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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 10, 1996

Issue 1(1996)


R. A. Alpher; R. Herman
Celebration of gamow's birth: 90 years later
1 – 2

E. Salpeter
Reminiscences of george gamow and nuclear astrophysics
3 – 4

I. L. Gamov
Yura-George's world line
5 – 7

M. A. Sabadell
George Gamow, science writer. A consideration of what science is and how it is done
9 – 19

V. G. Karetnikov
200 years of astronomy in Odessa
21 – 32

F. A. Tsitsin
When did the Big Bang happen?
33 – 33

Yu. A. Medvedev; A. V. Dobrovolsky
Observations of artificial Earth satellites at Odessa observatory
35 – 41


C. M. Gutiérrez; R. D. Davies; R. A. Watson; R. Rebolo; S. Hancock; A. N. Lasenby
Recent results of the Tenerife CMB experiments
43 – 52

V. M. Lipunov; S. N. Nazin; I. E. Panchenko; K. A. Postnov; M. E. Prokhorov
Gravitational wave sky
53 – 58

V. P. Chechev
Decay data for radionuclides as a test of astrophysical conditions of natural synthesis of heavy elements (nucleosynthesis after gamow)
59 – 68

M. V. Chizhov; D. P. Kirilova
Generation of the 128 h-1 Mpc periodicity of the universe in the scalar field condensate baryogenesis scenario
69 – 75

Yu. B. Chornij; B. S. Novosyadlyj
Redshift distribution of QSOs as a probe of initial spectrum on small scales
77 – 82

R. F. Polishchuk
Maxwellization of the einstein tetrad equations
83 – 84

B. S. Novosyadlyj
The cosmic microwave background anisotropy and very large structures in the universe: The problem of agreement
85 – 93

Issue 2 (1996)


A. A. Kirillov
On the description of spatial topologies in quantum gravity
95 – 100

A. A. Kirillov; V. N. Melnikov
On properties of metrics inhomogeneities in the vicinity of a singularity in Kaluza-Klein cosmological models
101 – 109

A. Gaina
Bose instability and photoionization of bound levels of cosmological black holes by Hawking radiation
111 – 112

A. D. Popova; G. N. Kulik
Cosmological tests for determining real spatial and time dimensionalities of our Universe
113 – 119

K. A. Bronnikov; V. N. Melnikov
Vacuum Weyl cosmologies in D dimensions
121 – 127

M. L. Fil'chenkov
The quantum Early Universe
129 – 133

Yu. V. Baryshev; A. A. Raikov; A. A. Tron
Microwave background radiation and cosmological large numbers
135 – 138

R. E. Gershberg
Once again, what does it mean? (On the analytical representation of the observed log N–log S relation for radio sources)
139 – 141

Yu. A. Kukharenko; R. F. Polishchuk
Nonequilibrium states of a scalar field in quantum cosmology
143 – 145

Galactic and extragalactic astronomy

I. A. Trifalenkov
Statistical properties of the sample faint early-type galaxies: Possible effects of evolution
147 – 151

P. Flin
The alignment of galaxies in superclusters
153 – 159

E. Chavira; O. V. Kiyaeva; N. M. Lipovka; A. A. Lipovka
Search of the blue galaxies
161 – 165

I. Pustylnik
George Gamow's unique style
167 – 173

V. V. Zhukov
Computing apparent places of stars with a personal computer
175 – 176

Issue 3 (1996)

No TOC in the Issue.

Issue 4 (1996)


V. G. Karetnikov; V. V. Nazarenko
Stream formation at the inner Lagrangian point in close binaries
273 – 276

N. V. Bazej; M. Yu. Volyanskaya; A. P. Chelombit'ko
A differential catalog of right ascensions for 578 stars RRS2 obtained from observations with the meridian circle at Odessa Astronomical Observatory in 1990-1993
277 – 278

E. K. Denisyuk
Moving variable emission lines in the spectrum of the Seyfert galaxy NGC4151
279 – 284

A. A. Peraza; Yu. S. Vladimirov
The variation of physical constants and red shift in 6D cosmological models
285 – 294

N. Merkulova; L. Metik
UBVRI observations of variability of nuclei of the Seyfert galaxies NGC 1275 and NGC 4151. Rapid flares on light curves of the galaxy NGC 1275
295 – 303

U. Sh. Bayazitov; I. Kh. Saghidullin
Photosphere parameters of the T Tauri type star SU Aur
305 – 306

A. V. Yushchenko; V. F. Gopka
Abundances of rhenium and tellurium in procyon
307 – 310

N. V. Taranenko
Bath-foam universe
311 – 314

V. M. Kontorovich
Small bang on the background of the big one (the epoch of massive galaxies and quasars formation in the merging model)
315 – 320

V. A. Zakhozhaj
Possible application of graphs to galactic evolution
321 – 328

O. V. Chumak; Z. N. Chumak
Sunspots. The model of "elastic sceletons". Estimation of sunspot umbra fractal dimension
329 – 332

V. R. Gavrilov; V. D. Ivashchuk; V. N. Melnikov
Multidimensional cosmology and toda lattices
333 – 339

N. V. Ardeljan; G. S. Bisnovatyi-kogan; K. V. Kosmachevskii; S. G. Moiseenko
Simulation of the collapse of a rotating gas cloud on triangular reconstructing lagrangian grid
341 – 355

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