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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 8, 1995

Issue 1 (1995)

L. P. Ossipkov
Two simple self-consistent galaxy models
1 – 5

S. A. Gladishev,  S. B. Novikov,  I. A. Rakitin,  M. V. Sazhin,  D. A. Smirnov, M. G. Shirokova
Fine optical structure of the radio source MG 1131 0456
7 – 10

K. M. Kuzanyan, L. Kvasz
Boundary layers in nonlinear dynamo
11 – 21

M. B. Bogdanov
Brightness distributions for models of circumstellar dust shells of cool carbon stars
23 – 29

V. P. Reshetnikov
On the statistics of galactic warps
31 – 37

R. V. Smirnov, E. V. Kononovich
Solar cyclicity as a factor of climatic changes
39 – 48

K. V. Kholshevnikov, V. A. Shor
Velocity distribution of meteoroids colliding with planets and satellites. II. Numerical results
49 – 58

L. I. Shestakova, L. V. Tambovtseva
Dynamics of dust grains near the Sun
59 – 81

Issue 2 (1995)

V. M. Kontorovich,  M. F. Khodjachikh,  K. L. Golobokov, V. N. Balashov
The effective rotation momentum as a characteristic of the Hubble's type of galaxies
83 – 88

V. G. Kurt, B. V. Komberg
Does the angular correlation function of GRBs confirm their cosmological nature?
89 – 96

V. G. Surdin, P. Shah
Chemical enrichment of halo stars due to accretion of interstellar dust
97 – 104

Yu. I. Glushkov
Spectrophotometric studies of 40 star-forming regions
105 – 144

A. S. Tsvetkov
The Local star system: Kinematics derived from radial velocities
145 – 156

N. E. Kurochkin, E. A. Karitskaya
New RRa variable star near the X-ray Nova Oph 1993=V 2293 Oph and their distance evaluations
157 – 160

G. Pinigin,  A. Shulga,  P. Fedorov,  A. Kovalchuk,  A. Mazhaev, A. Petrov
The axial meridian circle of the Nikolaev astronomical observatory
161 – 163

Issue 3 (1995)

A. D. Popova
Friedmann cosmology in alternative spatial dimensions. Solutions and tests
165 – 194

A. D. Popova, G. N. Kulik
On homogeneous and isotropic cosmological models with arbitrary numbers of time and space dimensions
195 – 200

L. V. Jones, A. V. Zasov
What is the source of FIR radiation in spiral galaxies?
201 – 219

V. M. Lipunov, S. B. Popov
Determination of 'diffusion coefficients' and stellar wind velocities for X-rays binaries
221 – 226

G. A. Galazutdinov, V. G. Klochkova
Spectroscopy of selected pulsating stars: The anomalous variable V351 Cep
227 – 237

V. G. Kruchinenko, M. Hajdukova
Some problems of the physical theory of meteors
239 – 240

Issue 4 (1995)

B. V. Komberg, A. V. Kravtsov
A possibility to reveal parent populations for objects with active nuclei comparing their spatial correlation functions
241 – 248

O. V. Kozlova,  V. P. Grinin, A. N. Rostopchina
Spectroscopic evidence of sporadic gas accretion onto the herbig Ae stars with non-periodic algol-type minima
249 – 259

A. M. Eigenson, N. N. Samus
On the relation among metallicity, age, and galactocentric distance of globular clusters
261 – 262

N. L. Dorokhov,  T. N. Dorokhova,  N. S. Komarov,  D. E. Mkrtichian, S. Mukhamednazarov
A new astronomical station on mount dushak-erekdag
263 – 267

N. P. Grushinsky
The evolution of gravimetry
271 – 284

V. V. Prokof'eva,  I. I. Pronik, L. M. Sharipova
BVR-photometry of the compact objects interacting with the nuclei of active galaxies
285 – 290

V. V. Prokof'eva,  M. L. Demchik, L. G. Karachkina
Photometric evidences for the binary asteroids 87 sylvia and 423 diotima
291 – 295

G. M. Beskin,  S. N. Mitronova,  S. I. Neizvestny,  I. P. Panferova,  M. Ju. Popova,  V. L. Plokhotnichenko,  A. V. Zhuravkov,  C. Bartolini,  A. Guarnieri, A. Piccioni
Optical properties of X-ray nova percei 1992 near maximum
297 – 305

V. L. Gorshkov
A statistical analysis of the pulkovo time service database
307 – 309

G. V. Andreev, N. V. Vasilyev
An international program for studies of ecological consequences of the earth collisions with the solar system small bodies (from the point of view of the tunguska catastrophe of 1908)
311 – 315

V. Missoulis
A "cloudy" scenafuo of the formation of elliptical galaxies
317 – 318

V. A. Shefer
Numerical algorithms and programs for investigation of motion of asteroids and comets closely approaching major planets
319 – 321

O. P. Bykov, V. V. Komarov
On the determination of a circular asteroid orbit with the use of its single CCD-observation (alpha, delta, alpha-dot, delta-dot, ut)
323 – 324

O. P. Bykov, V. V. Komarov
On the possibility of an asteroid classification by means of a circular orbit obtained with the use of its single CCD-observation
325 – 326

V. M. Tereshchenko
Equatofual spectrophotometric standards of intermediate brightness
327 – 328

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