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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

IC 4603: отражательная туманность в Змееносце IC 4603: Reflection Nebula in Ophiuchius

Why does this starfield photograph resemble an impressionistic painting? The effect is created not by digital trickery but by large amounts of interstellar dust. Dust, minute globs rich in carbon and similar in size to cigarette smoke, frequently starts in the outer atmospheres of large, cool, young stars.

Пещера с северным сиянием Cave with Aurora Skylight

Yes, but have you ever seen aurora from a cave? To capture this fascinating juxtaposition between below and above, astrophotographer Bjargmundsson spent much of a night alone in the kilometer-long RaufarhСlshellir lava cave in Iceland during late March. There, he took separate images of three parts of the cave using a strobe for illumination.

Космический аппарат Розетта показывает два компонента кометы Spacecraft Rosetta Shows Comet has Two Components

Why does this comet's nucleus have two components? The surprising discovery that Comet 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko has a double nucleus came late last week as ESA's robotic interplanetary spacecraft Rosetta continued its approach toward the ancient comet's core.

Выброс солнечного волокна A Solar Filament Erupts

What's happened to our Sun? Nothing very unusual -- it just threw a filament. Toward the middle of 2012, a long standing solar filament suddenly erupted into space producing an energetic Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).

Восход Луны над побережьем Аликанте Alicante Beach Moonrise

In this beach and skyscape from Alicante, Spain, July's Full Moon shines in the dark blue twilight, its reflection coloring the Mediterranean waters. Near the horizon, the moonlight is reddened by its long...

Ou4: туманность Гигантский Кальмар Ou4: A Giant Squid Nebula

A mysterious, squid-like apparition, this nebula is very faint, but also very large in planet Earth's sky. In the mosaic image, composed with narrowband data from the 2.5 meter Isaac Newton Telescope, it spans some 2.5 full moons toward the constellation Cepheus.

Туманность Гомункул в 3D 3D Homunculus Nebula

If you're looking for something to print with that new 3D printer, try out a copy of the Homunculus Nebula. The dusty, bipolar cosmic cloud is around 1 light-year across but is slightly scaled down for printing to about 1/4 light-nanosecond or 80 millimeters.

Луна затмевает Сатурн The Moon Eclipses Saturn

What happened to half of Saturn? Nothing other than Earth's Moon getting in the way. As pictured above on the far right, Saturn is partly eclipsed by a dark edge of a Moon itself only partly illuminated by the Sun.

Голубой мост из звезд между галактиками скопления A Blue Bridge of Stars between Cluster Galaxies

Why is there a blue bridge of stars across the center of this galaxy cluster? First and foremost the cluster, designated SDSS J1531+3414, contains many large yellow elliptical galaxies. The cluster's center...

Полярные сияния над северной Канадой Auroras over Northern Canada

Gusting solar winds and blasts of charged particles from the Sun resulted in several rewarding nights last December for those anticipating auroras. The above image captured dramatic auroras stretching across a sky near the town of Yellowknife in northern Canada.

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