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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

Звезды против пыли в туманности Киля APOD: 2023 December 6 Б Stars Verus Dust in the Carina Nebula

It's stars versus dust in the Carina Nebula and the stars are winning. More precisely, the energetic light and winds from massive newly formed stars are evaporating and dispersing the dusty stellar nurseries in which they formed.

Частица с высокой энергией сталкивается с Землей APOD: 2023 December 5 Б Energetic Particle Strikes the Earth

It was one of the most energetic particles ever known to strike the Earth -- but where did it come from? Dubbed Amaterasu after the Shinto sun goddess, this particle, as do all cosmic rays...

Самолет пролетает перед полумесяцем APOD: 2023 December 4 Б Plane Crossing Crescent Moon

No, the Moon is not a bow, and no, it did not shoot out a plane like an arrow. What is pictured is a chance superposition. The plane's contrail would normally appear white...

Заход Луны за вулканом Тейде APOD: 2023 December 3 Б Moon Setting Behind Teide Volcano

These people are not in danger. What is coming down from the left is just the Moon, far in the distance. Luna appears so large here because she is being photographed through a telescopic lens.

Следы звезд над древней Пекинской обсерваторией Startrails over Beijing Ancient Observatory

You can take a subway ride to visit this observatory in Beijing, China but you won't find any telescopes there. Starting in the 1400s astronomers erected devices at the Beijing Ancient Observatory site to enable them to accurately measure and track the positions of naked-eye stars and planets.

Восход Млечного Пути Milky Way Rising

The core of the Milky Way is rising beyond the Chilean mountain-top La Silla Observatory in this deep night skyscape. Seen toward the constellation Sagittarius, our home galaxy's center is flanked...

Артемида-1: 13-й день полета Artemis 1: Flight Day 13

On flight day 13 (November 28, 2022) of the Artemis I mission, the Orion spacecraft reached its maximum distance from its home world. Over 430,000 kilometers from Earth in a distant retrograde orbit, Orion surpassed the record for most distant spacecraft designed to carry humans.

Земляной смерч над Канзасом APOD: 2023 November 29 Б A Landspout Tornado over Kansas

Could there be a tornado inside another tornado? In general, no. OK, but could there be a tornado inside a wider dust devil? No again, for one reason because tornados comes down from the sky, but dust devils rise up from the ground.

Ганимед от "Юноны" APOD: 2023 November 28 Б Ganymede from Juno

What does the largest moon in the Solar System look like? Jupiter's moon Ganymede, larger than even Mercury and Pluto, has an icy surface speckled with bright young craters overlying a mixture of older, darker, more cratered terrain laced with grooves and ridges.

LBN 86: туманность Скат-орляк APOD: 2023 November 27 Б LBN 86: The Eagle Ray Nebula

This eagle ray glides across a cosmic sea. Officially cataloged as SH2-63 and LBN 86, the dark nebula is composed of gas and dust that just happens to appear shaped like a common ocean fish. The interstellar dust nebula appears light brown as it blocks and reddens visible light emitted behind it.

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