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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

Космический аппарат SLIM прилунился APOD: 2024 January 30 Б SLIM Lands on the Moon

New landers are on the Moon. Nearly two weeks ago, Japan's Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) released two rovers as it descended, before its main lander touched down itself. The larger...

Плеяды: Семь Сестер в пыли APOD: 2024 January 29 Б The Pleiades: Seven Dusty Sisters

The well-known Pleiades star cluster is slowly destroying part of a passing cloud of gas and dust. The Pleiades is the brightest open cluster of stars on Earth's sky and can be seen from almost any northerly location with the unaided eye.

Истинные цвета Плутона APOD: 2024 January 28 Б Pluto in True Color

What color is Pluto, really? It took some effort to figure out. Even given all of the images sent back to Earth when the robotic New Horizons spacecraft sped past Pluto in 2015, processing these multi-spectral frames to approximate what the human eye would see was challenging.

Полная Луна и обсерватория Full Observatory Moon

A popular name for January's full moon in the northern hemisphere is the Full Wolf Moon. As the new year's first full moon, it rises over Las Campanas Observatory in this dramatic Earth-and-moonscape. Peering from the foreground like astronomical eyes are the observatory's twin 6.5 meter diameter Magellan telescopes.

ε Тельца: звезда с планетой Epsilon Tauri: Star with Planet

Epsilon Tauri lies 146 light-years away. A K-type red giant star, epsilon Tau is cooler than the Sun, but with about 13 times the solar radius it has nearly 100 times the solar luminosity.

Ювяскуля на небе Jyvцskylц in the Sky

You might not immediately recognize this street map of a neighborhood in Jyvцskylц, Finland, planet Earth. But that's probably because the map was projected into the night sky and captured with an allsky camera on January 16. The temperature recorded on that northern winter night was around minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Земля и Луна: вид с другой стороны APOD: 2024 January 24 Б Earth and Moon from Beyond

What do the Earth and Moon look like from beyond the Moon? Although frequently photographed together, the familiar duo was captured with this unusual perspective in late 2022 by the robotic Orion spacecraft of NASA's Artemis I mission as it looped around Earth's most massive satellite and looked back toward its home world.

Туманности: от Чайки до Калифорнии APOD: 2024 January 23 Б Deep Nebulas: From Seagull to California

How well do you know the night sky? OK, but how well can you identify famous sky objects in a very deep image? Either way, here is a test: see if you can find some well-known night-sky icons in a deep image filled with faint nebulosity.

Тени горы и Луны APOD: 2024 January 22 Б Shadows of Mountain and Moon

Can the Moon and a mountain really cast similar shadows? Yes, but the division between light and dark does not have to be aligned. Pictured, a quarter moon was captured above the mountain Grivola in Italy in early October of 2022.

Снежная буря 1938 года в Верхнем Мичигане APOD: 2024 January 21 Б The Upper Michigan Blizzard of 1938

Yes, but can your blizzard do this? In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan's Storm of the Century in 1938, some snow drifts reached the level of utility poles. Nearly a meter of new and unexpected snow fell over two days in a storm that started 86 years ago this week.

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