Peremennye Zvezdy

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"Peremennye Zvezdy",
vol. 8, N 3 (2008)

NSV 14523 is an RRAB Variable

T. Kryachko#1, B. Satovskiy#1, K. V. Sokolovsky#2,3
#1 Astrotel Observatory, Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia;
#2 Astro Space Center, Lebedev Physical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences;
#3 Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University

ISSN 2221–0474

Received:   27.01.2008;   accepted:   8.02.2008
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Star Name: NSV 14523, USNO-B1.0 0964-0599429
Coordinates (J2000): 23 22 01.45, +06 24 42.2
Variability type: RRAB;   Limits, System: 15.7-17.0 (red);    
Period: 0.48186 d;   Epoch(max): JD 2454459.263

The variable star NSV 14523 was discovered by Pinto & Romano (1973) who gave very rough coordinates but published a finding chart. It can be identified with USNO-B1.0 0964-0599429. The star may be identical to the object PB 5349 in the catalog of faint blue stars at high galactic latitudes (Berger & Fringant, 1980). Pinto & Romano believed the star to be a peculiar object: though they derived a period of 0.48176 days, the light curve from a small number of photographs demonstrated a large scatter and discrepancies.

We observed the star with the Astrotel-Caucasus robotic telescope (D=300 mm, F=2310 mm) equipped with an unfiltered STL-11000M CCD camera. USNO-B1.0 0963-0597131 (R1mag=16.65, R2mag=16.24) and USNO-B1.0 0964-0599360 (R1mag=15.82, R2mag=15.54) were respectively the comparison and check stars. Our observations allow us beyond doubt to classify NSV 14523 as an RRAB star with the following light elements:

HJDmax = 2454459.263 + 0.48186 x E.

Acknowledgments: This research has made use of Aladin Sky Atlas, operated at CDS, Strasbourg, France. The authors are grateful to V.P. Goranskij for providing software used for our light-curve analysis.

Berger, J., Fringant, A.M., 1980, A&AS, 39, 39
Pinto, G., Romano, G., 1973, Memor. Soc. Astron. Ital., 44, 273

Light Curve
NSV 14523 is an RRAB Variable
Finding Chart
NSV 14523 is an RRAB Variable
Data Source
  1. nsv14523hjd.dat

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