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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 9, 1995-1996

Issue 1 (1995)

Original Articles

A. S. Tsvetkov
The Local stellar system: Kinematics derived from proper motion
1 – 25

O. A. Titov, E. V. Volkov
Systematic differences FK5-FK4: Optimal representation
27 – 42

O. A. Uljanikhina, S. Yu. Shugarov
Photometric investigations of dwarf nova stars
43 – 75

O. V. Kiyaeva
The interseasonal trend in photographic double star observations
77 – 83

Issue 2 (1995)

S. A. Silich
Interstellar bubbles with a variable energy input rate
85 – 94

A. V. Loktin
Galactic clusters and DDO photometry
95 – 101

L. L. Chinarova
Photographic brightness variations of the symbiotic stars UV AUR, TX CVN, V1016 CYG and V1329 CYG
103 – 109

H. Debehogne, I. Voloshina
The astrometric observations of candidates to asteroids at the schmidt telescope of ESO, La Silla, Chile
111 – 125

A. A. Dement'eva, V. P. Ryl'kov
The fields of reference stars for optical positional observations of astrometric extragalactic radio sources
127 – 138

N. V. Narizhnaya, V. P. Ryl'kov
A catalogue of stars in the field of the X-ray transient source KS 1947 300
139 – 147

V. N. Obridko,  V. N. Oraevsky,  I. V. Dmitrieva, E. P. Zaborova
Some aspects of heliometeorologic coupling
149 – 157

V. Yu. Terebizh, O. K. Cherbunina
Restoration of simulated double source images near the resolution limit
159 – 170

Issue 3 (1995)

P. R. Amnuel
The features of infra-red emission of the galactic bulge planetary nebulae
171 – 187

V. I. Kardopolov, F. K. Rspaev
The extraordinary INT variable star RY tauri
189 – 204

O. G. Badalyan
Temperature and density in the middle corona through the activity cycle determined from white light observations
205 – 223

M. V. Fyodorov,  V. V. Klimenko,  V. V. Dovgalyuk, S. Yu. Snytin
Sunspot cycle timing: A secular forecast
225 – 232

K. N. Zamarashkin
A method for star image separation from background in automatic coordinate measurements with a microdensitometer
233 – 247

E. N. Kaurov
The draco constellation as a key element of the ancient chinese astronomical picture of the sky
International science conference "ASTROPHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY AFTER GAMOV", Odessa, September 5-10, 1994 (Poster)

249 – 250

Issue 4 (1996)

V. V. Demin,  A. V. Zasov, L. N. Petrochenko
Rotation curves of galaxies: A bibliographical catalog
251 – 304

G. R. Ivanov
A criterion for identification of OB associations and star complexes
305 – 316

V. E. Zharov
Connection of the earth's rotation with the atmospheric angular momentum and the strongest earthquakes
317 – 327

I. Pustylnik
The 4th EAS meeting in Catania
329 – 332

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