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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

Исчезло за 60 секунд: закат и зеленый луч APOD: 2023 October 25 Б Gone in 60 Seconds: A Green Flash Sunset

In 60 seconds, this setting Sun will turn green. Actually, the top of the Sun already appears not only green, but wavey -- along with all of its edges. The Sun itself is unchanged -- both effects are caused by looking along hot and cold layers in Earth's atmosphere.

Арп 87: сливающиеся галактики APOD: 2023 October 24 Б Arp 87: Merging Galaxies from Hubble

This dance is to the death. As these two large galaxies duel, a cosmic bridge of stars, gas, and dust currently stretches over 75,000 light-years and joins them. The bridge itself is strong evidence that these two immense star systems have passed close to each other and experienced violent tides induced by mutual gravity.

Спутник Ио от космического аппарата "Юнона" APOD: 2023 October 23 Б Moon Io from Spacecraft Juno

There goes another one! Volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io keep erupting. To investigate, NASA's robotic Juno spacecraft has begun a series of visits to this very strange moon. Io is about...

Северное сияние – привидение над Канадой APOD: 2023 October 22 Б Ghost Aurora over Canada

What does this aurora look like to you? While braving the cold to watch the skies above northern Canada early one morning in 2013, a most unusual aurora appeared. The aurora definitely appeared to be shaped like something, but what?

Четверти Луны Quarter Moons

Half way between New Moon and Full Moon is the Moon's first quarter phase. That's a quarter of the way around its moonthly orbit. At the first quarter phase, half the Moon's visible side is illuminated by sunlight.

Галактики и комета Galaxies and a Comet

Galaxies abound in this sharp telescopic image recorded on October 12 in dark skies over June Lake, California. The celestial scene spans nearly 2 degrees within the boundaries of the well-trained northern constellation Canes Venatici.

Восход Солнца над Сансет-Пойнт A Sunrise at Sunset Point

This timelapse series captured on October 14 is set against the sunrise view from Sunset Point, Bryce Canyon, planet Earth. Of course on that date the New Moon caught up with the Sun in the canyon's morning skies.

Пыль и западная часть туманности Вуаль APOD: 2023 October 18 Б Dust and the Western Veil Nebula

It's so big it is easy to miss. The entire Veil Nebula spans six times the diameter of the full moon, but is so dim you need binoculars to see it. The nebula was created about 15,000 years ago when a star in the constellation of the Swan (Cygnus) exploded.

PDS 70: диск, планеты и спутники APOD: 2023 October 17 Б PDS 70: Disk, Planets, and Moons

It's not the big ring that's attracting the most attention. Although the big planet-forming ring around the star PDS 70 is clearly imaged and itself quite interesting. It's also not the planet on the right, just inside the big disk, thatБs being talked about the most.

Кольца затмения APOD: 2023 October 16 Б Eclipse Rings

She knew everything but the question. She was well aware that there would be a complete annular eclipse of the Sun visible from their driving destination: Lake Abert in Oregon. She knew that the next ring-of-fire eclipse would occur in the USA only in 16 more years, making this a rare photographic opportunity.

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