei; S. Pascolini; L. Valenziano; M. Fiorucci; L. Corcione; M. Busso; M. Ferrari-Toniolo; P. Persi
Italian Robotic Antarctic Infrared Telescope (IRAIT)
67 – 76

G. Pinigin; R. Gumerov
Advantages and peculiarities of the determination of stellar coordinates in antarctica with the automatic meridian telescope
77 – 81

G. I. Pinigin; Li Zhigang; Zhu Zi
A new role of CCD meridian circles in modern astrometry
83 – 91

H. Gratl; J. Pfleiderer
Two-channel restoration via automatic point-source detection
93 – 102

S. Monai; C. Morossi
SUV T-170: The mirror roughness
103 – 109

Issue 2 (1997)

Session 2: The sun

D. H. Mackay; E. R. Priest
Basic magnetic field configurations for filament channels and filaments
111 – 120

A. D. Pataraya; T. A. Pataraya
An excitement of the gravitational and acoustic waves in the solar atmosphere caused by the inhomogeneous flow
121 – 126

A. D. Pataraya; T. A. Pataraya
Nonlinear dynamo waves in the incompressible medium when the dissipative coefficients depend on temperature
127 – 135

R. A. Gulyaev
Solar cycle variation of the solar corona shape: A new outlook
137 – 144

E. A. Makarova; E. M. Roshchina; A. P. Sarychev
The solar continuum in the 0.33-2.45 μm range from the results of observation
145 – 150

G. Porfir'eva; G. Yakunina; N. Bochkarev; A. Delone
Mass ejections and large-scale magnetic structures on the sun in march 1989
151 – 158

G. A. Porfir'eva; G. V. Yakunina; N. G. Bochkarev
A large flare-associated filament in september 1989
159 – 166

E. V. Malanushenko; V. P. Malanushenko; N. N. Stepanian
Physical conditions and velocity fields in coronal holes. i. radial velocity oscillations in and out of coronal holes
167 – 172

E. A. Baranovsky; E. V. Kurochka
The Fe I and Fe II line emissions in solar flare models
173 – 178

S. I. Gopasyuk
The manifestation of electric fields in magnetic loops by means of H-alpha and x-ray emission
179 – 181

B. D. Jovanovic
The influence of solar activity on the danube river flow, II
183 – 189

Issue 3 (1997)

Session 3: The solar system

V. G. Kruchinenko
The collision of the comet Shoemaker - Levy 9 with Jupiter
191 – 197

V. V. Prokof'eva; V. P. Tarashchuk; K. I. Churyumov
On spectral peculiarities recorded by fast monitoring during the collision of comet SL-9 with jupiter
199 – 204

K. I. Churyumov; V. V. Kleshchonok; I. V. Reut
Light echoes from Europa and Io during events of Shoemaker-Levi 9 A and Q fireballs in the Jupiter atmosphere and possible origin of comet SL-9
205 – 213

E. M. Drobyshevski
Post-Perijove splitting and Lithium overabundance in Shoemaker-Levy 9 favor its planetary origin
215 – 224

K. I. Churyumov; G. F. Chorny; V. V. Kleshchonok
Luminosity of the triplet band of neutral CO molecules in the atmosphere of comet Scorichenko-george (1990 VI)
225 – 231

H. -J. Deeg; E. Martin; J. Schneider; M. Chevreton; L. R. Doyle; J. M. Jenkins; E. Palaiologou; W. -B. Lee; H. -I. Kim
The TEP network - a search for transits of extrasolar planets: Observations of CM draconis in 1994
233 – 243

L. O. Kolokolova; A. L. Zaitsev
Ground-based radar experiments for the study of radiation scattering by atmosphereless celestial bodies
245 – 253

Issue 4 (1997)

Session 4: Interstellar medium and star formation

I. Shmeld
The influence of dust condensation on the molecular abundances of the carbon star circumstellar envelope
255 – 259

N. G. Bochkarev; M. I. Ryabov
Interstellar scintillation of radiosources as a probe for investigations of the local interstellar medium
261 – 271

Session 5: Starsand stellar system

G. M. Beskin; S. N. Mitronova; S. I. Neizvestny; V. L. Plokhotnichenko; M. Yu. Popova; A. V. Zhuravkov; C. Bartolini; A. Guarnieri; R. Minarini; A. Piccioni; O. G. Benvenuto; C. Feinstein; M. Mendez
Photometric investigations of low-mass X-ray binaries with high time resolution
273 – 281

M. Hack; F. Castelli; N. S. Polosukhina; V. P. Mavanushenko
The determination of abundance of lithium in the spectrum of the magnetic Cp star β CrB
283 – 294

K. Oláh; Zs. Kövári
Spot temperatures in binaries with two active components: By Dra and Er Vul
295 – 299

M. A. Ibragimov
Low-, middle-, and high-frequency quasi-periodical oscillations in light curves of classical fuors
301 – 301

D. Kotnik-Karuza; R. Jurdana-Sepic
Ch Cygni: A symbiotic star in its transition phase to quiescence
303 – 307

I. Pustylnik
Coronal mass ejections and mass transfer in Algol-type binaries and related objects
309 – 316

V. B. Kondratiev; V. S. Shevchenko
The search of rotational modulation of the T Tauri-type stars in the ophiuchus dark clouds
317 – 317

F. Kerber; G. Lercher
Spectral investigation of some new planetary nebulae
319 – 325

N. A. Shakht
A study of the motion of the star Gliese 623 with a low-mass dark companion on the basis of observations at Pulkovo
327 – 337

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