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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 6, 1994-1995

Issue 1 (1994)

I. Karachentsev
Criterion for bound groups of galaxies. Application to the local volume
1 – 35

V. Yu. Terebizh; V. V. Biryukov
The image randomness test for inverse problems
37 – 57

E. V. Ruban
The mantles of hot supergiants
59 – 68

Yu. Shchekinov
Large-scale coherent behaviour of star forming systems with feedbacks
69 – 84

Issue 2 (1994)

V. M. Danilov; A. F. Seleznev
The catalogue of structural and dynamical characteristics of 103 open star clusters and the firstresults of its investigation
85 – 155

Issue 3 (1995)

A. D. Chernin; A. V. Ivanov; A. V. Trofimov; S. Mikkola
Triple galaxies: Configuration analysis
157 – 166

V. Missoulis
The evolution of a cloudy protogalaxy. Constrains on the initial size
167 – 174

Renato A. Dupke; Mikhail V. Sazhin; A. L. Sudarikov
Axion decay and the background radiation
175 – 180

E. Moskalenko; E. Trunkovsky
Observations of the occultations of stars by solar sails
181 – 185

R. Aquilano; W. Barreto; L. A. Núnez
The oscillations of relativistic radiating spheres
187 – 196

S. Gulyaev; S. Pyatkes; R. L. Sorochenko; E. Chentzov
On the anomalous balmer decrement in the orion nebula
197 – 211

P. R. Amnuel
On the problem of planetary nebula distance scales
213 – 220

V. A. Zakhozhaj
Initial jeans mass spectra of the three modes of galactic star formation: A theoretical model
221 – 228

Issue 4 (1995)

A. G. Goundyrev; V. A. Razin
On the synchrotron emission of a relativistic electron spiraling in rarefied plasma. I. The criteria of the plasma influence
229 – 249

A. S. Miroshnichenko
New possible binaries among B[e] stars
251 – 263

V. P. Rylkov; V. V. Vityazev; A. A. Dementieva
Pluto: An analysis of photographic positions obtained with the pulkovo normal astrograph in 1930-1992
265 – 281

A. L. Kunitsyn; E. N. Polyakhova
The restricted photogravitational three-body problem: A modern state
283 – 293

D. V. Bizyaev; A. A. Martis
Some properties of astroplates HT-1A
295 – 297

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