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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

Галактики Антенны, принявшие форму сердца APOD: 2024 February 7 Б The Heart Shaped Antennae Galaxies

Are these two galaxies really attracted to each other? Yes, gravitationally, and the result appears as an enormous iconic heart -- at least for now. Pictured is the pair of galaxies cataloged as NGC 4038 and NGC 4039,known as the Antennae Galaxies.

Спиральная галактика NGC 1566 от телескопов "Хаббл" и "Джеймс Вебб" APOD: 2024 February 6 Б NGC 1566: A Spiral Galaxy from Webb and Hubble

What's different about this galaxy? Very little, which makes the Spanish Dancer galaxy, NGC 1566, one of the most typical and photogenic spirals on the sky. There is something different about this galaxy...

В центре туманности Киля APOD: 2024 February 5 Б In the Core of the Carina Nebula

What's happening in the core of the Carina Nebula? Stars are forming, dying, and leaving an impressive tapestry of dark dusty filaments. The entire Carina Nebula, cataloged as NGC 3372, spans over 300 light years and lies about 8,500 light-years away in the constellation of Carina.

Туманность Конус от телескопа имени Хаббла APOD: 2024 February 4 Б The Cone Nebula from Hubble

Stars are forming in the gigantic dust pillar called the Cone Nebula. Cones, pillars, and majestic flowing shapes abound in stellar nurseries where natal clouds of gas and dust are buffeted by energetic winds from newborn stars. The Cone Nebula, a well-known example, lies within the bright galactic star-forming region NGC 2264.

Аполлон-14: вид с модуля Антарес Apollo 14: A View from Antares

Apollo 14's Lunar Module Antares landed on the Moon on February 5, 1971. Toward the end of the stay astronaut Ed Mitchell snapped a series of photos of the lunar surface while looking out a window, assembled into this detailed mosaic by Apollo Lunar Surface Journal editor Eric Jones.

NGC 1893 и Головастики в IC 410 NGC 1893 and the Tadpoles of IC 410

This cosmic view shows off an otherwise faint emission nebula IC 410, captured under clear Netherlands skies with telescope and narrowband filters. Above and right of center you can spot two remarkable inhabitants of the interstellar pond of gas and dust, known as the tadpoles of IC 410.

NGC 1365: величественная островная вселенная NGC 1365: Majestic Island Universe

Barred spiral galaxy NGC 1365 is truly a majestic island universe some 200,000 light-years across. Located a mere 60 million light-years away toward the faint but heated constellation Fornax, NGC 1365 is a dominant member of the well-studied Fornax Cluster of galaxies.

Восход Ориона APOD: 2024 January 31 Б Camera Orion Rising

What does Orion rising look like to a camera? During this time of the year, the famous constellation is visible to the southeast just after sunset. From most Earthly locations, Orion's familiar star pattern, highlighted by the three-stars-in-a-row belt stars, rises sideways.

Космический аппарат SLIM прилунился APOD: 2024 January 30 Б SLIM Lands on the Moon

New landers are on the Moon. Nearly two weeks ago, Japan's Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) released two rovers as it descended, before its main lander touched down itself. The larger...

Плеяды: Семь Сестер в пыли APOD: 2024 January 29 Б The Pleiades: Seven Dusty Sisters

The well-known Pleiades star cluster is slowly destroying part of a passing cloud of gas and dust. The Pleiades is the brightest open cluster of stars on Earth's sky and can be seen from almost any northerly location with the unaided eye.

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