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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 4, 1993-1994

Issue 1 (1993)


N. G. Bochkarev; V. V. Burdyuzha; V. G. Surdin
The second congress of the astronomical society of the former soviet union
1 – 5

Original Articles

P. V. Bliokh; A. A. Minakov; V. N. Shalyapin
Gravitational lenses (the state of the theory and observations)
7 – 15

S. Ibadov
The similarity of the processes in comets and in the interstellar medium: Production of multicharged ions
17 – 19


M. Ju. Volyanskaya; O. E. Mandel
On the history of astronomy in odessa. K. D. Pokrovsky
21 – 24


V. M. Kontorovich; A. V. Kats; D. S. Krivitsky
"Explosive" evolution of galaxies and quasar formation epoch in the merger model
25 – 26

A. G. Morozov; V. V. Mustsevoj
On a possible origin of complicated galactic spiral patterns
27 – 28

M. I. Ryabov; N. G. Serokurova
On the secular decrease of the radio flux from cas a at low frequencies
29 – 32

V. F. Suleymanov
Modelling the atmospheres of accretion disks
33 – 34

M. B. Bogdanov
The brightness distributions across a stellar disk inferred from lunar occultation observations
35 – 36

M. B. Bogdanov
A method for restoration of astronomical images
37 – 37

V. A. Shefer
Equations of perturbed keplerian motion in a quasi-linear form
39 – 40

V. V. Masjukov; V. P. Tsvetkov
Nonlinear effects in theory of equilibrium gravitating, rapidly rotating, magnetized barotropic configurations and the gravitational radiation from pulsars
41 – 42


R. B. Shatsova
The high velocity cloud connected with the kapteyn group
43 – 44

Short Note

O. A. Zheleznyak
On the origin of galaxy chains
45 – 46

Original Articles

Ye. S. Zdor; V. S. Chernov
Space ecology and observational astronomy
47 – 48

M. Goshdjanov; A. Muradov; D. Boltaev
The possibilities of the operative diagnostics of solar flares from doppler ionospheric observations
49 – 51

E. A. Makarova; E. M. Rochshina; A. P. Sarychev
Analysis of observations of the solar limb darkening
53 – 54

A. A. Soloviev
Theory of the sunspot dissipation
55 – 55

Issue 2 (1993)

V. I. Ivanchuk; N. I. Pishkalo
Mass and energy sources of coronal mass ejections
57 – 63

A. V. Hoperskov; Ju. V. Mustsevaya; V. V. Mustsevoj
Disc accretion onto magnetized compact objects
65 – 80

Mikhail E. Prokhorov; Konstantin A. Postnov
The distribution of old neutron stars in the galaxy
81 – 89

Igor V. Igumenshchev; Andrei F. Illarionov; Dmitrii A. Kompaneets
The outflow regime of quasispherical accretion onto a compact X-ray object
91 – 105

D. I. Nagirner; E. V. Kiketz
Compton scattering in a strong magnetic field: Resonances in the cross sections
107 – 116

V. S. Gubanov
Parametric adjustment of astrometric data
117 – 142

I. D. Karachentsev; V. E. Karachentseva; S. L. Parnovsky; Yu. N. Kudrya
"Diskoteka" – a new catalog of thin edge-on galaxies
143 – 151

Issue 3 (1994)

A. V. Loktin; N. V. Matkin
The characteristics of open star clusters from UBV data
153 – 165

A. F. Seleznev
Stellar surface density distributions in ten open clusters
167 – 177

Valeri Larionov; Liudmila Larionova
On the search for the orbital period in X persei X-ray/Be system
179 – 183

P. Ambroz; E. V. Kononovich
Solar magnetic flux tube emergence diagram
185 – 194

V. V. Vityazev
The rotor: A new method to derive rotation between two reference frames
195 – 218

Book Reviews

Book reviews
219 – 221

Issue 4 (1994)

D. A. Varshalovich; A. D. Kaminker; D. G. Yakovlev
Preface: "Physics of Neutron Stars"
223 – 223

A. I. Tsygan
Electric fields of neutron stars
225 – 234

V. A. Urpin
Magnetorotational evolution of isolated neutron stars
235 – 250

V. A. Urpin; D. A. Shalybkov
Magnetic field decay in neutron star cores
251 – 259

G. G. Pavlov; A. Yu. Potekhin
Photoionization of the hydrogen atom in a strong magnetic field
261 – 267

N. R. Ikhsanov; L. A. Pustil'nik
The non-thermal mode of disc accretion onto the magnetosphere of a neutron star
269 – 275

A. D. Kaminker; K. P. Levenfish; D. G. Yakovlev
Neutrino synchrotron emission from the neutron star crust
277 – 282

A. D. Kaminker; O. Yu. Gnedin; D. G. Yakovlev; P. Amsterdamski; P. Haensel
Neutrino emissivity from e-e annihilation in a strong magnetic field: Non-degenerate plasma
283 – 289

V. G. Bezchastnov; G. G. Pavlov
Quantum spectral and angular features of the thermal cyclotron radiation
291 – 298

V. G. Bezchastnov; G. G. Pavlov
Quantum cyclotron emission of moving plasmas
299 – 305

V. E. Zavlin; G. G. Pavlov; Yu. A. Shibanov
The effects of plasma microfield distributions and ionization potential lowering on the opacity and spectra of radiation from photospheres of cooling neutron stars
307 – 312

Yu. N. Gnedin; S. V. Krasnikov
Arions and neutron stars
313 – 316

Mikhail E. Prokhorov; Konstantin A. Postnov
The distribution of old neutron stars in the galaxy
317 – 317

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