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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 5, 1994

Issue 1–4 (1994)

V. V. Burdyuzha
1 – 2

Kazuo Ghoroku
Interacting universes and their quantum birth from nothing
3 – 14

Yu. V. Baryshev
On the fractal nature of the large-scale structure of the universe
15 – 23

Kazuo Ghoroku; Teruhiko Soma
Lorentzian wormholes in the higher-derivative gravity and the weak-energy condition
25 – 26

Y. V. Baryshev; A. A. Raikov; A. G. Sergeev; A. A. Tron
A new approach to the large cosmological numbers coincidences
27 – 29

A. D. Popova
Cosmological tests for determining the real spatial dimensionality of the universe
31 – 33

A. Polnarev
The probability of black hole formation from oscillating cosmic loops
35 – 42

B. J. Carr
Quark jets from evaporating black holes
43 – 56

V. K. Dubrovich
Spectral-spatial fluctuations of the relic radiation - a new class of objects in the universe
57 – 65

Yu. A. Kovalev
Probing the universe with extragalactic radio jets
67 – 70

B. V. Komberg; V. N. Lukash
The large scale structure at high redshifts
71 – 74

S. A. Pustil'nik; A. V. Ugryumov; V. A. Lipovetsky
Two types of voids and super-large scale structures in the universe?
75 – 79

V. F. Litvin; V. V. Orlov; E. T. Grebenkina; B. S. Taibin; V. N. Baryshnikov
Topography of the hubble diagram inclination around the celestial sphere: A spiral sinking to the superattractor placed in the center of a giant zeldovich pancake?
81 – 84

A. F. Zakharov
The catastrophe theory and someproblems of gravity theory: From Zeldovich's pancakes to gravitational lenses and geodesics in the Kerr metric
85 – 89

R. F. Polishchuk
Naturalness of the singularities in gravitation and cosmology
91 – 92

Valentin N. Rudenko; Vadim K. Milyukov; Vladimir V. Nesterov; Ivan P. Ivanov
The status of the gravitational wave setups at moscow university
93 – 101

A. Yu. Potekhin; D. A. Varshalovich
An upper limit on possible time variation of the fine-structure constant from qso absorption spectra
103 – 106

Ya. M. Kramarovsky; V. P. Chechev
Fundamental constants, cosmological nucleosynthesis and the mirror universe
107 – 108

E. E. Salpeter
Dark matter: From galactic halo to superclusters
109 – 115

A. D. Ryabtsev
The flocculent spiral patternin a multicomponent rotating disc
117 – 126

J. A. De Freitas Pacheco
Oxygen as a tracer of the galactic chemical evolution
127 – 133

S. A. Pustil'nik; A. V. Ugryumov; V. A. Lipovetsky
Spatial distribution of blue compact galaxies and galaxy formation models
135 – 140

L. A. Pustil'nik; N. R. Ikhanov
Magnetized disc accretion onto a gravitating centre as a source of high-energy particles
141 – 145

I. F. Mirabel
Ground-based observations of persistent gamma-ray sources in the galactic centre region
147 – 153

A. M. Cherepashchuk
The masses of black hole candidates in binary systems
155 – 162

Yu. N. Gnedin
Astrophysical consequences of the existence of goldstone bosons
163 – 175

V. V. Vityazev
The time interferometer: A new tool for the spectral analysis of time series
177 – 210

Yu. V. Barkin; A. Elipe
Stationary motions of a satellitewith sphere of inertia and theirstabilities. planar motions
211 – 232

K. V. Kholshevnikov; V. A. Shor
Velocity distribution of meteoroids colliding with planets and satellites. I. theory
233 – 241

A. M. Melnik
The absolute proper motion of 79 stars from humphreys's list of stars in associations
243 – 247

A. M. Fridman; N. N. Gor'kavyi
On the possibility of detection of massive planets in protoplanetary disks
249 – 251

Yu. V. Baranov; V. E. Kirakosyants; A. I. Lazarev; V. A. Loginov
A three-channel adaptiveoptical system
253 – 257

V. M. Kontorovich
The connection between theinteraction of galaxies and theiractivity
259 – 278

E. Ya. Vilkoviskij
Radiation-accelerated ions in the hot star winds and the nuclear reactions in a non-equilibrium state
279 – 285

I. Pustylnik
Anisotropic stellar winds in binary systems
287 – 301

T. S. Polushina; I. B. Pustylnik
The parameters of circumbinary gas in the interacting binary system SZ camelopardalis
303 – 315

L. N. Berdnikov; M. A. Ibragimov
UBVR observations of five double-mode cepheids
317 – 324

A. V. Lapinov; V. V. Myshenko; V. M. Shul'ga; I. I. Zinchenko
C3H2 21,2 - 10,1 observations of some molecular clouds
325 – 331

V. I. Makarov
General magnetic field reversal in the solar cycle 22 period: 1986-1992
333 – 338

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