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Archive of Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions

vol 1, 1991-1992

Issue 1 (1991)

1 – 2

Original Articles

Author: V. Yu. Terebizh
Image restoration: Method-independent limit of efficiency and its realization
3 – 29

R. L. Sorochenko; C. M. Walmsley
Radio recombination lines of carbon C165 and C166 towards CAS A
31 – 40

N. G. Bochkarev; E. A. Karitskaya; N. I. Shakura; S. A. Zhekov
UBVR colours of accretion disks and power-law sources of radiation with interstellar reddening
41 – 50

V. V. Burdyuzha; V. M. Lipunov; N. P. Yudin
Gamma lines nuclei 6,7Li, 7Be from accreting material on the neutron star
51 – 54

W. H. Wehlau; J. B. Rice; V. L. Khokhlova
The surface of the magnetic CP-Star 21 Per
55 – 74

Yu. I. Glushkov
Short note: Large circumstellar envelopes against background of nebulae
75 – 76


V. V. Shevchenko
The scientific problems of creating a lunar base
77 – 79

Book review

V. G. Surdin
A review of: "Sites of star formation in galaxies: Star complexes and spiral arms, by Yuri N. Efremov. Nauka/Moscow, 1989, 248 pp."
81 – 82

Issue 2 (1992)

Yu. N. Parijskij
Radio astronomy of the next century
85 – 106

Ivan L. Andronov
On the polarizational properties of the accretion columns in magnetic cataclysmic variables
107 – 117

N. V. Emelyanov
The acting analytical theory of artificial earth satellites
119 – 127

I. Kovalenko; Yu. Shchekinov
Heat- and radiative-driven implosion of interstellar clouds. i. initial dynamics
129 – 151

V. M. Lipunov; S. N. Nazin
"Recycled" white dwarfs?
153 – 157

A. T. Bajkova; A. M. Finkelstein
"Quasar" very long baseline network
159 – 170

Issue 3 (1992)

V. I. Slysh
Radio supernovae and particle acceleration
171 – 193

A. N. Petrov
New harmonic coordinates for the schwarzshild geometry and the field approach
195 – 205

Yu. N. Gnedin; T. M. Natsvlishvili; V. M. Larionov; I. I. Romaniuk; N. I. Shakovskaya
Photometric and polarimetric observations of HDE 245770 = A0535 + 26 during an X-ray flare
207 – 210

A. S. Miroshnichenko; R. V. Yudin; S. D. Yakubov
VY Mon - The twin of Z CMa?
211 – 219

Yu. N. Malahova; I. V. Petrovskaya
The spiral structure and rotation of the neutral hydrogen subsystem in the galaxy
221 – 229

I. I. Berulis; S. V. Kalenski; A. M. Sobolev; V. S. Strelnitski
Observations of the methanol 4-1-30E line in molecular clouds
231 – 245

Conference news
G. M. Rudnitskij
247 – 249

Book Reviews
A. V. Zasov
251 – 252

Issue 4 (1992)

I. I. Zinchenko
The properties of dense molecular cloud cores
253 – 267

N. A. Tikhonov; I. D. Karachentsev; B. I. Bilkina; M. E. Sharina
Distances to three nearby dwarf galaxies from photometry of their brightest stars
269 – 282

Yu. I. Izotov; N. G. Guseva; I. D. Karachentsev; V. E. Karachentseva
Spectrophotometry of giant extragalactic regions of ionized hydrogen in dwarf galaxies of M81 galaxy group
283 – 293

Nikolai G. Bochkarev; Ludmila S. Nazarova; Alla I. Shapovalova
Changes of the He II 4686 Å broad line asymmetry of NGC 4151 in 1986-1990
295 – 303

N. E. Kurochkin
The sun as a variable star: Activity periodogram and forecast of high maxima
305 – 311

Anisa T. Bajkova
The generalization of maximum entropy method for reconstruction of complex functions
313 – 320

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