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Туманность Улитка от телескопов "Бланко" и "Хаббл" The Helix Nebula from Blanco and Hubble

How did a star create the Helix nebula? The shapes of planetary nebula like the Helix are important because they likely hold clues to how stars like the Sun end their lives. Observations...

Йоги и друзья: стереоизображение Yogi And Friends in 3D

From July of 1997, a ramp from the Pathfinder lander, the Sojourner robot rover, airbags, a couch, Barnacle Bill and Yogi Rock appear together in this 3D stereo view of the surface of Mars. Barnacle Bill is the rock just left of the solar-paneled Sojourner. Yogi is the big friendly-looking boulder at top right.

Раскручивая M51 Unwinding M51

The arms of a grand design spiral galaxy 60,000 light-years across are unwound in this digital transformation of the magnificent 2005 Hubble Space Telescope portrait of M51. In fact...

Виды Титана Seeing Titan

Shrouded in a thick atmosphere, Saturn's largest moon Titan really is hard to see. Small particles suspended in the upper atmosphere cause an almost impenetrable haze, strongly scattering light at visible wavelengths and hiding Titan's surface features from prying eyes.

Вращающееся Солнце APOD: 2020 August 19 Б The Sun Rotating

Does the Sun change as it rotates? Yes, and the changes can vary from subtle to dramatic. In the featured time-lapse sequences, our Sun -- as imaged by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory -- is shown rotating though an entire month in 2014.

TYC 8998-760-1: несколько планет обращаются вокруг похожей на Солнце звезды APOD: 2020 August 18 Б TYC 8998 760 1: Multiple Planets around a Sun Like Star

Do other stars have planets like our Sun? Previous evidence shows that they do, coming mostly from slight shifts in the star's light created by the orbiting planets. Recently, however, and for the first time, a pair of planets has been directly imaged around a Sun-like star.

Персеиды вокруг Млечного Пути Perseids Around the Milky Way

Why would meteor trails appear curved? The arcing effect arises only because the image artificially compresses (nearly) the whole sky into a rectangle. The meteors are from the Perseid Meteor Shower that peaked last week.

NGC 6814: галактика с регулярным спиральным узором от телескопа им.Хаббла APOD: 2020 August 16 Б NGC 6814: Grand Design Spiral Galaxy from Hubble

In the center of this serene stellar swirl is likely a harrowing black-hole beast. The surrounding swirl sweeps around billions of stars which are highlighted by the brightest and bluest. The breadth and beauty of the display give the swirl the designation of a grand design spiral galaxy.

Марс за краем Луны APOD: 2020 August 15 Б Mars at the Moons Edge

Does the Moon ever block out Mars? Yes, the Moon occasionally moves in front of all of the Solar System's planets. Just this past Sunday, as visible from some locations in South America, a waning gibbous Moon eclipsed Mars.

NGC 5189: планетарная туманность с необычно сложной структурой APOD: 2020 August 14 Б NGC 5189: An Unusually Complex Planetary Nebula

Why is this nebula so complex? When a star like our Sun is dying, it will cast off its outer layers, usually into a simple overall shape. Sometimes this shape is a sphere, sometimes a double lobe, and sometimes a ring or a helix.

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