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Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD)

AR 3664 на краю Солнца APOD: 2024 May 15 Б AR 3664 at the Suns Edge

What did the monster active region that created the recent auroras look like when at the Sun's edge? There, AR 3664 better showed its 3D structure. Pictured, a large multi-pronged solar prominence...

Скопление 37 The 37 Cluster

For the mostly harmless denizens of planet Earth, the brighter stars of open cluster NGC 2169 seem to form a cosmic 37. Did you expect 42? From our perspective, the improbable numerical asterism appears solely by chance. It lies at an estimated distance of 3,300 light-years toward the constellation Orion.

AR 3664 на заходящем Солнце APOD: 2024 May 13 Б AR 3664 on a Setting Sun

It was larger than the Earth. It was so big you could actually see it on the Sun's surface without magnification. It contained powerful and tangled magnetic fields as well as numerous dark sunspots.

Красное северное сияние над Польшей APOD: 2024 May 12 Б Red Aurora over Poland

Northern lights don't usually reach this far south. Magnetic chaos in the Sun's huge Active Region 3664, however, produced a surface explosion that sent a burst of electrons, protons, and more massive, charged nuclei into the Solar System.

AR 3664: гигантская группа солнечных пятен APOD: 2024 May 11 Б AR 3664: Giant Sunspot Group

Right now, one of the largest sunspot groups in recent history is crossing the Sun. Active Region 3664 is not only big -- it's violent, throwing off clouds of particles into the Solar System. Some of these CMEs are already impacting the Earth, and others might follow.

Слияние двух черных дыр: моделирование Simulation: Two Black Holes Merge

Relax and watch two black holes merge. Inspired by the first direct detection of gravitational waves in 2015, this simulation plays in slow motion but would take about one third of a second if run in real time. Set on a cosmic stage, the black holes are posed in front of stars, gas, and dust.

Галактика, джет и знаменитая черная дыра The Galaxy, the Jet, and a Famous Black Hole

Bright elliptical galaxy Messier 87 (M87) is home to the supermassive black hole captured in 2017 by planet Earth's Event Horizon Telescope in the first ever image of a black hole. Giant...

Аккреционный диск черной дыры: визуализация APOD: 2024 May 8 Б Visualization: A Black Hole Accretion Disk

What would it look like to circle a black hole? If the black hole was surrounded by a swirling disk of glowing and accreting gas, then the great gravity of the black hole would deflect light emitted by the disk to make it look very unusual. The featured animated video gives a visualization.

Аккрецирующая черная дыра с джетом APOD: 2024 May 7 Б Black Hole Accreting with Jet

What happens when a black hole devours a star? Many details remain unknown, but observations are providing new clues. In 2014, a powerful explosion was recorded by the ground-based robotic telescopes of the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (Project ASAS-SN), with followed-up observations by instruments including NASA's Earth-orbiting Swift satellite.

Полное солнечное затмение от полоски до кольца APOD: 2024 May 6 Б A Total Solar Eclipse from Sliver to Ring

This is how the Sun disappeared from the daytime sky last month. The featured time-lapse video was created from stills taken from Mountain View, Arkansas, USA on 2024 April 8. First, a small sliver of a normally spotted Sun went strangely dark.

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