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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

Тени Земли APOD: 2023 May 9 Б Shadows of Earth

Can you find two Earth shadows in today's image? It's a bit tricky. To find the first shadow, observe that the top part of the atmosphere appears pink and the lower part appears blue. This is because the top half is exposed to direct sunlight, while the lower part is not.

Спиральная галактика "Испанская танцовщица" APOD: 2023 May 8 Б The Spanish Dancer Spiral Galaxy

If not perfect, then this spiral galaxy is at least one of the most photogenic. An island universe containing billions of stars and situated about 40 million light-years away toward the constellation of the Dolphinfish (Dorado), NGC 1566 presents a gorgeous face-on view.

Туманность Улитка от телескопа CFHT APOD: 2023 May 7 Б The Helix Nebula from CFHT

Will our Sun look like this one day? The Helix Nebula is one of brightest and closest examples of a planetary nebula, a gas cloud created at the end of the life of a Sun-like star.

Сумерки как цветок Twilight in a Flower

Transformed into the petals of a flower, 16 exposures show the passage of day into night in this creative timelapse skyscape. Start at the top and move counterclockwise to follow consecutive moments as the twilight sky turns an ever darker blue and night blossoms.

Кратер Шеклтон Shackleton from ShadowCam

Shackleton crater lies at the lunar south pole. Peaks along the 21 kilometer diameter are in sunlight, but Shackleton's floor is in dark permanent shadow. Still, this image of the shadowed rim wall...

Галактика, джет и знаменитая черная дыра The Galaxy, the Jet, and a Famous Black Hole

Bright elliptical galaxy Messier 87 (M87) is home to the supermassive black hole captured in 2017 by planet Earth's Event Horizon Telescope in the first ever image of a black hole. Giant...

Центавр А: необычный звездный остров APOD: 2023 May 3 Б Centaurus A: A Peculiar Island of Stars

Galaxies are fascinating. In galaxies, gravity alone holds together massive collections of stars, dust, interstellar gas, stellar remnants and dark matter. Pictured is NGC 5128, better known as Centaurus A. Cen A is the fifth brightest galaxy on the sky and is located at a distance of about 12 million light years from Earth.

Холмы с плоскими камнями на Марсе APOD: 2023 May 2 Б Flat Rock Hills on Mars

Why are there so many flat rocks on Mars? Some views of plains and hills on Mars show many rocks that are unusually flat when compared to rocks on Earth. One reason for this is a process that is common to both Mars and Earth: erosion.

На севере туманности Киля APOD: 2023 May 1 Б Carina Nebula North

The Great Carina Nebula is home to strange stars and iconic nebulas. Named for its home constellation, the huge star-forming region is larger and brighter than the Great Orion Nebula but less well known because it is so far south -- and because so much of humanity lives so far north.

Спутник Сатурна Елена в цвете APOD: 2023 April 30 Б Saturns Moon Helene in Color

Although its colors may be subtle, Saturn's moon Helene is an enigma in any light. The moon was imaged in unprecedented detail in 2012 as the robotic Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn swooped to within a single Earth diameter of the diminutive moon.

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