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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

PDS 70: диск, планеты и спутники APOD: 2023 October 17 Б PDS 70: Disk, Planets, and Moons

It's not the big ring that's attracting the most attention. Although the big planet-forming ring around the star PDS 70 is clearly imaged and itself quite interesting. It's also not the planet on the right, just inside the big disk, thatБs being talked about the most.

Кольца затмения APOD: 2023 October 16 Б Eclipse Rings

She knew everything but the question. She was well aware that there would be a complete annular eclipse of the Sun visible from their driving destination: Lake Abert in Oregon. She knew that the next ring-of-fire eclipse would occur in the USA only in 16 more years, making this a rare photographic opportunity.

Дерево затмения APOD: 2023 October 15 Б An Eclipse Tree

Yes, but can your tree do this? If you look closely at the ground in the featured image, you will see many images of yesterday's solar eclipse -- created by a tree. Gaps between...

Круглое солнечное гало Circular Sun Halo

Want to see a ring around the Sun? It's easy to do in daytime skies around the world. Created by randomly oriented ice crystals in thin high cirrus clouds, circular 22 degree halos are visible much more often than rainbows.

Облака водорода в M33 Hydrogen Clouds of M33

Gorgeous spiral galaxy Messier 33 seems to have more than its fair share of glowing hydrogen gas. A prominent member of the local group of galaxies, M33 is also known as the Triangulum Galaxy and lies a mere 3 million light-years away.

μ Цефея Mu Cephei

Mu Cephei is a very large star. An M-class supergiant some 1500 times the size of the Sun, it is one of the largest stars visible to the unaided eye, and even one of the largest in the entire Galaxy.

NGC 1097: спиральная галактика со сверхновой APOD: 2023 October 11 Б NGC 1097: Spiral Galaxy with Supernova

What's happening in the lower arm of this spiral galaxy? A supernova. Last month, supernova SN 2023rve was discovered with UAE's Al-Khatim Observatory and later found to be consistent with the death explosion of a massive star, possibly leaving behind a black hole.

Скрытый Орион от телескопа "Джеймс Вебб" APOD: 2023 October 10 Б Hidden Orion from Webb

The Great Nebula in Orion has hidden stars. To the unaided eye in visible light, it appears as a small fuzzy patch in the constellation of Orion. But this image was taken by the Webb Space Telescope in a representative-color composite of red and very near infrared light.

Восход искаженного Солнца APOD: 2023 October 9 Б A Distorted Sunrise Eclipse

Yes, but have you ever seen a sunrise like this? Here, after initial cloudiness, the Sun appeared to rise in two pieces and during a partial eclipse in 2019, causing the photographer to describe it as the most stunning sunrise of his life.

Самолет, облака, Луна, пятна, Солнце APOD: 2023 October 8 Б Plane, Clouds, Moon, Spots, Sun

What's that in front of the Sun? The closest object is an airplane, visible just below the Sun's center and caught purely by chance. Next out are numerous clouds in Earth's atmosphere, creating a series of darkened horizontal streaks.

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