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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

Стабильное красное полярное сияние над Новой Зеландией APOD: 2024 January 3 Б A SAR Arc from New Zealand

What is that unusual red halo surrounding this aurora? It is a Stable Auroral Red (SAR) arc. SAR arcs are rare and have only been acknowledged and studied since 1954. The featured wide-angle photograph...

Ракета пролетает перед Луной APOD: 2024 January 2 Б Rocket Transits Rippling Moon

Can a rocket make the Moon ripple? No, but it can make a background moon appear wavy. The rocket, in this case, was a SpaceX Falcon Heavy that blasted off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center last week.

Величественная спиральная галактика NGC 1232 APOD: 2024 January 1 Б NGC 1232: A Grand Design Spiral Galaxy

Galaxies are fascinating not only for what is visible, but for what is invisible. Grand spiral galaxy NGC 1232, captured in detail by one of the Very Large Telescopes, is a good example.

"Иллюстрис" моделирует Вселенную APOD: 2023 December 31 Б Illustris: A Simulation of the Universe

How did we get here? Click play, sit back, and watch. A computer simulation of the evolution of the universe provides insight into how galaxies formed and perspectives into humanity's place in the universe.

Последнее полнолуние The Last Full Moon

Known to some in the northern hemisphere as December's Cold Moon or the Long Night Moon, the last full moon of 2023 is rising in this surreal mountain and skyscape. The Daliesque scene was captured in a single exposure with a camera and long telephoto lens near Monte Grappa, Italy.

Шекспир в космосе Shakespeare in Space

In 1986, Voyager 2 became the only spacecraft to explore ice giant planet Uranus close up. Still, this newly released image from the NIRCam (Near-Infrared Camera) on the James Webb Space Telescope offers a detailed look at the distant world. The tilted outer planet rotates on its axis once in about 17 hours.

Юпитер и Геминиды Jupiter and the Geminid

For a brief moment, this brilliant fireball meteor outshone Jupiter in planet Earth's night. The serendipitous image was captured while hunting meteors under cold Canadian skies with a camera in timelapse mode on December 14, near the peak of the Geminid meteor shower.

Радужное северное сияние над исландским водопадом APOD: 2023 December 27 Б Rainbow Aurora over Icelandic Waterfall

Yes, but can your aurora do this? First, yes, auroras can look like rainbows even though they are completely different phenomena. Auroras are caused by Sun-created particles being channeled into Earth's atmosphere by Earth's magnetic field, and create colors by exciting atoms at different heights.

IC 443: туманность Медуза APOD: 2023 December 26 Б IC 443: The Jellyfish Nebula

Why is this jellyfish swimming in a sea of stars? Drifting near bright star Eta Geminorum, seen at the right, the Jellyfish Nebula extends its tentacles from the bright arcing ridge of emission left of center.

Собор, гора, Луна APOD: 2023 December 25 Б Cathedral, Mountain, Moon

Single shots like this require planning. The first step is to realize that such an amazing triple-alignment actually takes place. The second step is to find the best location to photograph it. But it was the third step: being there at exactly the right time -- and when the sky was clear -- that was the hardest.

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