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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 7, 1995

Issue 1 (1995)

A. Sapar, A. Aret
The formation of chemical peculiarities in stellar atmospheres
1 – 27

N. Y. Shapirovskaya, T. I. Larchenkova
The galactic latitude distribution of the intensity modulation index of radio sources in the wide frequency range
29 – 45

N. Y. Shapirovskaya,  O. B. Slee, G. S. Tsarevsky
Asymmetry in the variability of radio sources towards the centre and anti-centre of the galaxy
47 – 56

I. Simonia
The luminescence flaw detection as a method for revealing iron meteorites microstructure features
57 – 67

Book Review

V. V. Shevchenko
A review of: "Planetary sciences"
69 – 70

V. V. Shevchenko
A review of: "Venus geology, geochemistry, and geophysics"
71 – 73

V. V. Shevchenko
A review of: "Resources of near-earth space"
75 – 78

V. G. Surdin
A review of: "Protostars and Planets III"
79 – 81

Issue 2–3 (1995)

Part I

Leonid Ossipkov
Mathematical methods in studying the structure and dynamics of gravitating systems
Proceedings of the Confennce held in Kosalma, Karelia, Russia, June 15-18, 1993

83 – 85


Proceedings of the conference held in kosalma list of contributors
87 – 89

Professor Tateos Artemjevich Agekian
91 – 92

Original Articles

G. B. Anisimova
An examination of the ellipsoidality of the stellar velocity distribution
95 – 97

N. K. Bektasova
Kinematics of neutral hydrogen from the 21 cm line observations
99 – 101

L. N. Berdnikov, Yu. N. Efremov
Isolines of surface density and z-coordinates of cepheids
103 – 105

N. M. Bronnikova,  O. M. Mikhailova, D. K. Mikhailov
A study of photographic plates NT-1 for astrometry
107 – 109

A. D. Chernin,  S. Ninkovic, Z. Catovic
Studies of the satellite motions in the local group
111 – 111

V. M. Danilov, A. F. Seleznev
Dynamical estimates of gas - star complex total masses
113 – 116

Yu. N. Efremov, A. D. Chernin
Star complexes and early dynamics of galactic disks
117 – 122

A. M. Ejgenson, O. S. Yatsyk
The application of additional parameters in cluster analysis
123 – 124

B. I. Fesenko
The motion and small-scale spatial distribution of some classes of stars
125 – 126

A. A. Mü,llä,ri, V. V. Orlov
The orbits of moving clusters in the galaxy
127 – 129

I. I. Nikiforov, I. V. Petrovskaya
An estimate of R0 from the kinematic data for neutral and ionized hydrogen
131 – 133

G. M. Popovic
Stellar proper motions in the procedure of detection of the radiants of stellar clusters
135 – 137

R. B. Shatsova
Stellar files for the NGC 129 cluster
139 – 142

R. B. Shatsova
Stellar files for the NGC 457 cluster
143 – 145

V. G. Surdin
Dinamical properties of globular clusters: Primordial or evolutional?
147 – 153

A. A. Viewga
The method for studies of galaxy and metagalaxy field structures. Moments of higher orders and the confidence interval
155 – 157

Issue 4 (1995)

Part II

Leonid Ossipkov
Mathematical methods in studying the structure and dynamics of gravitating systems: Preface
Proceedings of the Conference held in Kosalma, Karelia, Russia, June 15-18, 1993, PART II, Edited by L. Ossipkov, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

219 – 219

Mathematical methods in studying the structure and dynamics of gravitating systems: Vadim Anatoljevich Antonov
221 – 222

N-body experiments

H. E. Kandrup
Stochastic properties of the gravitational N-body problem
225 – 228

H. E. Kandrup
Collisional relaxation in a nonintegrable mean-field potential
229 – 231

J. C. Muzzio,  M. M. Vergne, S. A. Cora
How accurate is common wisdom on dynamical friction?
233 – 236

S. NinkoviЯ, Z. яatoviЯ
A numerical experiment simulating an open cluster
237 – 238

A. B. Romeo,  G. Rydbeck, M. J. Valtonen
A long-lived spiral structure in n-body simulations: Work in progress
239 – 239

Dynamical astronomy

T. A. Agekian,  I. I. Nikiforov,  V. V. Orlov, N. P. Pitjev
The third integral of motion
243 – 245

V. A. Antonov
The search for exact integrals of star motion
247 – 250

A. A. Bekov
On gravitational model of jets
251 – 253

N. O. Kirsanov
On the motion of the seventh satellite of saturn
255 – 257

E. M. Nezhinskij, A. Ollongren
On the construction of hierarchical models of galaxies
259 – 264

T. B. Omarov
On the astronomical applications of the dynamics of hierarchical systems
265 – 266

G. T. Omarova
On inverse problems in dynamics of gravitating systems
267 – 268

F. T. Shamshiev
On the linear local integral of motion in a rotating system
269 – 273

L. L. Sokolov
Families of integrable and stochastic trajectories in the N-body problem
275 – 276

Instabilities and collective processes

V. A. Antonov, A. A. Vakhidov
The stability of a gravitating ring of free particles
279 – 281

V. A. Antonov, O. A. Zheleznyak
Non-stationary disks in the centers of elliptical galaxies
283 – 285

G. S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
Stability of galaxies in binaries with account of tidal forces
287 – 287

A. M. Fridman
Classical gravityphysics (instabilities, chaos, structures)
289 – 289

A. M. Fridman,  O. V. Khoruzhyj,  V. V. Lyakhovich, A. A. Sumin
On a new mechanism of the spiral-vortex structure generation in gaseous galactic disks
291 – 292

A. M. Fridman,  O. V. Khoruzhyj,  V. V. Lyakhovich, A. A. Sumin
Dynamics of gaseous disks of spiral galaxies
293 – 293

E. A. Ivannikova,  A. V. Ivanov,  M. N. Maksumov, E. A. Philistov
What is the smallest number of giant molecular clouds to excite a coherent structure in a self-gravitating system?
295 – 297

I. I. Kirbigekova
Non-linear, non-radial evolution of disk-like models of galaxies
299 – 301

T. S. Kozhanov
On the tidal stability of stellar clusters
303 – 303

S. N. Nuritdinov
The warp instability of a non-linear rotating model of disk self-gravitating systems
305 – 305

S. N. Nuritdinov
Non-linear models of non-stationary self-gravitating systems and their stability problem
307 – 308

V. L. Polyachenko
Basic instabilities of collisionless gravitating systems
309 – 315

A. B. Romeo
How faithful are N-body simulations of disc galaxies? - artificial suppression of dynamical instabilities
317 – 321

History of astronomy

A. J. Eremeeva
The birth of gravitational evolutionary dynamics of stellar systems (from Th. wright to w. herschel)
325 – 328

Proceedings of the conference held in Kosalma
General discussion

329 – 330

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