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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

LHS 475 b: экзопланета размером с Землю APOD: 2023 January 24 Б LHS 475 b: Earth Sized Exoplanet

If you could stand on exoplanet LHS 475 b, what might you see? No one knows for sure but pictured here is an interesting guess made by an Earth-based artificial intelligence (AI) engine.

Сталкивающиеся спиральные галактики Арп 274 APOD: 2023 January 23 Б The Colliding Spiral Galaxies of Arp 274

Two galaxies are squaring off in Virgo and here are the latest pictures. When two galaxies collide, the stars that compose them usually do not. This is because galaxies are mostly empty space and, however bright, stars only take up only a small fraction of that space.

В зеленой компании: северное сияние над Норвегией APOD: 2023 January 22 Б In Green Company: Aurora over Norway

Raise your arms if you see an aurora. With those instructions, two nights went by with, well, clouds -- mostly. On the third night of returning to same peaks, though, the sky not only cleared up but lit up with a spectacular auroral display.

Комета ZTF, видимая невооруженным глазом Naked Eye Comet ZTF

Comet C/2022E3 (ZTF) is no longer too dim to require a telescope for viewing. By January 19, it could just be seen with the naked eye in this rural sky with little light pollution from a location about 20 kilometers from Salamanca, Spain.

Войны галактик: M81 и M82 Galaxy Wars: M81 and M82

The two dominant galaxies near center are far far away, 12 million light-years distant toward the northern constellation of the Great Bear. On the right, with grand spiral arms and bright yellow core is spiral galaxy M81. Also known as Bode's galaxy, M81 spans some 100,000 light-years.

Туманность Чайка The Seagull Nebula

A broad expanse of glowing gas and dust presents a bird-like visage to astronomers from planet Earth, suggesting its popular moniker - The Seagull Nebula. Using narrowband image data, this 3-panel mosaic of the cosmic...

MACS0647: гравитационное линзирование в ранней Вселенной от телескопа "Джеймс Вебб" APOD: 2023 January 18 Б MACS0647: Gravitational Lensing of the Early Universe by Webb

Gravitational lensing by the galaxy cluster MACS0647 -- in which the massive foreground cluster distorts and lenses the light emitted by distant background galaxies along the line of sight Б is on vivid display here in this recent multi-color infrared image from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

Неожиданные облака в направлении на галактику Андромеды APOD: 2023 January 17 Б Unexpected Clouds Toward the Andromeda Galaxy

Why are there oxygen-emitting arcs near the direction of the Andromeda galaxy? No one is sure. The gas arcs, shown in blue, were discovered and first confirmed by amateur astronomers just last year.

Цветная Луна APOD: 2023 January 16 Б Moon Enhanced

Our Moon doesn't really look like this. Earth's Moon, Luna, doesn't naturally show this rich texture, and its colors are more subtle. But this digital creation is based on reality. The featured image is a composite of multiple images and enhanced to bring up real surface features.

M1: Крабовидная туманность от телескопа им.Хаббла APOD: 2023 January 15 Б M1: The Crab Nebula from Hubble

This is the mess that is left when a star explodes. The Crab Nebula, the result of a supernova seen in 1054 AD, is filled with mysterious filaments. The filaments are not only tremendously...

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