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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

Юпитер и уменьшающееся Большое Красное Пятно Hubbles Jupiter and the Shrinking Great Red Spot

What will become of Jupiter's Great Red Spot? Gas giant Jupiter is the solar system's largest world with about 320 times the mass of planet Earth. Jupiter is home to one of the largest and longest lasting storm systems known, the Great Red Spot (GRS), visible to the left.

Северные Квадрантиды Quadrantids of the North

Named for a forgotten constellation, the Quadrantid Meteor Shower puts on an annual show for planet Earth's northern hemisphere skygazers. The shower's radiant on the sky lies within the old, astronomically obsolete constellation Quadrans Muralis.

Восторженное солнечное затмение Ecstatic Solar Eclipse

A male Adelie penguin performed this Ecstatic Vocalization in silhouette during the December 4 solar eclipse, the final eclipse of 2021. Of course his Ecstatic Vocalization is a special display that male penguins use to claim their territory and advertise their condition.

Последние дни Венеры как вечерней звезды The Last Days of Venus as the Evening Star

That's not a young crescent Moon posing behind cathedral towers after sunset. It's Venus in a crescent phase. About 40 million kilometers away and about 2 percent illuminated by sunlight...

Год восходов Солнца A Year of Sunrises

Does the Sun always rise in the same direction? No. As the months change, the direction toward the rising Sun changes, too. The featured image shows the direction of sunrise every month during 2021 as seen from the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Спутники Сатурна за пределами его колец Moons Beyond Rings at Saturn

What's happened to that moon of Saturn? Nothing -- Saturn's moon Rhea is just partly hidden behind Saturn's rings. In 2010, the robotic Cassini spacecraft then orbiting Saturn took this narrow-angle view looking across the Solar System's most famous rings.

Длинный хвост кометы Леонарда Comet Leonards Long Tail

You couldn't see Comet LeonardБs extremely long tail with a telescope Б it was just too long. You also couldn't see it with binoculars Б still too long. Or with your eyes -- it was too dim. Or from a city Б the sky was too bright.

Четырехкратное лунное гало над зимней дорогой Quadruple Lunar Halo Over Winter Road

Sometimes falling ice crystals make the atmosphere into a giant lens causing arcs and halos to appear around the Sun or Moon. One Saturday night in 2012 was just such a time near Madrid, Spain, where a winter sky displayed not only a bright Moon but four rare lunar halos.

Полнолуния 2021 года The Full Moon of 2021

Every Full Moon of 2021 shines in this year-spanning astrophoto project, a composite portrait of the familiar lunar nearside at each brightest lunar phase. Arranged by moonth, the year progresses in stripes beginning at the top.

Телескоп JWST на пути к точке  L2 JWST on the Road to L2

This timelapse gif tracks the James Webb Space Telescope as it streaks across the stars of Orion on its journey to a destination beyond the Moon. Recorded on December 28, 12 consecutive exposures each 10 minutes long were aligned and combined with a subsequent color image of the background stars to create the animation.

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