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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 12, 1997

Issue 1(1997)


F. Kholtygin
1 – 2

Original Articles

V. F. Bratsev; V. I. Ochkur; I. P. Vinogradov; K. Wiesemann
Excitation of nitrogen ions byelectron impact
3 – 56

V. A. Komarovskii; Yu. M. Smirnov
Experimental study of transitionprobabilities of neutral and singlyionized lanthanide atoms
57 – 70

Yu. A. Piotrovsky; Yu. A. Tolmachev
Simulation of processes in the solarphotosphere
71 – 84

Issue 2-3 (1997)

V. V. Golovatyj; A. Sapar; T. Feklistova; A. F. Kholtygin
Catalogue of atomic data for low-density astrophysical plasma
85 – 241

V. M. Shabaev; M. B. Shabaeva; I. I. Tupitsyn
Hyperfine structure of lithium-like ions
243 – 246

M. Ya. Amusiai; L. V. Chernysheva
RPAE calculations of the isoelectronic series C-, N and O photoionization cross-sections
247 – 261

Issue 4 (1997)

G. S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan; N. V. Pogorelov
Gas dynamic investigation ofrotating gas accretion
263 – 280

V. I. Zhuravlev; T. S. Fetisova
The sky distribution of radiosources with flat spectra
281 – 288

L. A. Kuznetsova; N. F. Stepanov
Recommendations from the raden data base for the electronic transition moments on diatomic molecules of astrophysical interest. I: C2, CH, and CN molecules
289 – 311

V. V. Kasinsky; R. T. Sotnikov
Solar flare energy spectrum overthe 11-year cycle and the similarity between solar and stellar flares
313 – 314

O. V. Mikushina; V. V. Klimenko; V. V. Dovgalyuk
History and forecast of solaractivity
315 – 326

E. M. Drobyshevski
The origin of the asteroid main belt: Synthesis of mutually exclusive paradigms
327 – 331

E. N. Kaurov; D. S. Raevsky
The zodiac history in the history ofculture
333 – 334


E. N. Kaurov; T. M. Potemkina
On the status of archaeoastronomyin russia
335 – 336

Original Articles

I. Pustylnik
Flares and flashes: IAU colloquium no. 151
337 – 340

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