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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 3, 1992-1993

Issue 1 (1992)


V. G. Gorbatsky
Soviet astronomical society scientific conference "Astrophysics Today"
1 – 2

Original Articles

Nikolai G. Bochkarev
Local interstellar matter and interstellar bubbles
3 – 16

V. P. Grinin
Young stars with non-periodic algol-type minima
17 – 32

Alexander Lazarian
Experimental study of turbulence in astrophysics
33 – 51

A. V. Kats; V. M. Kontorovich; D. S. Krivitsky
Galaxy mass spectrum explosive evolution caused by coalescence
53 – 56

I. Pronik; V. Pronik
Forbidden line variability in active galactic nuclei
57 – 62

I. L. Beigman
On the blue shift of radiorecombination lines towards CASA
63 – 66

M. M. Katsova; M. A. Livshits
A scenario for impulsive stellar flares
67 – 71

S. S. Rustambekyan
Detection of binary systems from their ultraviolet spectra
73 – 80

G. S. Ivanov-Kholodny; V. Ye. Chertoprud
Analysis of extrema of quasi-biennial variations of the solar activity
81 – 84

Irina V. Petrovskaya
The rotation curve from the neutral hydrogen 21 cm line profiles, the spiral structure and the mass of the galaxy
87 – 89

A. V. Hoperskov; Ju. V. Mustsevaya; V. V. Mustsevoj
Shear-layer instabilities in accretion disks around magnetized compact objects
91 – 92

V. A. Zakhozhaj; E. V. Ruban; A. M. Ejgenson; O. S. Yatsyk
Cluster analysis of the nearest stars
93 – 94

E. A. Makarova; G. A. Porfir'eva; G. V. Yakunina
Solar mass ejections in March 1989
95 – 96

A. B. Delone; E. A. Makarova; G. A. Porfir'eva; E. M. Roschina; G. V. Yakunina
Hα loops in solar active regions
97 – 98

G. S. Ivanov-Kholodny; N. B. Mulukova; V. E. Chertoprud
The east-west decimetric radioscans of the sun and the solar-tropospheric effects
99 – 99

Issue 2 (1992)

I. Yu. Izotova; Yu. I. Izotov
Simulation of the far infrared emission of blue compact dwarf galaxies
101 – 130

V. G. Zubko; S. V. Marchenko; T. Nugis
Dust in expanding wolf-rayet star atmospheres. I. An analysis of infrared observations and possible dynamical mechanism of the dust grain growth
131 – 139

V. G. Zubko
Dust in the expanding wolf-rayetstar atmospheres. II. Themicrostructure theory of the dustshell and the infrared spectra modelling
141 – 152

P. R. Amnuel
The chemical composition of planetary nebulae: Correlations between elements
153 – 162

L. V. Mossakovskaya
New photometric elements of AR Cas, an eclipsing binary system with apsidal motion
163 – 167

A. V. Loktin; N. V. Matkin
Open clusters as spiral structure tracers in our galaxy
169 – 174

A. F. Zakharov
Classification of bound and unbound geodesics in the kerr metric and the effective particle cross-section of a reissner-nordström black hole
175 – 177

N. S. Komarov; N. Y. Basak
The chemical composition of two Praesepe's giants
179 – 181

T. V. Mishenina; V. G. Klochkova; V. P. Ryadchenko
Parameters and chemical composition of γ Tau
183 – 183

G. M. Petrov; G. I. Pinigin
On absolute determination of stellar coordinates for a new fundamental catalogue using observations from antarctica
185 – 186

Book Review

A. Tokovinin
A review of: "Strategy for the detection and study of other planetary systems and extrasolar planetary materials"
187 – 188

Issue 3 (1993)

D. G. Blair; M. V. Sazhin
Gravitational lensing and lens interferometry from dark matter in the galactic halo
191 – 196

Yu. I. Izotov; V. A. Lipovetsky; N. G. Guseva; A. Yu. Kniazev; S. I. Neizvestny; J. A. Stepanian
Spectrophotometry of 83 possible blue compact dwarf galaxies from the second byurakan survey
197 – 236

Yu. N. Efremov; G. R. Ivanov; P. L. Nedialkov
The distribution of bright stars and HII regions in the andromeda nebula
237 – 249

V. Yu. Terebizh
On sampling with account of noise
251 – 270

P. P. Korsun
The monte carlo approach to P/Halley'S activity on April, 1986
271 – 277

H. V. Abrahamian; K. Gigoian; A. A. Kisselev; T. P. Kisseleva; N. A. Shakht
Positional photographic observations of saturn, uranus, neptune, their satellites and pluto in 1990 with the telescope ZTA-2.6 m at byurakan in armenia
279 – 285

Issue 4 (1993)

G. S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
Asymmetric neutrino emission and formation of rapidly moving pulsars
287 – 294

N. E. Kurochkin
A new type of cataclysmic variability: FG serpentis and QW sagittae
295 – 301

A. K. Dambis
The luminosities of red supergiants from Wing's eight-color narrow-band infrared photometry
303 – 309

I. N. Glushneva; I. B. Voloshina; L. N. Knyazeva
The effective temperatures andangular diameters of A-G mainsequence stars
311 – 315

Yu. N. Mishurov
Galactic density waves triggerformation of H2 molecules
317 – 326

Sergej G. Simakov
On the central surface brightness of galactic disks
327 – 335

A. D. Ryabtsev
Vortices in the stellar galactic disk: Kinetic approach
337 – 342

S. V. Bogovalov
The poloidal field of a slowly rotating axisymmetric rotator (An axisymmetric rotator magnetosphere)
343 – 348

Book Review

K. V. Bychkov
A review of: "Supernova"
349 – 349

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