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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

Двойное скопление в Персее The Double Cluster in Perseus

This pretty starfield spans about three full moons (1.5 degrees) across the heroic northern constellation of Perseus. It holds the famous pair of open star clusters, h and Chi Persei. Also cataloged...

Фейерверк против суперлуны Fireworks vs Supermoon

On July 4, an almost Full Moon rose in planet Earth's evening skies. Also known as a Buck Moon, the full lunar phase (full on July 3 at 11:39 UTC) was near perigee, the closest point in the Moon's almost monthly orbit around planet Earth.

Карта наблюдаемой Вселенной APOD: 2023 July 5 Б A Map of the Observable Universe

What if you could see out to the edge of the observable universe? You would see galaxies, galaxies, galaxies, and then, well, quasars, which are the bright centers of distant galaxies. To expand understanding...

Северное сияние над исландским водопадом APOD: 2023 July 4 Б Aurora over Icelandic Waterfall

It seemed like the sky exploded. The original idea was to photograph an aurora over a waterfall. After waiting for hours under opaque clouds, though, hope was running out. Others left. Then, unexpectedly, the clouds moved away.

Венера в ультрафиолете от аппарата "Акацуки" APOD: 2023 July 3 Б Venus in Ultraviolet from Akatsuki

Why is Venus so different from Earth? To help find out, Japan launched the robotic Akatsuki spacecraft which entered orbit around Venus late in 2015 after an unplanned five-year adventure around the inner Solar System.

Млечный Путь и полярное сияние над Антарктидой APOD: 2023 July 2 Б Milky Way and Aurora over Antarctica

It was one of the better skies of this long night. In parts of Antarctica, not only is it winter, but the Sun can spend weeks below the horizon. At China's Zhongshan Station, people sometimes venture out into the cold to photograph a spectacular night sky.

Три галактики в Драконе Three Galaxies in Draco

This tantalizing trio of galaxies sometimes called the Draco Group, is located in the northern constellation of (you guessed it) Draco, the Dragon. From left to right are face-on spiral NGC 5985, elliptical galaxy...

Орбиты потенциально опасных астероидов APOD: 2023 June 30 Б Orbits of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids

Are asteroids dangerous? Some are, but the likelihood of a dangerous asteroid striking the Earth during any given year is low. Because some past mass extinction events have been linked to asteroid impacts, however, humanity has made it a priority to find and catalog those asteroids that may one day affect life on Earth.

Послание от гравитационной Вселенной APOD: 2023 June 29 Б A Message from the Gravitational Universe

Monitoring 68 pulsars with very large radio telescopes, the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav) has uncovered evidence for the gravitational wave (GW) background by carefully measuring slight shifts in the arrival times of pulses. These shifts are correlated between different pulsars in a way that indicates that they are caused by GWs.

Мессье 24: звездное облако в Стрельце Messier 24: Sagittarius Star Cloud

Unlike most entries in Charles Messier's famous catalog of deep sky objects, M24 is not a bright galaxy, star cluster, or nebula. It's a gap in nearby, obscuring interstellar dust clouds that allows a view of the distant stars in the Sagittarius spiral arm of our Milky Way galaxy.

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