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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

Соната сверхновых Supernova Sonata

To create a sonata from supernovae, first you have to find the supernovae. To do that composers Alex Parker and Melissa Graham relied on the Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) Legacy Survey data of four deep fields on the sky monitored from April 2003 through August 2006, adopting 241 Type Ia supernovae.

Взлёт космического шаттла Space Shuttle Rising

What's that rising from the clouds? The space shuttle. If you looked out the window of an airplane at just the right place and time last week, you could have seen something very unusual -- the space shuttle Endeavour launching to orbit.

Три арки над Ютой Three Arches Above Utah

How many arches can you count in the above image? If you count both spans of the Double Arch in the Arches National Park in Utah, USA, then two. But since the above image...

Неожиданная вспышка в Крабовидной туманности An Unexpected Flare from the Crab Nebula

Why does the Crab Nebula flare? No one is sure. The unusual behavior, discovered over the past few years, seems only to occur in very high energy light -- gamma rays. As recently...

Извержение вулкана Прометей на Ио Io: The Prometheus Plume

What's happening on Jupiter's moon Io? Two sulfurous eruptions are visible on Jupiter's volcanic moon Io in this color composite image from the robotic Galileo spacecraft that orbited Jupiter from 1995 to 2003.

Планеты и Индевор на рассвете Planets, Endeavour at Dawn

When dawn broke over Kennedy Space Center on Monday, May 16, the space shuttle orbiter Endeavour still stood on pad 39A. Its final launch, on mission STS-134 to the International Space Station, was only hours away.

Путешествие по ночному небу A Journey Through the Night Sky

Majestic nebulae and stars of our Milky Way Galaxy stretch across this panoramic image of the entire night sky. At full resolution, the 5 gigapixel mosaic was stitched together from over 37,000 images...

NGC 253 крупным планом NGC 253: Close Up

This dusty island universe is one of the brightest spiral galaxies in planet Earth's sky. Seen nearly edge-on, NGC 253 is only 13 million light-years away, the largest member of the Sculptor Group of galaxies, neighbor to our own local galaxy group.

Последний запуск космического челнока "Индевор" The Last Launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour

Two days ago, powerful yet controlled explosions rocketed the Space Shuttle Endeavor on its final trip into Earth orbit. The above image was taken seconds after liftoff as the massive orbiter and six astronauts began a climb to a height where the atmosphere is so thin it is unbreathable.

Звездная ночь в Исландии A Starry Night of Iceland

On some nights, the sky is the best show in town. On this night, the sky was not only the best show in town, but a composite image of the sky won an international competition for landscape astrophotography. The above winning image was taken two months ago over JЖkulsАrlСn, the largest glacial lake in Iceland.

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